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Ace Defender: Review of Guides and game Secrets 2023

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ACE DEFENDER – game for android with release date 01/06/2021 from the company ACE GAME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Exchange Code
  2. A beginner’s guide
  3. TOP of the best heroes (Tier List) for beginners
  4. TOP of the best Eternal heroes (Tier List)
  5. Character Guide
  6. Hero Leveling Tips
  7. Team Building Tips
  8. Walkthrough

Ace Defender: Exchange Code

Where to enter the exchange code in the game Ace Defender? In order to receive a gift from the game developers, go to the “About account” menu, which is located in the upper left corner (click on the player’s avatar). Here you need to select the tab with the icon in the form of a gear “System settings”, and tap on the button in the form of a gift – this will be the section “Exchange code”. In the active line, you must enter the characters of the promotional code you have and confirm the action “Ok”.

How to get Ace Defender promo code? The exchange codes are given during live broadcasts, which are announced on the official developers page on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Ace-Defender-100969351893702/ . The rules for receiving are very simple: you need to go to the broadcast from any platform convenient for you, then take a screenshot of the broadcast and send it in the broadcast comments. In this case, you should write your game UID (located in the “About account” section). Moderators will check your presence on the air and send you a gift code by mail. It is useful to watch the entire broadcast in full, as additional gift codes will appear on the screen during the broadcast. The administration warns about the start of broadcasting several days in advance on its page.

Ace Defender: A beginner’s guide

Ace Defender is a role-playing game (RPG) with Idle elements (the team fights in offline mode). Your task is to pick up the main team from all the heroes and improve it. There are many activities in the game that will bring additional profit. The game is dynamic and bright, with good graphics. There is also a balance in it, and if you do not bring real money into the game, this will not affect the process of your pumping. If you want to get into the TOP of the server, as the best player, and receive additional rewards for the first achievement on the server (for example, passing the 60th floor of the Tower), then it is best for you to start on a new server, spend a decent amount of time in the game.

How do I translate the game into my native language? The game has been translated into several languages, which are automatically distributed according to the region where the user is located. For example, if you live in Russia, then you immediately start the game in Russian, in France – in French, and so on. But if you live in the United States, and want to play in your native language, then go to the “About account” menu in the “System settings” section. Here, in addition to the buttons, there are 2 commands:

  1. Change language – switches without reboot to the language selected from the list.
  2. Switch – a player can switch to another account (even on a different server) if he has several of them. When moving to a new server, you will start the gameplay anew.

Account level. In the game, it is important to pump the level of your account, as it affects the opening of new adventures and the mechanics of pumping heroes. You will receive player experience for completing the stages of the “Expedition” (aka the storyline). In addition, offline rewards give a good boost to your account experience.


There are several currencies in the game that can be spent on buying equipment, obtaining fragments of heroes and increasing their level. Currencies are mined in various activities, and they can also be obtained for completing certain quests from the “Tasks” tab, which is located on the bottom panel of the game screen.

Gold is the main currency of the game; it can be spent on improving heroes and artifacts. You can also purchase some items for gold on the Black Market in the Castle of Heaven tab. Gold can be obtained as a reward for auto mode, in “Chucky’s Recommendations”, in the adventure “Shield of Dawn”. You can also get a large amount of gold for completing quests, for completing temporary game events, or buy it for diamonds on the Black Market.

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, which is difficult to obtain, but quite real. Of course, diamonds, like many rare items in the game, can be bought for real money, which the system will periodically remind you of. If you decide to reward developers with money, it is better to buy “Growth Fund”, “Order of Orders”, “Orders of Warriors”. For the purchase of such game items, you will receive a good increase in diamonds and additional gifts every day. Diamonds in the game can be earned by completing various game tasks and completing the Expedition.

The Gold Leaf is an extremely precious in-game coin that can only be obtained by completing a certain number of daily quests and time events. You can buy the Most Highs (Eternals) for gold plates and artifacts on the Black Market. But choosing the heroes you want to purchase should be thoughtful, since it will be possible to accumulate 40 – 80 sheets (without events) in 40 – 80 days. We do not recommend buying sheets for real money, as this will not be effective. For each purchase (which is $ 15), you will receive only 3 sheets.

Alliance Coins – Can be obtained from Alliance Gifts and Alliance Trial. In addition, every day you will receive a letter of gratitude from the Union to your mail. The letter will contain a certain amount of Coins of the Union (the amount depends on the damage you inflicted on the boss in the Test of the Union). Alliance Coins can be obtained for certain in-game achievements in the Quests menu.

Medal of Honor – given for defeating opponents in the Arena (this is the main PvP mode) and for certain successes in the game. Like alliance coins, you will receive Medals of Honor every day in your letter. At the start, first of all, you should spend Medals for the purchase of auto mode sets.

Medal of Assistance – given in the Temple of the Knights for the dissolution of heroes. At the start of the game, we do not recommend rushing to disband the warriors, as they will come in handy in the “Reward Tasks”. By dismissing a character, you will not receive a large increase in Medals, and so the heroes will serve you for a while.

Beast Illusion Coins – you can get them from summoning animals in the Beast Illusion Tree, but you shouldn’t rush to spend them on the Black Market, as the items offered there can be obtained in the usual way. Better to save up coins and buy epic materials.

Ruins of ancient coins – you can get them for completing the Magic Ruins activity, for success in the game, and for completing certain tasks. When an event appears on the illusion of animals, we recommend that you participate in it as much as possible, since the event will significantly strengthen the assistants.

Game options

After a short and not very capacious training, you will be taken to the main screen of the game. In the center you will see a certain area, which displays the stages of the passage of the Campaign – Expedition. This is your journey through the storyline. The landscape will change as soon as you finish the adventure chapter.

The main game control panel is located at the bottom of the screen. Here you will navigate through the main sections:

  • The Castle of Heaven is your city, where you can enhance heroes and receive additional bonuses. There is also the Black Market, Tavern and Union.
  • Continent – all game activities, except for the Expedition, are located in this menu.
  • The Expedition is the main screen of the game. Here, in addition to entering the “Continue” Campaign (the transition button in the lower right corner), you can go to various sections of temporary events, offers and bonuses.
  • Heroes – a menu where you can increase the level of warriors and their equipment. It also provides basic information on the skills and history of each champion.
  • Tasks – the menu is divided into 3 sections: daily missions, weekly missions and Success (a reward is given for certain in-game achievements, for example, pumping 1 hero to level 50).

The chest (slightly above the control panel on the main screen) is the reward for the automatic mode of the game. No, your heroes will not independently go through the Campaign for you, but they will constantly train (the process is not interrupted during the game). Hourglass is a button for switching to the “Quick Auto” section. Every day you will have several attempts to use this game function. The number of attempts will depend on your VIP level. Here you will immediately receive income (except for player experience) from auto mode in 120 minutes.

Left panel:

  • Chat – here you can chat with other players from all over the world or members of the union.
  • Backpack – all game items you received are stored here (except for gold and diamonds, which are displayed in the upper right corner). If you can perform any actions with things, then a red dot will appear on the Backpack icon. For example, you have collected the required number of hero fragments, and you need to get it.
  • Mail – letters from the union, the system and the project administration will come here. Basically, the letters contain various awards and gifts.
  • Friends – you will constantly receive requests to friends (in unlimited quantities), since the hearts (friendship points) received from friends can be spent on summoning heroes in the Tavern. In total, you can have 30 companions.

You should periodically check how long the player has not been in the game. Since the number of friends has a limit, and it is not profitable for you to keep the cell occupied in vain. If the player has been absent for more than 2 days, then you can safely delete him and recruit new allies. The more active comrades, the more heroes you can summon.

Ace Defender: TOP of the best heroes (Tier List) for beginners

Alipida Silver Dragon

You will receive this heroine at the start of the game as a gift. But don’t underestimate her as she has a lot of control over her rivals. It will be easy to pump it as long as you complete the daily quests. Of course, sometimes another warrior is given for these tasks. She does not heal anyone and does not increase the characteristics of allies. But she is quite tenacious for her role, has a high mass attack (although she is inferior to magicians). Another plus for Alipida is her factional blessing on the team. That is, it can be assigned to any faction to increase the battle bonus (we will discuss this below).

  • Faction – Divine.
  • Affiliation – Eternals.
  • Role – support (assistant).
  • The main function is to control the enemy.


  1. Alipida’s attack – releases a stream of frost that deals massive damage and slows up to 3 enemies with a 100% chance.
  2. Freezing rain – causes a freezing rain that deals a huge amount of damage (up to 300%) to enemies (up to 12 enemies) in the selected area, while slowing them down.
  3. Freeze Protection – Releases a frost star, dealing double damage, and freezes up to 6 enemies.
  4. Froststar – a normal attack deals damage to 4 opponents, the damage is doubled if it hits a slowed down enemy.

Howard – Knight Ghost

This is the coolest character at the start of the game. True, it will have to be changed at level 160, but until that time it will serve you faithfully, bringing confusion to the camp of your rivals. His health is sagging compared to the Eternals, but it won’t take long to level him up. Its biggest plus is the dragon freezing opponents and control over rivals (almost constant).

  • Faction – Moon Shadow.
  • Affiliation is legendary.
  • Role – tank.
  • The main function is to control the enemy, to protect the back row.


  1. Howard’s attack – deals increased massive damage to enemies.
  2. Descent of the dead dragon – summons an ice dragon, which freezes up to 12 enemies in the radius of the skill (the radius is large enough), deals double massive damage. The freeze lasts 1 round. But this is often enough to win the battle.
  3. Curse of the Dead (group skill) – Howard’s basic attack can instill fear on enemies, after which the enemy loses up to 15% of health within 10 seconds.
  4. Curse of the Dead (role-playing skill) – Howard’s defense increases by 24% during the battle, and he restores his health by 8% every time the enemy dies.

Nousilid – Night Swordsman

An ambiguous hero, someone can love him, someone hate him. But this is a very effective fighter. Compared to other legendary heroes, he stands out for his vitality and high attack. All his actions are aimed at destroying the enemy. Yes, he does not have massive attacks, but his attacks do colossal damage to 1 target. He has 1 mass skill, and it is quite effective. He does not have additional bonuses, enemy control or increased parameters to allies. But he can destroy in 1 hit the enemy with the least amount of health in 1 – 2 rounds, thereby extending the lives of other members of the squad.

  • Faction – Moon Shadow.
  • Affiliation is legendary.
  • The role is a wanderer.
  • The main function is high damage to 1 target.


  1. Knowslead attack – deals increased damage to 1 enemy in melee.
  2. Shadow of a night leopard – sends a shadow of a leopard to attack the enemy, causing damage to 6 enemies in the area.
  3. Oath of the night elf (single skill) – marks 1 opponent and hits him at a distance.
  4. Oath of the night elf (wanderer skill) – deals 225% damage to the enemy.

Irasada – Deep Observer

It has control, but many users like it due to its high attack and survivability. It can be placed in any row from which it will deal damage. It has massive attacks, and 1 target attacks. But it must be paired with another representative of the Nature faction, which will enhance their abilities.

  • Faction – Nature.
  • Affiliation is legendary.
  • The role is a warrior.
  • The main function is to control the enemy.


  1. Irasad attack – deals damage to 3 enemies and slows them down.
  2. Fish Raid – calls out a school of fish that circle around enemies (up to 9 opponents), which inflict increased damage. You cannot escape from the cycle.
  3. Dance of Blades (control skill) – summons 6 blades, causing increased damage to 6 enemies in the line. The skill doubles the damage taken if the enemy is slowed down.
  4. Dance of blades (warrior skill) – has a 25% chance to summon 6 blades that attack 1 enemy, dealing double damage, and reducing his defense by 2 rounds.

Solzana – Priestess of the Storm

You will receive her one of the first, and she will be your loyal warrior up to level 160. This is a mage with high enemy control, which attacks up to 3 enemies at the same time. Although she has abilities with which she can inflict several times increased damage to 1 opponent. It is easy to level up, as the priestess fragment drops out often.

  • Faction – Nature.
  • Affiliation is legendary.
  • The role is the magician.
  • The main function is to control the enemy.


  1. Solzana’s attack – releases a bolt of lightning, causing increased damage to 3 opponents.
  2. Hurricane Storm – causes a thunderstorm that deals 300% damage and slows up to 9 enemies in the targeted area.
  3. Shocking Thunder (control skill) – prays to Thunder for heavenly punishment, dealing 200% damage at a distance to 3 enemies and stunning them.
  4. Shocking Thunder – has a 50% chance to pray to Thunder for heavenly punishment, inflicting 245% damage to 1 enemy at a distance and stunning him for 1 round.

Gilger – Expert Demoman

This is a hero who is good in a squad with other warriors of the Light. Has a little bit of everything: control, survivability, massive and single damage. But, like other light heroes, it is very difficult to get it, it rarely drops out. But if you have it, then don’t underestimate it. But you can’t put him in the first line.

  • Faction – Divine Light.
  • Affiliation is legendary.
  • Role – support (support).
  • The main function is to explode and massively repulse enemies.


  1. Gilger’s attack – throws bombs that deal increased damage to 4 opponents.
  2. Trump Bomb – Throws a huge bomb, dealing 350% damage to 9 enemies in the area.
  3. Disruptive Shake (group skill) – has a 20% chance to knock back up to 3 enemies and deal double damage.
  4. Disruptive shake (wanderer skill) – has a 50% chance to inflict 245% damage to 1 enemy at a distance and stun him for 1 round.

Leibiz – Holy Shield

Has a high survival rate, high mass attack. The main plus of the warrior is the healing of opponents (at the start of the game one of the best). It is recommended to put her on the first line, since she has a support skill that deals damage in melee.

  • Faction – Divine Light.
  • Affiliation is legendary.
  • Role – support (support).
  • The main function is a massive attack, healing allies.


  1. Leibiz attack – swings a holy blade, attacking up to 3 opponents, causing increased damage.
  2. The arrival of the holy blade – summons the holy blade, which deals 450% damage to 9 opponents in the specified area (but the radius of action is small).
  3. Inspiration of the sacred blade (group skill) – with a strong blow, deals increased damage to 6 enemies in a straight line.
  4. Inspiration of the holy blade (support skill) – has a 25% chance to unleash the power of the holy blade, healing 3 allies with the lowest health (in percentage) equal to 220% of Leibiz’s attack, and increases attack power by 15% for 2 rounds.

Rex – Soul Hunter

This is one of the best tanks in the game. If you are lucky, you will receive it at the start of the game. But do not worry, for completing Chapter 8 of the Expedition you will receive it in rare + quality (which is already quite good). But pumping Eternal Heroes is not a very auspicious activity, although they will stay with you throughout the game. It cannot boast of colossal damage, for example, like Howard, but it has a huge number of health and defense points. He holds up well in melee and at range. It can easily be placed in 1 cell so that melee enemies deal the main damage to it.

  • Faction – Nature.
  • Belonging is eternal.
  • Role – tank.
  • The main function is to protect allies, control the enemy.


  1. Rex’s attack – cuts up to 3 opponents with an ax, dealing 100% damage (unlimited).
  2. Incarnation of the God of the Hunt – The Lion King’s power deals double damage to 9 enemies in the area, and stuns them for a while.
  3. Spirit of the Lion King – Basic Attack has a 25% chance to unleash the Embodiment of the God of Hunt, which deals increased damage to 6 opponents and stuns them.
  4. Lion’s Claw – every time Rex kills 1 enemy, the attack increases by several percent (up to 20%).

Ace Defender: TOP of the best Eternal heroes (Tier List)

In general, the Eternals are very strong heroes with several powerful abilities. It is rather difficult to choose one of them separately. If we compare the skills of the factions and roles of the Eternals, then you can find certain similarities (with a few exceptions). But we picked 3 champions that every team needs. Demon, Deity and a magnificent tank, the presence of which in your team will lead you to victory.

Nordil – Wanderer mage

  • Faction – Demon.
  • The role is a wanderer.
  • The main function is increased mass damage.


Skill nameDescription of basic skillsDescription of role-playing skillsNordil attackThrows arrows from a crossbow, dealing increased damage to 5 enemiesDeals 240% damage to 1 enemy at a distance. When using magic – deals 1 line of enemies for 80% damage at a distanceDemonic shacklesReleases demonic chains that deal 270% damage to 6 opponents, reducing their defense levelReleases demonic waves, dealing 90%, 90%, 130% to all enemies at a distance. When using magic, each wave deals increased damage, and has a chance to put enemies in chainsRaven shadowHas a 20% chance to unleash the power of the devil, causing increased damage to 6 enemies, forcing them to bleed for a certain time (trauma)Gains + 20% defense and evasion.Demon IncarnationGains the protection of a raven, increases his attack power by 20%.When Nordil’s health drops below 70%, he frees the demon incarnate until the end of the battle, and from each attack restores 200% of his life

Neptune – God of the Seven Seas

  • Faction – Deity.
  • Role – tank.
  • The main function is to protect allies, control the enemy.


Skill nameDescription of basic skillsDescription of role-playing skillsNeptune attackLaunches water bombs, dealing 100% damage to 3 enemies, and slows them downAttacks 1 line of enemies, dealing 140% damage at a distance. There is a 50% chance that Neptune can go into a drowning state, and its attack will be reduced by 15% for 2 roundsAbyssal BiteSummons an Abyssal Sea Dragon that devours up to 6 enemies in a specific area, dealing 150% damage and slowing them downSummons an Abyssal Sea Dragon that devours 1 enemy, dealing 450% damage at range, and stuns them for 1 round. If the target drowns, they will be stunned for 2 roundsProtection by sea currentsHas a 20% chance to trigger a huge wave that deals 150% damage to 6 enemies and slows them downIncreases his attack and defense by 7.5%, while restoring 8% of his health per roundTroubled seaControls the strength of the sea current and increases its attack by 20%Has a 50% chance to cause a huge wave that deals 180% damage at a distance of 1 row of opponents, reducing their defense by 2 rounds by 30%. If the target is drowning, then Neptune restores health by 8%

Valkyrie – Warrior

  • Faction – Divine Light.
  • Role – tank.
  • The main function is to control opponents, protect and heal allies.


Skill nameDescription of basic skillsDescription of role-playing skillsValkyrie attackThrow a holy spear, dealing 125% damage to 1 enemyAttacks the front line of enemies, dealing 165% damage at a distance, with a 50% chance to increase defense by 75% for 2 roundsBlade punishmentSummons a holy sword that deals 200% damage to 9 enemies in an area and stuns themDeals 150% damage at a distance to all enemies. Grants all allies a shield equivalent to 120% of the Valkyrie’s attack. Heroes with a shield recover 100% of their health from a warrior’s attack. Shield works 2 roundsDivine TwilightOn a normal attack, has a 30% chance to deal 300% damage to the current targetIncreases its defense by 40%, gains immunity to crowd control for 3 roundsInspiration of heroesDuring a normal attack, has a chance to release the light of punishment, which deals 150% damage in an area and stuns enemiesAllies with the lowest health are restored by 150%, and receive a 50% reduction in incoming damage for 2 rounds

Ace Defender: Character Guide

Classes of heroes. Heroes are divided into 3 classes:

  1. Eternals – their maximum level of character pumping is 240. They have increased starting characteristics and cannot be obtained below the purple quality. They have 4 role-playing skills and 4 basic abilities. Factions Divine and Demons are only in this class. These warriors have a minimal drop rate, so they should be collected from the very beginning of the game.
  2. Legendary champions are basic champions that most often drop in blue quality. They have a high drop rate, pumping is easy. Some of them have good indicators and skills. The class has 3 role-playing skills and 3 basic abilities. The maximum level of pumping is 160.
  3. Regular are green quality. They can help at the start of the game. Have a minimal set of skills. They cannot be used as a sacrifice in the Temple of the Knights, and the quality cannot be increased.

Getting characters. Heroes can be obtained in the Tavern for tickets, for successfully completing the bosses of the Expedition, for completing certain tasks, or bought on the Black Market. Fragments of heroes are often given in the game. Sometimes these are fragments of a specific character, sometimes fragments of a certain faction or general fragments. After collecting 50 pieces, you can in the Backpack in the Fragments tab.

The roles of the characters. There are 5 roles in the game:

  1. Tank is the front line hero who obscures the 2nd row during the battle. They usually have control skills, high health and defense points. Some tanks can restore a small percentage of their health during the battle.
  2. A support is a hero who controls the actions of the enemy on the battlefield. For example, it lowers defense, freezes, stops or dazes them. The assistants have an average health reserve. Each support has a different attack. Eternal Warriors have a higher damage rate than legendary ones. They bring victory to the team through their control skills. Some assistants can heal allies or increase their basic parameters, for example, defense.
  3. The Wanderer is a mobile champion, can be placed in any row (depends on the character’s stats). They have an increased attack on 1 target. Sometimes they have skills with massive damage. Some wanderers can reduce the enemy’s defense, or increase the damage they take for a while.
  4. Mage – wars with a small (as a rule) indicator of health, but with high mass damage. At the same time, they can have control over the enemy, or increase the performance of allies. Their abilities can remove half of the health points to the opposing team in 1 hit.
  5. The Warrior is a versatile champion with good survivability, medium attack, and some extra bonuses. It is recommended to put in 1 row if they do not have an attack from a distance. But in some cases it makes sense to place them in the 2nd row.

The role of each hero determines his placement on the battlefield, both in normal combat and during the defense of the crystal. The role makes small adjustments to the development of the character and his presence in the team. Positioning should not be underestimated as it directly affects your victory.

Characteristics of heroes:

  • Life is an indicator of the amount of health. It is he who is displayed with a green scale above the heads of the soldiers during the battle.
  • Attack is a measure of base damage. It can be increased during the use of skills.
  • Protection is an indicator of armor, which prevents the heroes from decreasing their health during a fight. It is marked with a yellow scale. Until this scale drops to 0 in battle, the character will not receive damage to Lives.
  • Speed – affects the order of hitting during the turn. The higher the indicator, the earlier the character will hit.
  • TD Attack is a basic Role Attack stat that can be boosted by Role Attack. During the battle, stacks with a normal attack.
  • Evasion – the percentage of the probability that your opponent’s attack will not pass on your hero. An important characteristic, since with high evasion, you can take minimal damage and stand on the battlefield for a long time.
  • Crete – determines the percentage of the probability of critical damage. In other words, “critical hit chance”.
  • Critical damage is the damage of a normal attack from the hand, which is increased by a certain percentage. For example, a hero has a critical damage of 50%, and an attack from his hand (without using abilities) is 1000 units. If the probability of a critical strike is triggered, then the warrior will inflict damage equal to 1500 units.
  • Damage Reduction – With a successful attack, your champion can reduce enemy damage by a certain percentage. For example, your hero’s damage reduction rate is 5%, and the opponent’s damage is 1000 units. After your attack, the next hit of the enemy with your hand or skill will deal 5% less damage to your warriors. In the example, this would be 950 units.
  • Divine damage – increases when creating an icon or in the presence of a certain artifact. Increases attack from hand or character skill.
  • Vampirism – the criterion can be increased by an artifact. This mechanic works when you successfully hit the enemy, and the percentage indicated in the characteristic will return to your hero as a recovery of health points. For example, you attack an enemy and deal 1000 damage. You have 15% vampirism, that is, you will restore 150 life units for a hit. A good thing, especially if the warrior has a high attack and good skills.
  • Crit Resistance – the indicator notifies you of what percentage you have a chance to receive less damage from an opponent’s attack. For example, you are hit with a critical hit of 1000 units, you have resistance = 30%. That is, only 700 damage will reach you.
  • Damage increase is an indicator of the increase in your damage when attacking an enemy. Works like critical damage, but affects all hits (from hand, critical or ability).
  • Reducing divine damage – works similarly to the “Crit Resistance” indicator, only for divine damage.
  • Hit – the percentage of the probability of a successful attack on enemies. The higher the score, the more likely it will be hit. At 100% hitting, the enemy does not dodge.
  • Trauma Reduction – The percentage of the likelihood that negative effects will not work for you for a long time. For example, poison.

Ace Defender: Hero Leveling Tips

Character leveling in the game has specific mechanics that are used by a small percentage of developers. But, nevertheless, this is a very exciting and gambling process. Your task is not only to collect the main team of 6 heroes, but also to pump additional warriors that will be needed to complete the Expedition and some activities.

Level up. The level is increased by experience points, which can be obtained in the following activities:

  1. Auto mode.
  2. Expedition.
  3. Dawn Shield.
  4. Arena.
  5. Tasks.
  6. Temporary events.
  7. Purchase on the Black Market.

But experience is not given in the usual way, and is not distributed among the team members at the end of the battle. Since the experience of the heroes can be obtained in several places, the developers made it material for pumping. Therefore, you can distribute experience among the champions you want to pump. This is convenient if the player has an elite fighter who can be dispersed to the desired level without having to fight a single battle.

You can increase the level of characters in the Heroes menu. Here the required champion is selected, then you should see if there is enough gold and “hero experience” to increase the level. If all the components are collected, you can increase the level of the character.

Also, to level up, a certain amount of gold is required. At the 11th level of the hero, you will be asked to perform “Breakthrough”. Breakthrough requires gold, hero experience and a breakthrough stone. In the future, Providence is made at 21, 41, 61, 81, 101 and higher levels of fighters. You can get it in the following adventures:

  1. Auto mode.
  2. Tower of Trials.
  3. Arena.
  4. Tasks.
  5. Temporary events.
  6. Purchase on the Black Market.

Common crystals. At the start of the game, you must have 8 characters of the legendary or eternal class in your team. Green ordinary warriors will help you in passing the Expedition only at the start of the game. Do not be afraid at this moment to pump any heroes, the main thing is that you can complete the Expedition to stage 5-1, when the “Common crystal” opens, in which the system will select the 5 most pumped heroes and put them in the main cells (at the top of the screen). At the bottom, 2 cells will be opened in which you can put other heroes.

But before you put the champions in the lower cells, you need to make a “Reset” in the Temple of the Knights. The operation costs 20 diamonds, after which all the resources spent on pumping the champion will be returned to you. After the reset, you need to put the hero in the Crystal cell, and the system will raise him to the minimum level of the warriors who are located in the main slots.

For example, as shown in the picture above, in the main slots there are Rex and 4 of his allies, and all the heroes that are located in the lower cells have a level equal to the level of the Rager. Since he is the least pumped (the total strength of the champion will be taken into account). This is a very convenient mechanic, as it allows you to spend resources on pumping only 5 main warriors. The rest of the character, placed in the lower cells, automatically increase the level. When you sacrifice any hero to improve the quality of warriors in the Temple of the Knights, then the cell becomes free. But if you sacrifice the main character, then all characters in the lower slots will automatically become level 1. Keep an eye on this, and best of all, put a lock in the menu of the main characters, which will prevent accidental actions.

The cells in the Crystal are opened with the help of the item – Essence of Creation, which can be obtained for the automatic mode and passing the stages of the Expedition. But if you want to open a cell before you collect the required amount of resource, then this can be done with the help of diamonds. in total, there are 40 cells in the Crystal.

Temple of the Knights

Hero promotion. The temple is located in the Castle of Heaven. Here you can improve the quality of the hero, dismiss the characters or reset them. A separate tab is highlighted for each action. Since all heroes (except for eternal ones) can drop out in any quality (from blue and higher), then in order to increase the power of warriors, it is necessary to increase their quality. Each operation improves the quality, but 1 step. Green (normal) heroes cannot upgrade quality. There is a separate activity for them where they can benefit.

To increase the quality, it is necessary to sacrifice (feed) other heroes of the same quality and one faction with an increased champion. For example, the picture shows a Leibiz in orange (epic) quality. To get her Orange + quality, 2 orange quality heroes are needed. But there is only Olitok in the picture. Both Leibiz and Olitok belong to the Divine Light faction. To increase the quality of a warrior, you need to pump another warrior of Divine light to orange quality.

The hero to whom you increase the quality needs to be placed in the central slot on the left side of the window. At the bottom there will be 1 – 2 slots (depending on the current quality of the character), where the sacrificial warriors are placed. If you have heroes that can be pumped in the Temple, then a red exclamation mark will appear on its icon in the Castle of Heaven.

Reset. As we wrote above, the reset is made before placing the warrior in the Crystal, or before donating. At the same time, 100% of the materials and equipment spent on the development of the champion is returned. If you decide to feed a warrior without a reset, then not all resources will be returned (only equipment). The cost of dropping 1 character is 20 diamonds.

What to do with green heroes? Green heroes do not carry a heavy load, but they can be useful in the “Dissolution”, which is done in the Temple of the Knights. Dissolving you receive Assistance Medals, which can be spent on the Black Market. To dissolve, select the required warriors by tapping on them on the left side of the section.

But you should not rush to disband ordinary heroes, as they will be useful to you for completing the “Reward Quests”, which are located in the “Continent” menu. Here you are given several missions in which you need to send heroes of a certain quality and factions. Quests often require regular characters at the beginning of the game.

Statue of a Saint – this activity opens at 50 account level, where you need to create and pump statues for each faction. Also, on each statue, you can create icons of heroes using the item – the Holy Rune. The rune can be obtained for successfully completing Tasks or bought on the Black Market. Improving the quality of statues and icons increases the basic parameters of warriors. But the statue of 1 faction does not increase the stats of the champions of the other faction.

Equipment pumping

Each character has a specific set of equipment, which is distributed by roles. For example, you have a Signet of the Guardian, which should be worn by mages, but it cannot be given to warriors or supports. Equipment is placed in the slots of the hero in the “Equipment” tab. Basically, you will receive equipment in the form of fragments, having accumulated 50 fragments of 1 equipment quality, you can collect an item. This action is performed in the Backpack under the Fragments tab. There are 5 types of items that are outfits for characters:

  1. Footwear.
  2. Weapon.
  3. Armor.
  4. Decoration.
  5. Artifact.

Equipment can be obtained:

  1. In automatic mode.
  2. For completing some stages of the Expedition.
  3. Assemble from fragments.
  4. For completing the Shield of Dawn mission.
  5. Buy on the Black Market.
  6. Receive a reward for completing tasks.

Each piece of equipment can be improved in quality, thereby strengthening your champion. To do this, you need to select a warrior, go to his “Equipment” tab, then tap on the desired item. After that, a small window will appear where you should select the “Increase” command. On the right side of the window are all the fragments and items of equipment you have. At the bottom of the slots there is a button “Add in 1 click”. By clicking on it, you will select all the items.

On the left side of the window there is a scale for improving the quality, and a little below the parameters that increase when pumping an item are shown. Equipment can be increased gradually, or you can accumulate items and fragments and improve quality in 1 operation. The scale will show you the progress of the pumping.

Beast illusions

Another way to increase the parameters of your heroes in battle. The Beast Illusion Tree is located in the Castle of Heaven. Here you can summon the illusions of creatures, which, in total, will increase your parameters. One of the creatures can be taken into any battle (they automatically appear behind your team), but all animals will affect the indicators.

Summoning and pumping. You can make a call for the seed of the Illusion of Beasts, which can be obtained for completing the Magic Ruins and for completing tasks. In addition to creatures, for summoning you can get items of equipment for illusions and resources for pumping. Once you get the illusion, you can improve it with a copy of the creature and the illusionary fruits of the tree.

In addition to the general increase in the strength of the team, each illusion and equipment increase certain characteristics for the roles of the characters. When you fully collect a set of creatures (along with equipment), then you can increase the skills and help of creatures. But help in battle (for example, damaging an enemy) gives high quality illusions.

Amulets. Amulets can be bought on the Black Market in the “Arena of Kings Shop” tab. Also, their fragments can be obtained in the “Treasure Hunt” activity. Amulets significantly increase the main characteristics of heroes. They, like equipment, have a role-playing affiliation. But besides this, artifacts are divided into character classes. The picture shows the Helmet of Wisdom, which should be given to the eternal hero with the role of a mage or support. You can pump artifacts using the Artifact Stone of Advancement and Artifact Star Sand. Both resources can be obtained for completing tasks and for battles in the Royal Arena (including the World Boss).

Ace Defender: Team Building Tips

Passing the Expedition is your main activity in the game. With its help, you can get gold, equipment, player and hero experience points. On the Expedition tab of the control panel, there is a quest icon in the upper left corner. In them, for completing certain stages, you will receive additional bonuses in the form of diamonds, heroes and other in-game rare resources. Some activities open upon reaching a specific chapter and storyline level.

Team building against team

Each 5th stage of the chapter you have to fight with the boss, then there is the level of protection of the crystal and 3 ordinary fights with opponents. To fight the boss and ordinary opponents, you need to build a team of 6 characters, which are placed in 2 lines (rows). An example of construction is shown in the picture above.

In the 1st row (from the enemy) tanks and other heroes are placed, which have a high indicator of health and protection. Also, characters with the role of Warrior are put here, and champions who specialize in melee combat.

This rule applies to all activities where there is such a team building (Arena, World Boss, looting, and so on). You shouldn’t experiment. Since the roles were specially designed, and if you do not use positioning, you can lose, even if you have a team’s overall power indicator that is higher than that of the enemy. This is used by experienced players in the Arena, who receive points for victories and advance to the TOP of the server.

Often newbies ask the question: why did I lose if my total power was 200,000 units, and my opponent had only 150,000? The answer lies in the wrong distribution of seats on the lines. No matter how cool your Mages are, you should not put them in 1 row, since the opponent’s Mages are reliably hidden behind the backs of tanks, and they will strike your squad until 1 line falls (heroes with a ranged attack and massive damage can reach line 2, but tanks will take more damage anyway).

Of course, some heroes, as shown in the example, in the 1st row is the Forest Fairy – Alia, who is a Magician by profession (role). But that’s because she, at the time of the photo, had the highest health and protection in the entire team. You can get such a fairy by completely closing the seven-day quest for beginners. But this is an exception to the rule, not a permanent placement of heroes.

The alignment of forces by factions (camps). As an exception, you can put a fragile hero in the first row if you need to increase the attack and defense for the whole team by 20%. The ratio of factions is displayed with an icon, which stands near the indicator of the team’s power. You can also see the bonus from the enemy.

  • + 10% to the attack and the life of the team – when you put 4 heroes of 1 faction in a squad, the attack power and health of your characters increases by 10%.
  • + 15% to the attack and the life of the team – if you put 4 warriors of 1 faction and 2 heroes of another faction, then the power of attack and health increases by 15%.
  • + 20% to the attack and the life of the team – if you put 5 heroes of the same camp in a squad, then the attack power and health of the heroes increases by 20%.
  • Deities – Heroes of any faction, except Demons, can be considered.
  • Demons – cannot activate other bonuses. Each Demon increases attack power and health by 5%.

If you cannot pass the Expedition stage, and you lack quite a bit of damage, then put 5 heroes of the same faction in the squad, even if one of them fragile characters falls on the 1st row. It is worth putting a champion, who can be sacrificed during the battle, and always in the center of the line, since the sides account for the most attacks from opponents.

Crystal protection

Crystal protection is a special type of fight against monsters, among which the boss can get caught (so you shouldn’t relax). Protection is found in the Expedition and in the Shield of Dawn. Your main task is to prevent the crystal from dying. The monsters that emerge from the dark portals will follow the path to the crystal. And you have to place your fighters on luminous pedestals along the path.

Before the battle, you need to choose 8 characters who will protect the relic. Faction bonuses do not work here, as in the main battles. Having chosen the warriors, you press the “Battle” button, and you get to the map. Now your task is to place 1 – 3 first defenders (depending on the number of starting coins). Then, you click on the “Battle” button again. Monsters appear, and your heroes attack them (but monsters do not just walk, they can successfully attack in return).

In the scrum, an image of a coin is placed in the lower left corner, and the number below it shows the number of accumulated coins. Coins accumulate as damage is dealt to monsters. To the right is the mana accumulation scale, which is filled with the number of hits on enemies. The following shows all the heroes who are currently participating in the battle.

As soon as you collect 100 coins, you have the opportunity to put another 1 hero on the pedestal or expand the attack area for existing defenders. To put a character, you should click on an empty slot (they light up when it becomes possible to display a new participant in the battle), and then select the desired hero.

When the mana scale is filled to 30 units or more, you can activate the ability of one of the heroes. To do this, you should select a hero from the list at the bottom of the screen and move the spell area to the desired location on the path. Choose massive skills, since there are many monsters, they go heap, so you will destroy more opponents with one blow. The hero’s icon lights up when he can use the ability.

Correct placement of heroes on the trail. It is important that your defenders do not allow monsters to reach the crystal. Therefore, each map has its own placement rules. The picture above shows one of the cards. This is not a difficult trail, but you should be careful on it. Place two strong Tanks on parallel pedestals from the portals (2 and 3 slots), if coins do not allow, but a hero with a high attack rate should be placed on one of them.

Then you need to fill the path with other heroes. On the slots that are closer to the crystal, you should put Mages and Supports. They can also be placed on pedestals that do not have high passability (on the map above, this is the lowest pedestal closest to the crystal).

After placing the warriors, you should increase the radius of their attack. This is important, since the heroes here strike with swords, and their attack cannot go beyond the diameter. Highlight the hero you need (as there are 100 coins), after which a circle with 2 buttons will appear: green arrows – increasing the attack area, red dollar – permanently removing the defender from the field.

An exception is if small blue birds appear from the portal. They increase the speed of movement several times after the first hit on them. They have little health, but they can fly past all the defenders at high speed and attack the crystal. They must be beaten with skill as soon as they appear from the portal.

This map has a higher difficulty than the previous one, since the portals are not concentrated in one place. But always the first monsters appear from the left holes, and only then from the upper portal. Therefore, you should put (if you only have 100 coins at the start of the battle) on the 2nd pedestal on the left of a hero with a high attack rate. Then, when you accumulate more coins (or immediately, if you have 300 coins at the start of the fight), you should put the 3rd slot, the top slot on the left, and on the 4th pedestal, 1 hero each. This way you will not miss more than one monster from the upper and left portals.

But monsters sometimes, not often, can run along the lower path, so it should also be secured by placing the hero on the left pedestal on the island next to the crystal. The rest of the defenders should be placed as coins accumulate. And then increase the radius of their attack.

On this field, you should first put defenders on 2 left words, then on the upper pedestal next to the crystal, and on the upper slot parallel to it. The last thing to do is to fill the bottom slot next to the crystal. An ambiguous map, monsters run in a chaotic manner along the paths, so a high attack rate from the hand and attack with mass skills is important here.

Ace Defender: Walkthrough

The passage of the game is the successful passage of the Expedition. But this requires pumped heroes who need resources. And materials can be obtained in adventures on the Continent tab of the control panel. The activities are not the easiest ones, but they bring a significant increase in currencies and resources.

Tower of Trials. PvE mode. It is an endless ascent, floor by floor, to the top of the building. On each floor, a team of opponents awaits you, which will be more powerful than the previous one. Your task is to defeat rivals and rise to a higher level. Here you will get a breakthrough stone, coins, fragments of heroes and other materials for pumping (depending on the floor). The mode of passing is a team against a team. On every 5th floor, a squad with a boss at the head will be waiting for you.

But the Tower is a tough nut to crack! At first, you will quickly climb the stairs, but the opponents waiting for you will be stronger and stronger. There will be no balance, as in other games (opponents are selected according to the total power of the team), here the developers have set the squads taking into account the fact that on a certain floor you will already have time to pump properly.

Treasure hunt

Here, each chapter opens at a certain stage of the Expedition. This is a PvE mode. You find yourself in a kind of dungeon, where you need to go through 3 floors. Each floor is a maze. A funny detail – you run through the labyrinth with a cute mouse in musketeer clothes and a sword in your hands. The activity is more interesting than the Tower. You can play a chapter indefinitely if you can’t finish it right away.

The mouse needs to go through the floor and go down below. But there are several doors on the road:

  • Wooden.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.

In addition to doors and keys, there are opponents in the labyrinth. The battle with them takes place in team versus team mode. After each fight, you will be given runes – you should choose 1 of the three. You have to be careful here. since the runes drop out randomly. First, you need to take runes with an increase in the squad’s attack in percentage. Of course, if you have a choice, then take with the highest percentage. From the first floor, you can collect runes only with an increase in attack.

Boss – can guard the stairs or the most generous chest. The boss has a team that is stronger than the rest of the squads on the floor. After defeating him, you will receive epic runes. We recommend choosing to increase attack and defense (health) at the same time. Ephemeral stones and fragments should not be taken, since they may not fall out at all in the future, and you will waste your choice in vain. They promise, of course, an unrealistic bonus if you collect several shards. But what bonus and how many parts are required is not said.

Chests – have different rarity and different content (from gold to artifacts). Chests need to be collected, as they provide a significant increase in materials and resources. In addition to chests, the labyrinths will contain springs of life (resurrect dead heroes) and springs of health (restore up to 70% of health points).

Red Vials are health restoration potions. You shouldn’t drink them right away. If your team left the battle without damage, then do not leave the potion for later. But if you go down to the floor below, then you will not be able to return for the potion you left behind. Therefore, it is better to use it after the battle with serious opponents, after the boss and before moving to the next floor.

Dawn Shield is a nice interesting activity that takes place in the crystal defense mode. Brings a lot of income to the player. But the chapters are open to play only a few days a week, and have 1 attempt (at high levels 2). On Sunday, you can go through all the stories 1 time. Each adventure provides a specific resource:

  1. Gold.
  2. Hero experience.
  3. Equipment.

The crystal will have 50 health units. Your final winnings will depend on its safety. If the crystal remains at 50 after completing the quest, then you will receive the maximum possible reward. The less health the relic has, the lower the reward.

Magical ruins

Here you pass the bridge with the mouse, which connects you to the portal on the opposite side. You have 48 hours to complete the ruins (shown at the top of the adventure screen). If you could not defeat the final boss of the ruins, then after the update you will be given opponents who are easier to pass.

Rules – when you select an object in a row, the rest of the cells collapse. In the future, you will be allowed to select one of 2 adjacent cells. On the bridge you will come across several objects:

  1. Camp – here you can recruit one of 4 heroes during the passage of the ruins. At the start of the game, you should choose those warriors that you do not have yet. So you will find out what the character is capable of, how he behaves in battle, and whether it is worth swinging him in the future or immediately putting him on the feed.
  2. Book of Runes – in the book you can choose 1 of 3 runes. As in the Treasure Hunt, you should choose real bonuses that will increase the team’s performance. But in ruins, it’s always worth taking the attack boost. If there is no such rune, then life and attack with the highest percentage.
  3. The Ruin Guard is a team of opponents (PvE mode) that fight with you. For their victory, you get fragments of the sorcerers, with the help of which the treasure chests (located in the lower left corner) are opened. You also get material for pumping animal illusions.
  4. Talismans – they are of different types, but they all act on obtaining the Rubik’s talisman, which can be opened in the Backpack after passing the ruins.
  5. Stones are an obstacle in your path, you cannot remove it, just go around another cell.
  6. Bosses (Guardians of the Ruins) – guard the portal. This is the last obstacle before the transition.
  7. Portal – transition to the next level. Don’t forget to open the chests. But, at the time of this writing, the portal might not work the first time.

Guardians of the Ruins. It is worth writing separately about the battle with the guards. The battles themselves take place in team versus team mode. But you must defeat the opponent with 3 stars, and for this you must fulfill the conditions that are given before the battle. Sometimes the conditions, to put it mildly, are not feasible. For example, defeat enemies in 4 rounds without having 1 hero in 1 (2) row. And since you cannot choose the bonuses of the battlefield (as in the labyrinth of the Treasure Hunt), it is very difficult to fulfill these conditions. Sometimes the guards are very strong and several qualities higher than your team.

Therefore, if you have 2 guards on your way, and one of them is asking you to win superior opponents in several rounds, then it is better to look at the conditions of the second guards. If tasks are equally uncomfortable, then choose the lesser of two evils. If you have the opportunity to bypass the guards (which you definitely cannot defeat), then it is better to do it.

Arenas. This is a PvP mode (player versus player), takes place automatically. There are many arenas, but the type of action is the same – to defeat the opponent. The higher the rank of the Arena, the larger the prize pool. Choose opponents below your total team strength to defeat 100%. There are 5 free passes in total.

There is a boss fight in the Royal Arena. But the developers managed to make their own adjustments here too. You not only fight the boss (you have 6 free attempts), but you can do the robbery of other players who came to the boss fight. Of course, you will fight alone with the monster, but in the activity window before entering the battle, you will be shown several players.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.

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