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20 Happy Belated Birthday Images When Youve Forgotten Their Special Day

by Moon
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Belated happy birthday wishes images

Forgetting the birthday of a person you care about is nothing less than a real bummer. Not being good at dates definitely doesn’t mean you didn’t want to send them your best wishes. This collection of Happy Belated Birthday images will come in handy.

Whether in an apologetic mood or simply funny, a birthday image will get the message across and the birthday girl or boy will surely appreciate it. Go ahead and share, these images are 100% free to send to loved ones, friends, colleagues or even your boss.

Funny Happy Belated Birthday Images

Nobody can blame you for being slow, you’re not a lazy sloth! Ah, wait…

As long as you know them well, take the funny path and let the celebrantforgive you because they skipped a year thanks to you! Allegedly…

You could be celebrating for days anyway! It wasn’t the mouse that was late.They probably mixed up their own birthday… How old are they, again?….

Years go by and you keep forgetting their birthday! So… one more year will do no harm!

Patience is a forgotten virtue and it’s up to you to remind them!Share this cute card for belated birthday wishes.

Is it a man? Is it a bird? Is it the Twilight Zone? Well, no…It’s just you that you have forgotten their birthday. Share this pic of a disorientated man, it will be your atonement!

With great power comes great responsibility, and with age comes absent-mindedness.Sharing this image of an old lady who can’t remember anything can be the first stepbefore sending an actual Happy Birthday wish on another image (plenty here).

No need to swear there, but, yeah, you should have remembered their birthday!Just like above, you can go ahead and share this one beforeyou send the ‘proper’ birthday-wishing image.

Cute Happy Belated Birthday Images

Flowers, yes, flowers will sure make them forgive you (if they got mad at you in the first place!).

Who would resist a cute teddy bear with a belated birthday wish!Exactly, this is instant forgiveness if that’s what you’re going for…

If it was just yesterday, you are ALMOST not late!Who are we fooling? You forgot their birthday, sharing this cutie is the least you can do now!

Oh, did you actually miss a birthday party you were invited to, too?!No, there is no special place in hell kept for you, why are you saying that?

Happy Belated Birthday Memes

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