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When are Bronze Weddings Celebrated?

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Between paper weddings (one year of marriage) and diamond weddings (at 60 years of ‘I do’), there is a whole range of wedding anniversaries to celebrate. All sorts of materials and minerals are represented in this ladder of events that add a special color to the marriage. There are wooden weddings (five years), aluminum weddings (ten years), crystal weddings (15 years), and ruby weddings (at 40).

And if you search for “bronze wedding meaning” on Google, you will realize that it is a relatively young celebration in married life, as it is celebrated after eight years of walking down the aisle. However, it is considered a symbolic milestone, an important stage in married life that leads to the rest of the milestones: silver weddings (25), golden weddings (50), and diamond weddings (60).

Let’s think about the Olympic Games and their graduation in the awarding of medals. The bronze medal has the least value, but it already implies recognition and a place on the podium. So, if you have reached this milestone, you are already part of the chosen few. And what’s next? Well, it’s time to celebrate the bronze weddings in grand style. At Villa Laureana, we want to give you some ideas!

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How to Celebrate Bronze Weddings?

There isn’t a specific protocol that tells you how to celebrate your eight years of marriage. Here, as on so many occasions, imagination and creativity of each couple prevail. But what is clear is that if you are looking for something memorable, gathering your friends, family, and loved ones for the occasion will make you enter this special phase of marriage in a big way.

If you missed celebrating something at your wedding itself, hiring an orchestra, showing off a Rolls-Royce, delivering a speech capable of moving even the coldest of your relatives, bronze weddings are a good opportunity to fulfill that desire. It’s the ideal occasion to celebrate a small wedding, with the ceremony of your choice and a tailored banquet.

Therefore, it is a celebration of love in all its glory. It confirms that the somewhat distant ‘I do’ was not a whim or a fleeting moment, as evidenced by nearly three thousand days of joint marital adventure.

Bronze Weddings

More ideas for your Bronze Weddings

After eight years of marriage, you have probably started a small family. If that’s the case, this anniversary is the perfect excuse for a small trip together. A long weekend in Spain, visiting one of the charming towns in the country. Haven’t you been to Guadalupe and visited its Royal Monastery of Santa Maria? It’s a place worth visiting, just like Albarracín in Teruel, Puentedey in Burgos, Vejer de la Frontera in Cádiz, or Pampaneira in Granada.

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In addition to visiting the most beautiful towns in Spain for your bronze weddings, a quick trip to our neighboring country, Portugal, is also a great idea.

Lisbon awaits you with its Bairro Alto, its Alfama, its bacalao a bras, and live fado music. The same goes for Porto, the city where the Douro River flows, the fluvial border that leads to Vila Nova de Gaia, which, curiously, is where the main port wine cellars in the country are concentrated. Don’t miss the tastings of the different types of Port wine and, while you’re there, be sure to try their hearty ‘francesinhas’.

Of course, if you choose to celebrate in a charming place like Villa Laureana, request a personalized guided tour, and you will come up with excellent ideas for a dreamy bronze wedding.

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