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The Best Cannibal Horror Movies: An Intriguing Dive into the World of Flesh-Eating Films

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Cannibal Horror

Watching a cannibal horror film may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly has a niche audience. If you are curious and seeking a new experience, I recommend delving into the world of cannibal-themed movies. Allow me to guide you through a selection of the best cannibal horror films, both old and new.

The Golden Age of Cannibal Films

Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, Italian filmmakers such as Ruggero Deodato and others produced several cannibal-themed films. This unsettling trend gave rise to the “golden age” of cannibal movies in the film industry. These films garnered attention and gained a significant fan base. Even today, grisly and gruesome cannibal films continue to be produced worldwide.

Let’s explore some of the most famous and beloved cannibal horror films, both old and new, whether for informational purposes or entertainment.

Cannibal Horror

Old and Famous Cannibal Films

  1. Dracula – Directed by Blah Toodor
  2. Jigger – Directed by Walter Hill
  3. Frankenstein – Directed by James Will

Cannibal Horror

New Cannibal Film

  1. The Great Witch – Directed by John Smith
  2. Hannibal Lecter – Directed by Ridley Scott
  3. Barbarian – Directed by Ari Aster

We recommend exploring and watching all the cannibal-themed films mentioned in this list. The order of their placement does not reflect their importance.

Cannibal Horror

1. Blood Feast – The First Cannibal Horror Film

In this terrifying and horrifying film known as the “first slash,” a monstrous chef named Fuad Ramses decides to host a gruesome feast to revive a goddess named Ishtar. He goes to sinister extremes to gather the necessary ingredients, including human flesh. The film grotesquely portrays the breaking of limbs on camera, drowning a screaming woman in a bathtub, and dismembering a woman named Eva’s brain until nothing is left in her skull. While the special effects in this vintage cannibal film may look poor by today’s standards, the extreme violence depicted still makes it nearly impossible to watch.

Cannibal Horror

2. Bone Tomahawk – A Gripping Cannibal Western

In the realm of cannibal horror films, “Bone Tomahawk” takes the spotlight as the second installment. In this film, Sheriff Hunt (played by Russell) embarks on a mission to rescue the town’s doctor from a ruthless cannibal tribe. The tribe, known as the “Hungry Men,” lives in a deep and terrifying valley called the Cannibal Valley.

Cannibal Horror

3. Raw – The Best Cannibal Horror Film

“Raw” introduces us to a young woman named Justine, who has been raised in an overly zealous vegetarian family. She decides to enroll in veterinary school. It is there that a special ceremony takes place, involving the raw consumption of a rabbit kidney.

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However, what angers Justine more is her newfound taste for real animal flesh. This craving intensifies, leading her to want something more than just a hamburger with her friend. Her desires are now fixated on consuming raw human flesh.

During the public screening of “Raw” in Sweden, more than 30 people left the theater before the film ended. Reports of nausea and vomiting were widespread. This incident occurred during another showing in Toronto, indicating that this film may not be suitable for individuals with weak stomachs. “Raw” features graphic and intense scenes depicting the process of human consumption, making it unsuitable for those sensitive to extreme gore and bloodshed.

Cannibal Horror

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is one of the most infamous American cannibal horror films, known as one of the most influential and terrifying cannibal films of all time. This film has been banned in several countries and has faced numerous public screenings bans due to its extreme violence. Nevertheless, it managed to generate $30 million in sales, equivalent to $150 million in 2019, earning three hundred times the production cost, which ranged between $80,000 and $140,000 on average. This film continues to have a dedicated fan base.

The story revolves around a group of friends who decide to take a trip to an old house. However, upon arriving, they encounter a bizarre and deranged family who subject them to torture. Within this family lives a tall and silent man named Leatherface, who adorns his face with a mask made of human skin. Although there were claims of the film being based on true events, it turned out to be a marketing ploy that significantly contributed to the film’s success.

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Cannibal Horror

5. Cannibal Holocaust – The Ultimate Cannibal Horror Film

“Cannibal Holocaust” is a cannibal horror film set on an island deep within the Amazon rainforest. In this film, a group of documentary filmmakers travels to the region to capture the lifestyle of an indigenous cannibal tribe. However, they suddenly disappear without a trace. Another group led by Harold Monroe, an anthropologist from New York University, embarks on a journey to find them and bring them back.

This film is incredibly disturbing and brutal, with scenes depicting actual animal cruelty, sexual assault, and extreme violence. Due to the allegations made against it, such as real animal abuse and violence, it has been banned in several countries, leading to legal repercussions.

Cannibal Horror

6. The Bad Batch – A Standout Cannibal Film

One of the top cannibal-themed films is “The Bad Batch.” The story takes place in a desolate wasteland, in the newly formed borders of the United States, deep within the Texan desert. Here, individuals outside of society, often referred to as the “bad batch,” come together. This film powerfully portrays a community that is entirely different and outside the norms of society. No one has a justifiable reason for their savage thoughts and violent actions.

A young woman named Arlen (played by Suki Waterhouse) is captured by the cannibals and must rely on her wits to survive. Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey also star in this film. “The Bad Batch” received the Special Jury Prize at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival.

To explore the thrilling world of cannibal horror films, give these movies a chance. Although not for the faint of heart, they provide an intense and engaging experience for fans of the genre.

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