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Zynga Co-founder Revolutionizes Gaming Industry with Gala Network

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Empowering Game Creators and Players with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Game Partners, led by renowned entrepreneur Eric Schiermeyer, is on a mission to establish Gala, a decentralized gaming infrastructure. The Gala network aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by granting players ownership of their in-game content while eliminating exploitative practices by platform owners.

As a co-founder of Zynga, Schiermeyer has always been at the forefront of innovation in social gaming. Now, he ventures into the realm of blockchain-based game networks, aiming to liberate creators from the oppressive policies of platform owners.

The Power of Blockchain in the Gaming World

Blockchain, a secure decentralized ledger, offers a transparent and reliable means of verifying the authenticity of digital objects and their ownership. By distributing the authentication process across multiple computers on the internet, blockchain technology ensures trust and security. This technology serves as the foundation for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Farming and Mining in the Gaming Universe

Schiermeyer, much like other blockchain game pioneers, believes that blockchain can unlock the potential for true ownership of in-game assets. With Gala, players can finally possess their purchased or created items, even if a game shuts down. This vision has been in development for the past 18 months.

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Schiermeyer confidently states, “Unlike traditional free-to-play games, Gala offers a revolutionary experience. Every purchase rewards players with tangible items they can keep, give away, or trade. This paradigm shift will inevitably redefine players’ expectations and choices.”

Teaming up with Mike McCarthy, the former creative director of FarmVille 2, Schiermeyer aims to create a mass-market game that places gameplay above blockchain integration. Sandbox Games, a subsidiary of Blockchain Game Partners, is currently developing Townstar, a captivating game that showcases the potential of blockchain technology. In Townstar, players cultivate a plot of land, gradually transforming it into a thriving town.

A Focus on Gameplay and True Ownership

Townstar allows players to assert their ownership over items they acquire or create within the game. Transactions occur securely, with players directly engaging in a fraud-free marketplace. Moreover, items possess unique identifiable traits, giving them inherent scarcity through non-fungible tokens.

Players can even monetize their in-game items, selling them for real money. The gameplay itself, reminiscent of FarmVille, offers a rich experience, quelling the concerns of hardcore gamers who often criticize such games for their lack of depth. Players cultivate crops, harvest them, and mix them for sale, ultimately reinvesting profits into farm upgrades and town development.

To enhance competitiveness, weekly contests reward the most industrious players with rare in-game rewards. Currency earned in the game facilitates the purchase of buildings, while the addition of upgradable hero characters available for purchase on the blockchain further enriches the gameplay experience. Lower-level players can also craft consumables for sale to more advanced players.

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Schiermeyer emphasizes, “Just as networked and social games have revolutionized the gaming industry, blockchain games are the next stage of evolution. Soon, players will no longer tolerate games that drain their time and money without offering true ownership.”

Fundraising and Future Prospects

Currently, approximately ten individuals are dedicated to game development, while another 15 are focused on Gala. Four additional groundbreaking ideas are currently in progress. Though the current pandemic situation might not be optimal for fundraising, Schiermeyer remains optimistic. He believes that digital-only products that entertain individuals without requiring physical presence are now more relevant than ever.

“I envision a future where players worldwide can earn real value in games, regardless of their background. Through Gala, we can diminish the dominance of platform giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook. Our ecosystem will empower players and stimulate unprecedented growth. Brace yourself for this imminent tectonic shift,” Schiermeyer asserts.

The Monetization Strategy: Tokenized Premium Currency

Gala’s premium in-game currency is tokenized, maintaining a fixed price. Players earning tokens can sell them at the predetermined price, while market demand determines token price fluctuations. Additionally, the game incorporates 1,000 farm bots that mine tokens, similar to Bitcoin miners. Players can either purchase loot boxes containing farm bot components or opt for fully assembled and costly farm bots.

Players have the opportunity to mine currency and distribute it to others within the game, either as gifts or through sales.

Schiermeyer explains, “Our blockchain structure incentivizes early players, ensuring they receive greater rewards. This system encourages players to join at the earliest opportunity.”

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In the future, Gala aims to enable cross-game token transfers, allowing players to carry their tokens across different games. This universal currency will pave the way for unprecedented collaboration and greater player engagement.

Schiermeyer enthuses, “Imagine transferring a sword from one game to modify a card in a collectible card game – it’s like a cross-promotion. The possibilities are truly thrilling.”

Join the Gaming Revolution with Gala

Blockchain Game Partners, through the Gala network, is set to redefine gaming as we know it. With Gala, the future of gaming is one that empowers both creators and players, granting true ownership and security. Embrace this monumental transformation and be a part of the Gala network, where innovation and enjoyment intertwine.

To learn more about Gala and its groundbreaking contributions to the gaming industry, visit Ratingperson.

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