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Happy Birthday Son-in-Law! Funny & Sincere Birthday Messages, Quotes & Wishes For Son-in-Law

by Moon
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Birthday wishes for my son in law

Birthdays are the ideal time to let those special people in our lives know just how much they mean to us. Having a son-in-law that fits seamlessly into the family is such a blessing and it’s a great load off of a parent’s shoulders to know their daughter or son is being taken care of.

What can I write in my son-in -law’s birthday card?

You’re certainly not the first person to have wondered what to write in your son-in-law’s birthday card. We understand the feeling of wanting to find the right words to let your son-in-law know what he means to your family, so we gathered up some birthday wishes for your son in law to inspire you when the next birthday comes around.

Birthday Quotes for Your Son-in-Law

Birthday Quote for Son-in-Law

“A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen.” – Unknown.

“All the world is birthday cake! So take a piece, but not too much.” – George Harrison

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Maya Angelou

“Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.” – Ausonius

“Every man’s life is a fairytale written by God’s finger” – Hans Christian Anderson

“Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” – Satchel Paige

“Most of us can remember a time when a birthday – especially if it was one’s own – brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.” – Robert Staughton Lynd

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Birthday Wishes for Son-in-Law

You have been a blessing to our family the very first day you set foot in my house. Thank you for always showering us with love, care and concern. Happy Birthday Son-in-Law, you are truly the best!

Happy Birthday to the best Son-in-Law, we couldn’t ask for a better guy for our precious princess.

Happy Birthday Son-in-Law, I hope you know that you are such a wonderful person, and I couldn’t be more grateful to your parents for bringing you to this world.

Dear Son-in-Law, I don’t think you know how happy you make my daughter. Thank you for taking care of her all these years and being there for her. You rock!

You are such an amazing husband, father, and son-in-law. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

You have no idea how proud we are to have you part of the family. Happy Birthday to my one and only Son-in-Law!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son-in-Law

Funny Birthday Wishes for Son-In-Law

Birthdays can be pretty dangerous. The more you enjoy them, the closer you get to your grave. Happy birthday to my son-in-law!

Whether you’re good enough for our daughter or not is irrelevant today. It’s your birthday, and that’s all that matters. Sending birthday wishes to my favourite son-in-law!

We don’t need to give you a present. We already gave you the perfect gift, our daughter! Happy birthday son-in-law!

The room is getting hotter. I don’t know if the heat is as a result of global warming or just the bonfire from the countless candles decorating your birthday cake. By the way, have yourself an amazing celebration!

Happy Birthday to the guy who was destined to marry our daughter. If meeting us didn’t scare you off, then you two were truly meant to be!

Dearest son-in-law, there’s no way you can run away from the fact that you’re aging. By the way, even if you wanted to run, you no longer have the strength to do so as a result of old age! Happy birthday, old man!

To be completely honest, I had my doubts about you when I first met you. It only took me a short amount of time to dismiss every single one of them, after getting to know what a fantastic individual you are, I was confident that our daughter would feel loved and secure. Happy Birthday!

You’re a wonderful husband, father, and son. In fact, you’re just a wonderful person, and we hope you have a wonderful birthday to match!

Our daughter always was a picky eater. Good thing she was picky about choosing a husband, too! She couldn’t have picked a better one. Happy Birthday to a son-in-law who is a perfect fit for our family.

Birthday Wishes For Son-in-Law From Mother-in-Law

Birthday message from mom-in-law

It was the power of love that made you a part of our family and that power continues to resonate in our lives. You are truly a part of our hearts and we are so glad about it! Sending special birthday wishes for son in law of the year!

Happy birthday, to my one-of-a-kind son-in-law. Thank you for all of the kindness and warmth you bring to our daughter’s life and to our lives. Simply put, you’re irreplaceable and I’m so glad to have you as part of the family.

We are so lucky that we have such a nice and well-mannered son-in-law for our daughter. We are happy to know that she will always be happy and cared for. Wishing you both a long and prosperous life! Happy birthday!

On a piece of paper, we’re related by law. But in our hearts, we are related by love. Happy birthday son. May your birthday turn out to be like the life you’ve given our daughter – amazing.

From the day we first met you, you’ve shown us such respect and kindness. You really are a mature, lovely man, and we can’t be happier you’re married to our daughter. Happy birthday!

You are a beautiful light in this world, and, as such, it’s important to never stop shining! You never know whom you inspire with your great works. Happiest of birthdays to you, my beloved son-in-law! Enjoy your day.

After all these years, the only thing I can say is “thank you.” You made my daughter the happiest person in the world, and you deserve the best in life! Happy Birthday son in law!

Today is an exceptional day not only for you but for our daughter as well. You indeed are a blessing to this family, and we want to say thank you for making our daughter happy. Happy Birthday!

Dearest son-in-law, you’re not only this family’s special gift but also an inspiration to us. On your birthday, I pray that you are blessed with the most beautiful things this life has to offer. Have yourself a glorious birthday!

Birthday Wishes From Father-in-Law to Son-in-Law

Birthday message from father-in-law

Wishing my amazing son-in-law a super duper happy birthday! Son, it’s only human to have fears, but don’t let them circumscribe your growth. Great achievers are those who learned to harness their fears. Happy birthday son in law!

You are like our son and we’ve treated you that way since the beginning. May you always retain your gentle smile and kindness. To our son-in-law, happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a great son-in-law. We couldn’t get a better husband for our lovely daughter. Thank you son for everything.

Happy Birthday, dear Son-in-law. We are so happy to have you in our lives. May your year be filled with joy and wonderful company.

To a man who grows higher in esteem with each passing year. Wishing you all the best, enjoy your day. Happy Birthday Son-In-Law.

Calling you “son-in-law” doesn’t do justice to the wonderful, rewarding relationship we have with you. I think we’re going to start calling you “son” from now on. Happy birthday, son!

If I could have gone out into the world and searched for the perfect husband for my daughter, I would have been lucky to find you. I’m so grateful today and every day for a son-in-law as dependable, protective and loving as you are. Having you in our family to watch over my daughter and grandchildren gives me the comfort that they are safe and cherished. Thank you for giving me that priceless comfort. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law.

People have given my daughter roses, gold, and money, but none of that means anything when you’ve given her the most important thing in the world. Love. I’m so thankful for you. Happy birthday!

We’re new to this son-in-law business, so we don’t know the ins and outs yet. Are sons-in-law supposed to be as wonderful as you? Happy birthday!

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