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Embracing the Future: Blockchain Innov in 2023

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Blockchain Innov: 2023

Exploring and Promoting Blockchain and Web3 Innovations

Blockchain Innov, the renowned association, recently celebrated its first anniversary and held its inaugural general assembly on April 12th. This momentous occasion brought members together to discuss the association’s mission, reflect on the past year’s achievements, outline the roadmap for 2023-2024, and facilitate democratic processes for governance renewal.

The board of directors convened on June 14th to validate the minutes of the general assembly, which are now available on the Blockchain Innov Association’s platform.

A Year Full of Actions

Over the past year, Blockchain Innov has organized around thirty events in Cannes, as well as in Avignon, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, and Paris. These events took various formats, including after-work gatherings that fostered connections among a diverse community of blockchain and Web3 enthusiasts. Additionally, there were After@Web3 and Atelier@Web3 sessions aimed at raising awareness through conferences and showcasing projects from the Blockchain Innov community. Furthermore, the association conducted conferences and workshops in partnership with other events, reaching a broader audience and introducing them to the world of blockchain and Web3. Examples of these events include the Naturalité Day of the Global Competitiveness Cluster, the “Digital and Sustainability” week at the University of Côte d’Azur, and the International Festival of Artificial Intelligence. Digital formats such as newsletters and web broadcasts were also employed to engage the community.

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International Influence

As a driving force behind the International Blockchain Innov Alliance, Blockchain Innov has collaborated with innovation actors in Africa (Africa Fintech Forum), Belgium (Walchain), Canada (Digihub), and globally (myGlobalVillage). This alliance has resulted in two major events: the International Blockchain Innov Week, held from February 3rd to 10th, 2023, and a joint effort in celebration of International Francophonie Day on March 20th, 2023. These events facilitated exchanges between blockchain and Web3 professionals across three continents. They also garnered support from David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, President of the Cannes Lérins Agglomeration Community, and President of the Association of French Mayors, who championed the cause of blockchain, Web3, and Blockchain Innov.

An Ecosystem of Partners

Blockchain Innov has cultivated a network of partners to enhance its visibility and organize successful events. Collaborations have been established with the Global Competitiveness Cluster Finance Innovation for the CryptoDay event in September 2022, Kryptosphère for the Crypto Tour in October 2022, The Arch for the Parisian after-work event in December 2002, the Village Web3 Tokenisation at CES in Las Vegas in January 2023, and NFT Paris in February 2023.

A Growing Community

Blockchain Innov currently boasts a community of over 3,000 blockchain and Web3 enthusiasts, including active users and prospective adopters. Among these, 142 members are up to date with their contributions, with an additional 37 memberships currently under review. The association’s CRM system houses over 1,360 contacts, while its LinkedIn page and web conference publication platform have garnered more than 1,700 and 300 subscribers respectively.

Continuity in the 2023/2024 Roadmap

The goals set forth in the 2023-2024 roadmap aim to build on the association’s positive momentum in terms of membership growth, partnerships, impactful actions, awareness campaigns, sensitization efforts, and inspiring events. Additionally, Blockchain Innov seeks to strengthen its governance and collective intelligence through a board of directors functioning both horizontally and vertically. The organization remains committed to organizing thought-provoking events that push boundaries and drive innovation in the blockchain and Web3 realms.

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Celebrating Blockchain Innov’s First Anniversary with NFT Members

Blockchain Innov: 2023

As a tribute to its one-year anniversary, Blockchain Innov has introduced NFT Memberships. These unique tokens serve as a celebration of the association’s achievements and a symbol of its continued dedication to the blockchain and Web3 communities. Join us in embracing the future of technology!

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