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40 Best Buddhist Podcasts

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40 Best Buddhist Podcasts

1. Secular Buddhism

Noah Rasheta, a Buddhist teacher and author, hosts the engaging podcast Secular Buddhism. Based in Kamas, Utah, Noah teaches mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy worldwide. He integrates Buddhist teachings with modern science, humanism, and humor, striving to make the world a better place.

2. Buddhism Guide

Karma Yeshe Rabgye, a Western Monk in the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, provides teachings that are unpretentious and clear. Originally from England, he now resides in Northern India. His podcast, Buddhism Guide, invites listeners to examine their own minds and experiences to discover the validity of Gautama Buddha’s teachings.

3. The Wisdom Podcast

The Wisdom Podcast is a captivating Buddhist podcast featuring interviews with leading thinkers from the Buddhist world. Each episode takes you on a fascinating exploration of Buddhism and meditation, offering life-changing practices, timeless philosophies, and new ways to think and live. Discover the teachers, teachings, and practices that can deepen your relationship with your mind, life, and the world.

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4. Yokoji Zen Dharma Talks

Yokoji Zen Dharma Talks is a monthly podcast that offers insightful Dharma talks by Tenshin Fletcher Roshi at Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center, a Zen Buddhist Training Center in the Southern Californian mountains. Tune in to gain wisdom and inspiration.

5. Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast

Timber Hawkeye, bestselling author of Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless, presents the Buddhist Boot Camp Podcast. This podcast offers a secular approach to finding peace within ourselves and with the world around us. Discover how to awaken, enlighten, enrich, and inspire.

6. Buddhist Society of Western Australia

The Buddhist Society of Western Australia presents Dharma talks from Ajahn Brahm, a respected Buddhist meditation master, and the Australian Forest Sangha of monks and nuns. Immerse yourself in the rich teachings of Buddhism and meditation.

7. Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple Podcast

The Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center, located in Woodstock, IL, welcomes people of all faith traditions to practice meditation, learn about Buddhism, and build community together. Join their podcast to deepen your understanding of Buddhism and find inner peace.

8. Buddhist Temple of Toledo Podcast

The Buddhist Temple of Toledo is a Soto Zen Buddhist community that offers intensive Zen meditation training and a friendly neighborhood sangha. Tune in to their weekly podcasts for sutras, Zen meditation, dharma talks, and interviews with transmitted teachers.

9. Dakini Conversations

Dakini Conversations is an interview and talks channel hosted by Adele Tomlin, a writer and Tibetan Buddhist scholar-translator-practitioner. Explore conversations with various experts in Tibetan Buddhism and deepen your understanding of this profound tradition.

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10. Daily Wisdom – Walking The Path with The Buddha

The Daily Wisdom podcast is dedicated to guiding you on the path to attaining Enlightenment and a content mind. Learn and practice the teachings of Gautama Buddha to achieve a peaceful and joyful life. Tune in to find wisdom for your daily journey.

11. Buddhist Wisdom, Modern Life

Claire Villarreal, a Buddhist teacher, brings the ancient insights of Buddhism to our fast-paced modern world. Through teachings, interviews, and guided meditations, she explores Buddhist basics, like the Four Noble Truths and Buddha nature, and provides practical applications for daily life. Dive into Buddhist wisdom and awaken your mind.

12. The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast

Integrating Buddhism and the 12 Steps of recovery, The 12-Step Buddhist Podcast offers techniques, principles, tips, and meditations to support your journey to freedom from addiction. Discover the transformative power of Buddhism and the 12 Steps.

13. Tricycle Talks

Tricycle Talks is an independent Buddhist podcast that explores contemporary and historic Buddhist activity in the West. Through interviews, discussions, and teachings, this podcast introduces fresh views and teachings for enlightened living. Immerse yourself in the world of Buddhism with Tricycle Talks.

14. The Zen Studies Podcast

The Zen Studies Podcast takes you on a journey through the rich history and teachings of Zen Buddhism. Explore ancient teachings and general Buddhist wisdom, and gain a deeper understanding of this transformative practice. Expand your knowledge with The Zen Studies Podcast.

15. Becoming Buddha

Becoming Buddha offers Dhamma talks on the direct teachings of Gautama Buddha as preserved in the Pali Canon. Join the weekly classes from Cross River Meditation Center to delve into the profound teachings of Buddha.

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16. Amaravati Podcast

Listen to the latest Dhamma Talks mainly from the Amaravati Temple during various retreats. Delve into the teachings given throughout the year and deepen your understanding of Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

17. Tibetan Buddhism | The Elegant Mind

This podcast from the Pacific Northwest delves into practical notions and methodologies of Tibetan Buddhism. Learn from discussions and interviews with experts in Tibetan Buddhism, regardless of your level of experience or knowledge.

18. Insight Myanmar

Stand with the Burmese people in their quest for democracy and freedom by listening to Insight Myanmar. This podcast features activists, artists, leaders, monastics, fighters, and authors who share their experiences and shed light on what’s happening in Myanmar.

19. Rime Buddhist Center | Achieving Peace Through Compassion

The Rime Buddhist Center is a non-sectarian community devoted to cultivating wisdom and compassion. Join their podcast to explore Buddhist studies, Tibetan culture, and harmonious relationships between Tibetans and Westerners. Discover peace through compassion. 20. Manchester Buddhist Centre talks

Manchester Buddhist Centre welcomes everyone to explore Buddhism, learn meditation, and engage with their vibrant community. Dive into their talks and deepen your understanding of Buddhist teachings and practices. Join the Manchester Buddhist Centre for a transformative experience. And More…

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Note: This list is in no particular order and is subject to change.

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