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Mercedes GLC Problems: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Mercedes GLC, a compact luxury crossover and mid-size SUV, is well-equipped with hybrid drivetrains, complete plug-in hybrid models, electronics, and features. However, there are several common issues that owners have encountered with the Mercedes GLC. In this article, we will explore these problems in detail, discuss some Mercedes GLC recalls, and provide you with valuable information to make an informed decision.

10 Common Mercedes GLC Problems

1. Tire Scrubbing

Tire scrubbing occurs when the front tires skip over the ground, causing loud thuds and vibrations through the steering. This issue can be attributed to the high caster and low Ackerman angle, resulting in minimal tire contact at full lock. To minimize this effect, it is recommended to install non-run flat tires.

2. Infotainment System Displaying Nothing

Some owners have reported issues with the infotainment display turning black while the audio continues to play. A simple fix for this problem is to perform a hard boot-up using the power button located near the center console armrest. In some cases, a software update or replacement of the infotainment command screen may be necessary.

3. Squeaky Brakes

From 2017 to 2021, the GLC has been plagued with squeaky brakes due to the brake pads used as standard. This issue can be resolved by replacing the brake pads with well-known brand-name options that have higher quality control standards.

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4. Auxiliary Battery Malfunction

The 48V auxiliary battery malfunction is a common issue in Mercedes models. Some GLC owners have had to replace their batteries multiple times within a short period. However, a cost-effective solution has been discovered where the voltage converter of the 48V system can be fixed instead of replacing the entire battery.

5. Jerky and Jolting Transmission

In sport and sport+ modes, some GLC owners have experienced jerky and jolting movements when the transmission gears up or down. Despite reassurances from Mercedes that the jerkiness will subside as the transmission control unit adapts to the owner’s driving style, some users have reported that the issue persists.

6. Wheel Vibrations

The use of run-flat tires in the GLC can lead to harsh vibrations being transferred to the steering wheel when driving over bumps or rough patches. To mitigate this problem, it is recommended to replace the tires with standard non-run flat options that provide better vibration damping.

7. Software Issues

With advanced features and technology, the GLC is prone to electronic and software-related glitches. Some owners have experienced random door unlocking, parking brake engagement, and malfunctioning windscreen washer fluid spraying. Updating the electronics control unit’s firmware is usually required to resolve these issues.

8. Rattle in the Interior

Despite its premium price, the GLC has been reported to have an annoying interior rattle at the rear of the vehicle. This can be caused by the luggage cover rattling against the housing. Installing small rubber isolators between the hooking mechanism and the body of the housing can eliminate the rattling.

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9. 12V Battery Not Charging

Some GLC owners have received critical battery charge warnings even after long drives. The issue is not resolved by driving the vehicle longer, indicating a possible underlying problem. It is advisable to consult a professional for further investigation and battery replacement if necessary.

10. Head and Taillights Fogging Up

While not a critical issue, fogging up of the headlights and taillights can give the impression of water damage. This can occur even in brand new vehicles due to condensation inside the lights. Fortunately, this is considered normal under certain climatic conditions and does not affect the lights’ functionality.

Mercedes GLC Recalls

Recalls are important to address potential safety concerns. It is crucial for owners and potential buyers to be aware of these recalls. Here are some notable recalls for the Mercedes GLC:

2016 Recalls

  • GLC300 and 4Matic models may have a damaged ESP control unit, leading to random activation of the stability program.
  • GLC300 models may have incorrectly routed steering column wiring harnesses, resulting in chafing and unintended airbag deployment.

2017 Recalls

  • GLC300, GLC300 4Matic, and GLC43 AMG models may have incorrectly adjusted headlights, causing insufficient road illumination.
  • GLC300 and 4Matic models may have starter issues that can lead to overheating and potential fire hazards.
  • GLC300 models may have incorrect software updates, affecting airbag deployment during a crash.
  • GLC300, GLC300 4Matic, and GLC43 AMG models may have faulty front seatbelt pre-tensioners.

2018 Recalls

  • GLC300 and 4Matic models may have incorrectly routed steering column wiring harnesses, resulting in unintended airbag deployment.
  • GLC300, GLC300 4Matic, GLC43 AMG, GLC350e, and GLC63 AMG models may have retracting rear outboard seatbelt latches.
  • GLC300, GLC300 4Matic, GLC43 AMG models with panoramic sunroofs may have detachable plastic panels.
  • GLC300, GLC300 4Matic, GLC350e, and GLC43 AMG models with LED headlights may have improper turn signal colors.
  • GLC300, GLC300 4Matic, GLC350e, GLC43 AMG models may have defective driver-side airbag housings.
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Final Thoughts On Mercedes GLC Problems

Although the Mercedes GLC has a relatively high number of reported faults, it still fares better than other models in its category. If you own a Mercedes GLC, it is advisable to visit a Mercedes dealership to check for any outstanding recalls. When purchasing a used GLC, ensure that the vehicle history report does not indicate any open recalls. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights to guide you during your Mercedes GLC ownership or buying journey.

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