10 Most Scenic Places to Camping in the United States

Camping is a fantastic way to experience the outdoors, see some beautiful scenery, and enjoy the great outdoors. There are many scenic spots in this country that are ideal for camping, but all of these 10 places listed below are simply breathtaking (and generally speaking).

1. Zion National Park, UT      

2. Yosemite National Park, CA      

3. Yellowstone National Park , WY      

4. Acadia National Park , ME        

This park has wonderful scenery due to its location right along the ocean; it’s considered one of the most beautiful coastal parks.

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5. Grand Teton National Park , WY          

This park is easily accessible by car, has abundant wildlife (so prepare for animal encounters like bears!), and offers hikes that can take you up high to see amazing views of the mountains (and valley).

6. Rocky Mountain National Park , CO      

 This park offers some stunning scenery in which you’ll be able to spot wildlife whether it be elk, bighorn sheep, or even deer; it’s also a great place for fishing! The scenery varies from flat meadows to dense forests and wildflower-filled alpine tundra .

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7. Badlands National Park , SD            

This park has some of the most unique scenery you’ll see. You can see many different types of beautiful rock formations, including pinnacles that are hundreds of feet tall. The views here are perfect for photography!

8. Yellowstone National Park , WY      

I know I mentioned this already but it deserves another entry! It’s so stunning and abundant with wildlife, minerals, hot springs… And did I mention bears? Haha! But seriously, be bear aware at all times when camping in this park (or any national park).

9. North Cascades National Park , WA              

This park is less known than many others, but it offers some of the most gorgeous mountain views you’ll ever see. It has a great variety of habitats and wildlife, including bears and moose! There are also many different types of trees (there’s about 14!), and flowers such as lupine and forget-me-nots .

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10. Cape Cod National Seashore , MA              

This park is more well known for its beautiful beaches, but there are also several forests to camp in that offer wonderful opportunities to spot animals. You can even spot whales migrating during certain times of year!

So get out there and experience all these fantastic national parks have to offer you! Just remember to follow all rules and regulations there may be for camping in the specific park, always practice safe camping practices, and have a great time!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! 😀 


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