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Celebrating Easter: A Musical Set List

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This weekend, we come together to celebrate Easter, a joyous occasion that marks the arrival of spring. While Easter varies in date each year, falling as late as the 25th or as early as March 22nd, it always arrives based on the lunar calendar, just like the Chinese New Year. As a musician, you may wonder if playing a gig on Easter is appropriate. After all, Easter should be a day of relaxation, spending time with family, and contemplating the meaning of life. However, if you do decide to play some music, make sure it aligns with the context and the spirit of the day. Alternatively, you can listen to your favorite artists through the wonders of recorded music, from wax and vinyl to digital formats like Ethernet.

Creating a Meaningful Set List

So, what songs should you include in your Easter listening set list? While it’s fun to curate your own, you probably have other activities to attend to, such as watching your younger family members search for Easter eggs. As a suggestion, here are some songs that could add a touch of springtime and reflection to your Easter celebrations:

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1) Little Annie

This tune holds a special place for Easter due to its secular nature. It transcends religious affiliations and celebrates the arrival of spring. Easter, at its core, is a springtime holiday, originating from the Jewish Passover. In ancient times, if the barley wasn’t ripe, an extra month would be added to the calendar.

Lyrics: “Now the springtime has come Little Annie, and I am on my way back to the lane. For you promised me, Little Annie. You’d be waiting when the springtime comes again.”

2) The Old Crossroads

Bill Monroe’s classic song poignantly reminds us of the crossroads we all encounter in life. It serves as a powerful metaphor, reflecting upon the choices we make between good and evil. The cross of Easter perfectly symbolizes these crossroads.

Lyrics: “The old crossroad now is waiting. Which one are you going to take?”

3) Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a beloved hymn, and it’s fascinating how sound can lead someone to a state of grace. Perhaps it was a sound heard during a hymn that touched the author’s soul. Listening to music and being surrounded by friends can often make us feel closer to God.

Lyrics: “Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now can see.”

4) Before the Fire Comes Down

Del McCoury’s powerful rendition of this song sheds light on the sins that pervade our world, including modern struggles like drug addiction. The song carries an important message of redemption, even for those who may seem lost at first.

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5) He Took Your Place

Flatt and Scruggs deliver a poignant tale of sacrifice in this song. It beautifully illustrates the story of Jesus knocking on the door, pleading to come in and wash away our sins.

*Lyrics: “His

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