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Cheeky Child has been watching anime and studying manga for so long as he can keep in mind. Doing so takes him to completely different worlds.

Among the most developed and memorable characters in anime are those who’ve misplaced their sanity. Their tales on how they grew to become this fashion will be very fascinating.

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For those who fancy these personalities and wish extra, than your search is over! I’ve made an inventory of 10 characters who’re the dictionary definition of psycho. Prepare to fulfill essentially the most unstable minds in anime!

10 Most Insane Anime Characters

10. Shuu Tsukiyama (“Tokyo Ghoul”)

Très bien! Fortissimo! Shuu Tsukiyama is right here to hog the quantity 10 spot! Eat or be eaten!

This man is a particular nutcase! At first look, he appears to be elegant, trendy, and correct. Beneath all of the formalities, he’s an actual psycho! He regards himself as a high-class predator, being a ghoul and all. He’s on the seek for the best meals, which implies he dines on each people and different ghouls. He’s fairly obsessive on this regard. The picture above has him sniffing a blood-soaked handkerchief.

9. Hisoka (“Hunter x Hunter”)

Oh expensive! Clowns are fairly creepy! Now add a pinch (or extra) of murderous intent and a perverse outlook and also you’ve obtained Hisoka! One factor’s for positive, nothing good can come out of any scenario with him round!

From the very begin of Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka has been a serious menace. His visage is that of a clown, and he’s additionally fairly unstable. He lusts for robust opponents in addition to kids (though that is solely implied), which makes him fairly disturbing. Thoughts you, he’s tremendous robust and highly effective, which simply makes him extra harmful! All these traits mixed make him an enormous downside.

8. Shou Tucker (“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”)

Shou Tucker, the Stitching Life Alchemist, paves his manner in at quantity eight. With the character of this record, you realize it is not due to his mental thoughts and tutorial achievements!

He isn’t just one of many craziest characters, but in addition probably the most hated. If you realize what he did, it’ll churn your abdomen inside out. It began when he introduced his masterpiece—a creature that may communicate like a human. Properly, unbeknownst to others, the creature was really his personal spouse! She was cruelly and forcibly merged with an animal—a chimera! Two years later, he did the identical factor to his very personal daughter and the household canine, all as a result of he was determined for outcomes! For these actions, Shou Tucker is taken into account an unforgivable madman to followers.

7. Kumagawa Misogi (“Medaka Field”)

Aww, simply have a look at that younger man with eyes filled with surprise and a carefree smile. No manner might he be loopy. However he very a lot is! It is the most important loser of all of them, Kumagawa Misogi!

I actually imply it once I say loser. Ever since he was born, the chances have at all times been in opposition to him. He by no means wins a satisfying victory as he at all times miserably loses. That is the rationale why he grew to become so twisted and insane! It additionally made him develop highly effective over time.

To spotlight his madness, he ripped off the face of a woman simply to check if his love for her was simply superficial (Don’t fret, she was immortal.) At one time, he significantly thought of killing off all human life on the planet, himself included. He spends his each day life spreading distress as if it was all regular and mundane. As well as, he has the facility to cover his presence and create objects along with his creativeness. All of this makes him one of many extra monstrous figures in anime.

6. Yagami Mild (“Dying Notice”)

The notorious Mild Yagami, AKA Kira, is quantity six along with his personal model of justice and the Dying Notice. Okay, I’ll let you know the reality! He threatened me to place his identify on this record. If not, he’ll put mine within the Dying Notice!

Mild Yagami was only a regular highschool pupil till he stumbled on the Dying Notice. It’s a pocket book that may kill anybody whose identify is written in it. When he obtained a maintain of this, he went mad with energy.

Mild began to imagine that he was the embodiment of justice in addition to a god! One flick of a pen was all that was wanted to present any prison a demise sentence. He finally began killing anybody that opposed him.

5. Lucy (“Elfen Lied”)

From the present that shocked and traumatized unsuspecting viewers in its first minutes, the diclonius Lucy makes the record for her damaged thoughts brought on by despair.

A diclonius is a mysterious creature that has super psychic energy within the type of invisible palms that might seize and reduce something on the atomic stage. They’re very harmful creatures that society has stored hidden to guard humanity. Lucy is one in all these creatures, and she or he’s out for vengeance!

She skilled a really traumatic and merciless previous. One occasion included her classmates killing her pet. I gained’t go into many particulars as a result of that will spoil all the pieces! Simply know that life for Lucy was even worse than typical for her species. That is how she grew to become so damaged, twisted, and murderous.

4. Hibana Daida (“Deadman Wonderland”)

Don’t ever attempt to mess with this younger girl! She is likely to be only a little one, however her psychological state may be very removed from regular. Monstrous power, irregular mindset, an inclination to torture, and the capability to kill—Hibana Daida may simply be your worst nightmare if you happen to ever cross her path!

From a really younger age, she had been the topic of torture and abuse by her equally unstable mom. This was finished to instill in her the qualities of a prim and correct girl. This all ended up damaging her psyche. As a matter of truth, she tried to instill manners in her classmates. To the purpose of slaughtering them!

Now, she works as an undertaker wielding an unlimited sword. Her job now could be to torture prisoners who act silly and improperly earlier than in the end slaughtering them. Simply so you realize, this little woman is aware of numerous strategies to torture prisoners.

3. Gasai Yuno (“Mirai Nikki”)

Gasai Yuno might be the prettiest and sweetest girlfriend one might ever have. However there’s a catch! She’s really damaged deep inside.

She follows protagonist Yukiteru round as a rabid stalker. She’ll kill anybody who hinders her in her quest for affection. Even Yukiteru is afraid of her!

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Her lethal obsession for our hero shouldn’t be even the worst factor about her. She has the flexibility to transcend each house and time. For sure, she has amusing strategies to get her man.

2. Sonozaki Shion (“Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni”)

The entire forged of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (When They Cry) is fairly loopy. Sonozaki Shion has all of them beat on this division. She is definitely essentially the most creepy and brutal.

She’s very intelligent and able to bending conditions to her personal profit. Her backstory has her ostracized by many, which led to a crippling despair. Her sudden breakdown leaves her with a murderous rage that’s nearly demonic.

Sonozaki is definitely one of many extra common insane characters in anime. You may’t get a lot crazier than changing into a full-blown serial killer.

1. Johan Liebert (“Monster”)

And so, we come to the embodiment of insanity! No person else is extra becoming for the primary spot than the monster Johan Liebert!

He was the results of inhumane experiments. He got here into existence with the aspirations of changing into the one that will lead humanity. He is almost excellent in each regard. However there’s an enormous disadvantage! Nobody ever imagined he would grow to be a psychopath who craves for destruction and despair. He causes distress for his twisted worldview that’s irrational.

As a child, he managed to make 50 college students and a few instructors combat to the demise as he watched his faculty burn. He possesses a deep understanding of human psychology—this makes him a formidable foe who can have energy over anyone. His means to control others to do his evil bidding makes him the worst monster right here.

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erictheweeb on August 13, 2020:

bruh, you had been all good till quantity 3 and a pair of

SerialKiller on June 23, 2020:

All people is a child in comparison with Johan

yoobum on March 24, 2020:

wait, the place’s sangwoo??

Jules on July 26, 2019:

I feel that Lucy from Elfen Lied is fairly underrated on this rundown of “psychotic” characters..I additionally do assume the present is underrated for being overrated on the subject of the story. The writer wrote the manga based mostly off a German poem which in fact was named “ElfenLied” and it’s mainly a few villager killing a feminine elf, feeling she was an outsider. In any case, the idea of the story was that Lucy herself was a really scarred and traumatized little one that will develop to solely be a monster with numerous power to be proven. She isn’t precisely “psychotic” nonetheless, she does undergo from cut up personalities (Lucy, and Nyu) through which each personalities are very reverse. Most individuals don’t like Elfen Lied resulting from the truth that is is certainly a really gore stuffed manga/anime collection however additionally they don’t take into account the story or which means that she (the writer) has put alongside all of the blood. Total I do assume she might be farther up possibly resulting from the truth that she shouldn’t be very secure, and Elfen Lied is a collection that has extra than simply blood and gore, it has a really bittersweet story behind it to go together with each character.

KFC for all times. on January 23, 2019:

Karma Akabane, sufficient stated.

Anon on December 02, 2018:

Are we forgetting Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa?

Candy Marshmallow on January 24, 2018:

Dont for get Dr. Stein from Soul Eater, Obito additionally was a nutjob

CPTN Fabulous on January 15, 2018:

I’ve to say lots of these characters appear fascinating, however I’ve one massive concern with this record.


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There’s an enormous distinction between being Psychotic and being what we name a “psycho”. A “psycho”, somebody like a sociopath, is really terrifying and can do no matter they’ll to attain their targets. Even killing different individuals.

Psychotic nonetheless is a distinct story. Being Psychotic is a psychological sickness that impacts the thoughts in numerous methods, differing per particular person clearly. Primarily it implies that people who find themselves Psychotic have misplaced contact with actuality or discover it troublesome to infer what’s actual and what’s not, mostly known as “Delusions” or “Hallucinations”

All in all it is a nice record and I’ll undoubtedly be watching numbers 10, 7, 3 and 1. I simply needed to voice my opinion on this matter.

Vavavu on August 10, 2017:

I lowkey assume that if you happen to look actually deeply into it, Gon from hunterxhunter is fairly rattling tousled within the head. His morality is ridiculous typically and particularly within the chimera ant arc, you’ll be able to progressively see him having a darker and darker mindset.

Cheeky Child (writer) from Milky Means on June 05, 2017:

@nipster Yup. Gaara can also be psycho. He made a 180 diploma shift in character although after attending to know Naruto.

nipster on June 05, 2017:

Shuu Tsukiyama…now that is an actual nut job. Y’know who else would make this record… 12 yr previous Gaara.

Cheeky Child (writer) from Milky Means on Might 03, 2017:

@Ally Totes agree! Are you up to date with the manga? Hisoka simply went full berserk! Crazier issues to come back!

Ally on Might 03, 2017:

Thanks for together with Hisoka! He’s completely nuts and I really like him for it!!!! Your record is spot on!

Link10103 on Might 13, 2016:

They’re all type of random exhibits I assumed sounded considerably fascinating, not all ones I might for sure watch

Cheeky Child (writer) from Milky Means on Might 13, 2016:

@Link10103 100+ Bookmarked Exhibits?! Wow, that is so much!

Cindy from United States on Might 12, 2016:

Good article. However I might most likely rank Tucker larger on the record. What he did was so disturbing.

Ced Yong from Asia on Might 12, 2016:

Okay, that is lots of anime for me to take a look at. 🙂

Link10103 on Might 12, 2016:

Being reminded of the others, I would not have pegged Mild to be on the identical stage as them (exterior of his ultimate moments that’s..)

I used to be on the lookout for different anime to observe and realized I’ve Elfen Lied, After they Cry, and I feel Monster to buried in my 100+ bookmarked exhibits. I do know what I am doing after work at the moment…

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