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50 Adorable Baby Shower Messages For Your Card | Tiny Prints

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Baby shower wishes for card

Last Updated: Dec 8, 2020

A baby’s arrival always brings so much joy and excitement for friends and family members, especially if the woman expecting is having her first child. As the due date nears and your baby shower invitation arrives in the mail, you’ll want to start looking for the perfect baby shower gift and baby shower card to bring to the upcoming celebration. To help you write a great message for your baby shower card, we put together a list of our 50 favorite things to get you started with your message for the mommy-to-be sure to prepare her for motherhood and keep her inspired to be the best mom she can be.

From baby shower wishes that will make mom giggle to inspiring quotes on what it’s like to be a new parent, you can rest assured you’ll find an adorable baby shower message to add to your card. After you’ve crafted the perfect baby shower messages for baby shower invitations, keep reading below for some helpful tips on hosting a baby shower to help the mom being celebrated have a memorable day. Whether you’re trying to think of the baby shower perfect theme, deciding what kind of food to serve, or when and where to hold the special celebration, we’ve got you covered.

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Traditional Baby Shower Messages

If the mom-to-be is expecting her first baby, add one of these traditional baby shower wishes to tug at her heartstrings. Becoming a mom for the first time is one of the most exciting times in her life and can be a little bit scary as she is going to be experiencing new things with a child. That’s why its so important to reassure, and encourage her and her partner that they will be amazing parents and do a great job raising their son or daughter. Choose a cute design, personalize it with her name and add it to the card goes along with her gift, or use one of these quotes to write a card for her well-wishes box.

Everyone enjoys a good laugh every now and then, especially if one is feeling anxious about a life-changing event. Having a child for the very first time, or expecting another one on the way comes with many adjustments and changes. If the parents-to-be enjoy a bit of humor, a funny baby shower message may be the way to go. A funny saying can help ease their nerves and get them excited about their new journey as parents, especially if it is their first child. But, even if the baby isn’t their first (third!) addition to the family, these funny baby shower messages will ring true while adding some fun and delight. The mommy-to-be is having a beautiful baby girl. Make the parents and their bundle of joy feel special with inspiring quotes on endearing baby shower messages for the new baby girl to come. When thinking about what to wish for the new mother, let her know that she will be a great parent and raise a charming young lady who will grow up to be just as intelligent and strong as she is. Or, you can simply wish for health and happiness, as those are two of the most important things any parent could ask for. Add these baby shower messages for girls if the gender reveal already happened. Choose one of these baby shower messages to celebrate the happy couple on the arrival of their little guy. Hype the parents up by expressing your excitement to meet and get to know their son, or add a little bit of humor to your wish by joking that trouble is on the way. These baby shower messages for boys are also perfect to use as an encouraging message on their guestbook or their baby’s first photo book bound to be filled with precious memories and moments to come. There is a lot to you want to say when you want to wish someone well on their new baby’s arrival. However, sometimes its just difficult to come up with the right words to say. Some of the best baby shower quotes come not only from the heart, but those that serve as an inspiration to all of us. If you’re having writer’s block and are in need of inspiration, why not get a little help from celebrities, authors, artists, and other public figures? Check out some of the quotes below to help you write out a unique card the parents will be sure to appreciate. While a first child changes the parents’ world, a second or third kid will do just the same. The baby sprinkle is a new twist on the the baby shower, and it’s for the younger siblings and parents. Use one of these messages below to describe the unconditional love the parents-to-be are sure to feel upon the arrival of their second or third baby. Baby shower messages for second or third children can still hold the same beautiful wishes, but might might add a dose of humor.

Tips For Hosting a Baby Shower

Pregnant mom holding a teddy bear surrounded by her friends and gifts at her baby shower

There is a lot to consider when planning for a baby shower. Between inviting all of her most important friends and family members to putting together a baby shower registry, to choosing the right day and place to hold the event, you’ll want to make sure her day is well thought out and enjoyable for everyone. If you’ll be hosting or helping out with any baby shower preparations, keep reading for some helpful tips. By following our baby shower etiquette recommendations and these tips, you will help throw an unforgettable baby shower for the expecting parents.

Consult The Mom-To-Be

The easiest way to plan a successful baby shower is to ask what the mom wants. (It’s always that way, isn’t it?) To make sure this happens, create an organized list you can check off as you plan to make sure you don’t forget any of the important details she mentions. If she doesn’t like being the center of attention, you might want to plan some non-traditional baby shower activities. Consider creating a fun baby-shower themed word find for everyone to complete or a matching game.

Register For Baby Shower Gifts

If you’re hosting a baby shower or baby sprinkle, make it easy for guests to get a gift both baby and mom actually need. Check with the mom-to-be beforehand on whether she’d like to register herself or needs some help putting her list together. From clothing, cribs, strollers, and toys, there is a lot that goes into creating a baby shower registry which is why it’s so important to ask her what she wants. Find out what they have and check-in with friends for their favorite baby-related items. Every parent has one baby item that became crucial.

Send Invites Early

Safari themed personalized baby shower invitations with a pair of yellow baby shoes

Sending your baby shower invitations at the right time will give your guests enough time to plan, RSVP, and go out and buy the perfect gift for the mommy-to-be. This will also help you when booking your caterer and making party favors. We usually recommend mailing them 4- to 6-weeks before the baby shower. Be sure to use one of our custom envelopes in addition to our personalized address labels featuring beautiful floral designs and classic styles to add a nice touch to the invite.

Keep Food And Drinks Simple

A baby shower doesn’t have to be extravagant to be memorable. Find a few tasty yet simple food and drink options and put together a beautiful table setup or snack bar. Consider creating a taco stand for everyone to create their own and serve light refreshments such as water, lemonade, and iced-tea. For some budget-friendly decor, consider searching for a few baby shower printables.

Create A Checklist

Planning a baby shower or big event of any kind needs to be organized, especially if there are many guests attending. Put together a checklist to stay on track of all those small baby shower details. If you’re co-hosting, be sure to split up the tasks by category such as food and utensils, decorations, and party favors to make your party planning a breeze.

Ask For Help

Group of female friends watching the expecting mother open her baby shower gifts

Event planning is a lot of work so be sure to ask for help from close friends and family of the mom-to-be who know her the very best. Keep in mind that many items such as creating a guest list, choosing the theme, and writing thank you cards can be left to the future parents. As the mother opens her gifts, be sure that you or someone else takes care to write down the name of the person that bought her a gift. This way, when it’s time to write and send out thank you cards, it’s easier for the mother to write them out.

Choose The Right Date And Time

Baby showers are usually held during the day and weekends. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend scheduling your baby shower outside of meal times. This way, people won’t be expecting a full meal and you can stick with small treats like finger foods and light refreshments.

Baby showers are also held 6- to 8-weeks before the baby is due. This gives the future parents plenty of time to decorate the nursery with their new gifts and start planning for the baby’s arrival.

Plan Fun Games And Activities

Woman drawing an owl with a gold marker on a pink onesie for an infant

Nothing says baby shower like tons of fun baby games and activities. An important factor to always consider when planning and putting together a baby shower is keeping all the guests who attend happy and entertained. Consult with the mom-to-be on the type of activities she’d like to have and be sure to add them to the day’s itinerary.

Now that you’ve gathered some inspiration, you’re ready to wish the new parents all the joy in the world with their little one. For a unique baby shower gift, print one of these baby shower messages on a canvas to create beautiful hanging wall art for their baby’s nursery. It’s sure to make a gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

Think of a theme and an overall design for the baby shower, and get started making personalized baby shower invitations.

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