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10 Unique Book Clubs to Join on Zoom

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10 Top Book Clubs that Meet on Zoom

book clubs that meet on Zoom

Are you looking to join a book club that meets virtually? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 10 intriguing book clubs that meet on Zoom. Whether you enjoy murder mysteries, nonfiction, veganism, or even smutty romance novels, there’s a club for everyone. Let’s dive in and explore these captivating book clubs:

1. Murderino Book Club

If you’re a fan of gripping murder mysteries and enjoy discussing them with fellow enthusiasts, the Murderino Book Club is perfect for you. Sponsored by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in North Carolina, this club meets exclusively online.

Join them on Meetup to register for their monthly Zoom meetings, which take place every third Tuesday at 7 p.m. It’s a great opportunity to connect with fellow fans of the genre and dive deep into thrilling stories.

2. Nonfiction Navigators Book Club

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Nonfiction Navigators Book Club chooses thought-provoking topics rather than specific books. Members select nonfiction titles related to the chosen subject and share their insights during the meetings.

Meetings occur every two months on the second Wednesday at noon. You can find a list of recommended books on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s website or choose from their extensive catalog. Register for a meeting and join the stimulating conversations!

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3. Vegan Book Club

If you’re passionate about the vegan lifestyle and want to engage with like-minded individuals, the Vegan Book Club is the perfect fit. Sponsored by the Vegan Health and Wellness group on Meetup, this online club aims to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle through literature.

The club meets monthly on Zoom, and meeting dates and times can be found on their events page. They focus on books written by vegan authors for a vegan audience, covering a wide range of fiction and non-fiction topics. Join the group and explore the exciting world of vegan literature!

4. The Page Turners Book Club

For those who appreciate both fiction and non-fiction, The Page Turners Book Club is an excellent choice. Based in Los Altos, California, this club offers a diverse selection of books covering various subjects and authors.

Meetings take place on the first Friday of each month at 10:00 p.m., with a 30-minute socializing session before diving into the book discussion. There are no fees to join, so immerse yourself in captivating stories and engaging conversations by joining the chat!

5. SmutTalk Book Club

Calling all female lovers of romantic fiction! The SmutTalk Book Club in Phoenix, Arizona caters specifically to adults who enjoy steamy romance novels. Although primarily online, they occasionally organize in-person events as well.

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. via Zoom. Come prepared with your thoughts on the plot, characters, and writing, as the group encourages engaging discussions. Find their next event and immerse yourself in the world of romantic fiction!

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6. Cozy Mystery Book Club

If you’re a fan of classic and contemporary cozy mysteries and want to connect with like-minded readers, the Cozy Mystery Book Club is for you. This Los Angeles-based club has successfully transitioned to online meetings during the pandemic.

Join them on Zoom every fourth Sunday at 10 p.m., armed with your favorite tea and snacks to set the cozy mood. Immerse yourself in intriguing mysteries and enjoy delightful conversations with fellow mystery enthusiasts.

7. The Stephen King Book Club

For avid readers of Stephen King’s chilling novels, the Stephen King Book Club based in Chicago is a dream come true. This exclusive club discusses King’s works in-depth, exploring plot devices, characters, structure, and style.

Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. With a nominal $3 fee to participate, members engage in insightful conversations about King’s masterpieces. Whether you’re a fan or offer differing opinions, this club welcomes everyone.

8. Atheist Society of Calgary Book Club

The Atheist Society of Calgary (ASC) in Canada hosts a book club that focuses on exploring atheism and religion through non-fiction literature. Join this online club to engage in stimulating discussions with like-minded individuals.

The club meets on the second week of each month, with meeting times posted online. There are no charges to participate. Read the selected book of the month, sign into the provided Zoom link, and engage in thought-provoking conversations.

9. FLE Book Club

Calling all French language enthusiasts! If you’re looking to improve your French reading skills, the French London Experience (FLE) Book Club is a fantastic option. Members select a book each month and come together to read select passages and share their thoughts.

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Zoom meetings are held either on a Thursday or Friday at 6:30 p.m. for ten months of the year. The club charges $15 per meeting or $60 for five meetings. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your French skills while immersing yourself in captivating French literature.

10. Brilliant Minds Book Club

The Brilliant Minds Book Club in Brisbane, Australia, convenes every two to three weeks on Zoom. This club focuses on books that empower readers, enhance leadership skills, and promote positivity.

Stay up-to-date with their Zoom meeting dates and times by checking their events page on Facebook or Meetup. Join this inspiring group of like-minded individuals to discuss personal growth and strive for a more fulfilling life.

Feel free to explore these exciting book clubs and find the one that speaks to your interests. Join the captivating conversations and embrace the opportunity to connect with fellow readers across the globe. For more information about book clubs and other insightful content, visit Ratingperson. Happy reading!

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