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Top 5 Blockchain Gaming Brands – Exciting Innovators for 2023

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Blockchain gaming, crypto gaming, play-to-earn, and everything in between are relatively new concepts. The convergence of crypto and blockchain technology with gaming was inevitable, and now it’s rapidly gaining popularity. With numerous existing and aspiring blockchain gaming companies, it’s easy to lose track of who’s who and what’s what.

That’s why, for the second year running, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite blockchain gaming brands. These promising companies have already made, or are poised to make, a significant impact on the blockchain gaming scene.

Top Blockchain Gaming Brands

Numerous blockchain gaming companies are striving to provide the best gaming experiences for players. But which ones truly stand out? In an industry with little regulation and plenty of misleading headlines from mainstream media, distinguishing the best can be challenging. However, we’ve carefully selected the most legitimate and innovative brands that offer exceptional gaming experiences and other Web3 projects.

10. Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs, the development studio closely associated with the rise of blockchain gaming, released CryptoKitties in 2017. This game, known as the first successful play-to-earn title featuring NFTs and crypto-based gameplay, laid the foundation for the current blockchain gaming economy. While the popularity of CryptoKitties has waned, Dapper Labs continues to create captivating content such as Cheeze Wizards. Their contributions have forever solidified their place in crypto-gaming history, deserving your attention as they release future projects.

9. Enjin

Enjin, an Ethereum-based platform established in 2009, has received glowing recommendations from reputable sources like Nasdaq. Enjin offers a unique platform for aspiring developers who can create NFTs and gaming elements without extensive coding knowledge. With billions of assets created and millions of installed wallets, Enjin provides an accessible entry point into a fast-paced and demanding industry.

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8. Gala Games

Gala Games is responsible for several popular blockchain games, including Echoes of Empire, Spider Tanks, Legends Reborn, Fortified, and The Walking Dead: Empires. Their partnerships with renowned names like Polygon, Brave, and Flare come as no surprise, considering the team behind Gala Games includes one of Zynga’s co-founders, Eric Schiermeyer. Gala Games’ innovative concept ensures that the crypto elements are seamless, enhancing the gameplay without impeding or compromising the user experience.

7. Alwaysgeeky Games

Alwaysgeeky Games, the company behind the famous Voxies and Voxie Tactics, continues to thrive. Voxies can be bought, sold, or used as unique RPG characters, featuring classes, stats, pets, and more. What sets AGG apart is their community-focused approach. While games like Axie require significant investments, Voxie Tactics can be played for free, with Voxies enhancing the gameplay and customization options. Despite ongoing development, Voxie NFTs have steadily increased in value, fostering an active and remarkably positive community.

6. Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs is another noteworthy blockchain gaming brand worth your attention. Famous for founding BoredApeYachtClub, they have created one of the most recognizable NFT collections on the blockchain. With games like Dookey Dash and “Otherside,” a massive multiplayer online action/adventure crypto game, Yuga Labs consistently delivers engaging content. Positive feedback from gamers during the testing phase indicates more exciting developments to come in the realm of crypto gaming.

5. Decentraland

Decentraland is the driving force behind the synonymous online gaming platform. Announced in 2017, Decentraland offers a myriad of unique projects. Users can buy, sell, trade, and utilize virtual land in the form of crypto tokens, allowing for personal decoration and creative expression. The platform also offers avatar systems, collectibles, and tools to further customize the user experience. Decentraland aims to evolve into a full-fledged Metaverse, seamlessly connecting physical reality and virtual spaces. Similar land-based platforms include CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space.

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4. Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, holds a pivotal position in the blockchain gaming industry. As one of the earliest successful blockchain games, Axie Infinity has maintained a massive and dedicated player base. Axies, the in-game NFTs, can be sold, traded, and even bred, providing players with the opportunity to earn real money. Sky Mavis has successfully combined engaging gameplay with a thriving community of casual and competitive gamers. Regular events with cash and crypto prizes, along with a partnership with Cloud9, further solidify Axie Infinity’s position as a leader in the crypto gaming space.

3. Mythical Games

Mythical Games is a major player in the blockchain gaming industry, most notably known for their game Blankos Block Party, released in 2020. Unlike many projects, Mythical Games opted not to launch pre-sale tokens or release alpha versions. Instead, they released a complete game and focused on marketing the player-led economies that drive the game. This unique approach sets them apart and warrants their inclusion on this list.

2. OpenSea

Although not a gaming company per se, OpenSea is a vital platform within the blockchain gaming world. As an NFT trading platform, OpenSea allows users to buy, sell, and auction off tokens for use in various blockchain games like Axie Infinity and Decentraland. Even without an in-house game, OpenSea’s significance as a trading platform in the blockchain gaming community cannot be overstated. Users can not only trade gaming NFTs but also engage in transactions involving collectibles, art content, and more. With billions of dollars in sales and a history firmly rooted in NFTs, OpenSea remains a prominent player in the blockchain gaming industry.

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1. Animoca Brands

Based in Hong Kong, Animoca Brands is one of the leading companies globally. They’ve created NFT gaming hits such as The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes, collaborating with major IPs like WWE, Marvel, Power Rangers, and Formula One. Animoca Brands effortlessly combines play-to-earn, traditional gaming, and blockchain technology under one brand. Their success, combined with their involvement with top blockchain gaming companies like Dapper Labs, OpenSea, and Sky Mavis, makes them the top company to watch in 2022.

In early 2023, Animoca Brands and The Sandbox partnered with the Saudi Arabian government to promote blockchain adoption in the Middle East. This collaboration signifies a significant moment for both the company and the country, raising awareness and expanding the Web3 ecosystem. Additionally, the founder of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, is a prominent figure in the crypto gaming industry, attending summits and events to share his industry insights.

What’s Your Favorite Gaming Brand?

If this is your first foray into the world of Web3 and crypto gaming, be sure to explore our other articles. If you decide to invest, choose projects you understand and are familiar with the potential implications. Investing in games from the aforementioned companies ensures you’re in trusted hands. Remember to prioritize well-established names over niche brands!


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