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The Best Cars of 2005: A Year of Exceptional Choices

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A Buyer’s Market: High-Quality Cars at Unbeatable Prices

Despite the turmoil in Iraq and the soaring cost of oil, the once daunting price tags of new cars and trucks in 2005 no longer elicit complaints. And why should they? With generous consumer rebates, reaching as high as $7000 for certain models, and an abundance of dealer incentives, it’s a dream come true for buyers.

Even with these incredible bargains, customers willingly lined up to pay full sticker price, and sometimes even more, for standout models such as the Chrysler 300C and Toyota Prius. This level of demand has not gone unnoticed by automakers, who have responded by ramping up their product-development operations. Their goal? To have fewer models in the rebate camp and more in the sell-for-sticker category.

General Motors, for instance, introduced a stunning new Corvette, along with a lineup of new sedans: the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac STS, and Pontiac G6. Ford joined the action with the spacious Five Hundred sedan and the first all-new Mustang in 26 years. Chrysler brought in the red-hot 300 sedan, the Dodge Magnum wagon, and the SRT version of the stylish Crossfire. And on the Mercedes side, the company unveiled the second-generation SLK and the C55 AMG, a big V-8 engine in a small sedan, elegantly dressed in a stylish tuxedo.

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Our Favorite Cars: Gems of the 2005 Model Year

Best Cars of 2005

After many years of anticipation, celebration, skepticism, and even ridicule, the first production Bugatti Veyron finally hit the road in 2005 as the fastest supercar available. Bugatti has every reason to be proud, as the 16/4 bears a striking resemblance to the extreme concept that was proposed in 1999. Learn more.

Best Cars of 2005

Unveiled at the LA and Detroit Auto Shows in 2003, the Superamerica is a targa version of the then-current 575M. It also proudly claims the title of being the first Ferrari to feature a motorized and folding hard top. The Superamerica name carries with it a legacy of exclusivity and power, harking back to some of Ferrari’s most luxurious and elite models. Learn more.

Best Cars of 2005

It has been two decades since the launch of the first BMW M5, and after three generations and over 35,000 sales, the BMW M5 still solidifies its status as the benchmark. The all-new fourth generation M5 boasts the first-ever V10 engine to power a production sedan. Learn more.

Best Cars of 2005

When the Lancer Evolution made its debut in North America in 2003, it achieved something extraordinary: it lived up to the immense hype surrounding it. “The Evolution proved that Mitsubishi not only could compete with the best performance cars in the world, but that we could offer something most performance cars don’t,” said Ian Beavis, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA). “And that’s value.” Learn more.

Best Cars of 2005

Ferrari’s range of V8-engined sports cars welcomes the new F430 Spider, set to be unveiled at the Geneva Show (3-13 March 2005). With a maximum speed exceeding 200mph (321km/h) and a 6.0-liter V12 engine generating 520 horsepower, the Vanquish S has been engineered to deliver even greater performance. It comes complete with subtle suspension and steering modifications, as well as several interior and exterior style enhancements. Learn more.

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Best Cars of 2005

The new Audi RS 4 stands proudly as the flagship model in the A4 series, having been developed from the ground up. Boasting numerous technical achievements, including a high engine speed concept, innovative FSI technology, and the latest generation of quattro four-wheel drive, the Audi RS 4 exudes a distinctive character. Learn more.

Best Cars of 2005

Lotus Sport, the performance division of Lotus Cars Ltd., presents the Lotus Sport Exige 240R, a limited edition, high-performance sports car with a total production run of only fifty units. Learn more.

Best Cars of 2005

The KZ1R, Ascari’s new thoroughbred built for the track, makes its debut in Holland at Auto Rai. With only fifty units ever to be created, the KZ1R represents the track-tuned version of the KZ1, a race-bred supercar designed for the road. Learn more.

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