Home Tips 100 Belated Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life [2022]

100 Belated Birthday Wishes for Everyone in Your Life [2022]

by Moon
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A belated birthday wish

Belated birthday wishes for family

51. Sorry these birthday wishes are late—being weighed down with love and good vibes made them a bit slow. Happy birthday!

52. A belated happy birthday! May every blessing find its way to your door—and hopefully faster than this card!

53. It may not be your birthday anymore, but it’s still your birthday in my heart.

54. We have always made up after a fight, and I know we’ll find a way to get through me forgetting your birthday. Sorry. Happy belated!

55. Happy late birthday! See, good things do come to those who wait.

56. I’m so sorry I missed your birthday, but I’m sure it was wonderful nonetheless—at least as spectacular as you are!

57. These birthday wishes may be late, but at least they include a great gift! Happy birthday!

58. I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. However, you have my permission to use this against me forever. You’re welcome!

59. Happy late birthday. I’m sorry I missed it, but I didn’t want to remind you that you’re getting older.

60. Dear Dad, here is a dad joke to apologize: I must have been in a fog when your birthday came around, because I mist it. Sorry!

61. You forgot to remind me not to forget your birthday, but I forgive you. Happy birthday!

62. Dear Mom, I may have forgotten your birthday, but at least I remembered Mother’s Day. Sorry!

63. You always give me great advice. Any idea what to say when you’ve forgotten your beloved family member’s birthday?

64. Before I apologize for forgetting your birthday, there’s something you should keep in mind: They say your children are the greatest gift of all. Sorry I missed your birthday!

65. I thought I would leave you some time to come to terms with your age before sending you these birthday wishes.

66. As Gandalf would say, a birthday card is never late. It arrives precisely when it means to. Happy birthday!

67. Roses are red, violets are blue, sorry these wishes are so overdue. Happy birthday!

68. I hope your year is as wonderful as this message is late. Seems like you’re in for a wonderful year!

69. Happy birthday to my favorite sibling. You’ve always been so understanding and kind and forgiving. Sorry this is so late!

70. It’s difficult to appreciate the happy times (like birthday wishes) without the sad times (like me forgetting your birthday). So in a way, I did you a favor!

71. Forgiving me for forgetting your birthday comes with a lot of rewards: biggest cake, most expensive wine and a huge gift. Sorry!

72. I may be a day late, but once you open that gift, you’ll see I’m not a dollar short! So sorry I missed your big day.

73. I didn’t actually forget your birthday—I just wanted you to be celebrated twice!

74. This year for your birthday I got us matching calendars: one for me so I don’t forget your birthday next year, and one for you so you can remind me!

75. Family means unconditional love. Please remember this as you open my very late birthday card!

If your mom never taught you to write thank-you messages, we got you.

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