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Building an Ilmango Tunnel Bore | Random Minecraft (Java Edition)

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Q: “I constructed this in survival and it blew up”

A: Sure, these tunnel bores will blow up if something goes incorrect. Hit Historical Particles, MACHINE GO BOOM. Timing is off, MACHINE GO BOOM. Click on Noteblock twice, MACHINE GO BOOM. Minecart slides again on the activator rail when utilizing the Minecart choice, MACHINE GO BOOM.

On the constructive aspect, they make an enormous gap, they are often modified to make an excellent larger gap and also you don’t want Historical Particles to construct them, as a result of I hate mining for Historical Particles.

You need to in all probability study to make use of them in Artistic, though studying in survival may re-inforce the lesson, so it’s all good.

Q: “However my tunnel bore! And my supplies are all gone!”


All of the parts listed below are lifted from Ilmangos designs, I merely re-arrange them based on my objectives.

  • Ease of understaning
  • Simplicity
  • Essential module can be utilized alone or with further extensions
  • Variable spacing is feasible

Particularly which means that I don’t use Ilmango’s trademark “Satan’s Horns” Double Catapults. I simply use 1 single catapult per duper. With the 1 large duper, there may be loads of house.

I’ll choose Honeyblocks over Slimeblocks when I’ve a selection – I discover this simpler to know as Honeyblocks are much less highly effective.

Catapult and Duper

I choose the newer 1-wide duper however utilizing Slimeblocks in all places, this lets me push within the rail and cart with the piston that pushes the duper (this isn’t an choice with honey blocks, as a result of you cannot put a rail on a honey block).

By utilizing a slimeblock within the backside place, the duper can be utilized to cease the flying machine that’s offering the delay.

Within the catapult, 2 observers prolong and retract a sticky piston with a slimeblock on prime. The primed TNT slides over the slimeblock and a glazed terracotta earlier than being stopped by a wall.

4 blocks above the primary slimeblock is one other slimeblock that will probably be retracted by one other piston (when this occurs, the decrease half has already moved).

Each pistons will fireplace on the identical time, however the higher slimeblock strikes 2 sport ticks later as a result of that occurs on retraction. The TNT is launched first up after which ahead. The slab on prime bounces it again down.

Catapult and Duper

The two Observer Trick

This trick is probably not apparent at first: 2 observers the place 1 is observer is observing the opposite one. In a stationary design, this could merely propagate the sign with further delay. However when moved, each observers will fireplace, and the second will then observe the primary one and fireplace once more. So that you get a 2 gt on, 2 gt off, 2 gt on sign.

This can trigger a piston to fireplace twice – a sticky piston will first eject its block, then retract it once more.

This can be used to dam different pistons from extending, e.g. to cease a flying machine or to get a piston in a BUDed state.

Single-Step Insta-Wire

Single Step Instawire

A number of methods to set this one up. The necessary factor is to maintain the identical delay for the duper and catapult. I select to fireplace the extensions on the instawire extension, this makes the design extra versatile by preserving as a lot push restrict as potential.

The place is greater than could be pure, this retains the instawire within the 3 excessive central zone.

Stopping the 2-way Flying Machine

FM Stopper

The returning flying machine should be stopped after activating the catapult instawire. I simply have it run up in opposition to the duper. The picture reveals the place you construct this in. In motion, the duper would have been single-stepped already, so there could be an open house between duper and glazed terracotta. This enables the flying machine to push that redstone block away, then it runs into the duper and is stopped by the push restrict.

The two-Approach Flying Machine

2-way Flying Machine

Normal flying machine with a further observer to set off the return station and with a Redstone Block payload that may single-step the return station.

Single-Stepping Return Station

Single Step Return Station

One other single stepper. This time the again piston is powered by QC by an observer when the sticky piston retracts. It may be superior by powering and depowering the sticky piston.

The incoming 2-way flying machine does this by its payload redstone block. It additionally has an observer that triggers the higher piston within the picture. This prompts the observer within the 2-way flying machine that may ship it on its method again.

The Management Module

The tunnel bore is full and can be utilized already, however one other single-step flying machine makes it extra handy. You possibly can go as easy or fancy as you want, for artistic I like doing one thing like this:

Control Module

This lets me experience alongside on the honey block, and the noteblock may be reached from the bottom. In survival, I would use a Slimeblock in entrance and stick a repeater and observer to it. One other observer to the pushing piston will cease the loop. That is simpler to activate from the bottom, and it lets me climb as much as experience alongside.

Control Module - Survival Option

Extending the Tunnel Bore

When you’ve come this far, extending the tunnel bore is comparatively simple. You merely prolong the instawires and construct the duper and catapult extensions. Notice that the primary module is barely completely different, however from right here on all extensions are the identical.

This variation works with a duper on each fifth block or on each seventh. When blasting by netherrack you could possibly house them out much more, however if you happen to hit basalt or blackstone you’d must take away the left over blocks or MACHINE GO BOOM.

More Dupers

More Catapults

I’m not displaying the duper and catapult once more, these are utterly unchanged.

On the final module, take away these final 2 Honeblocks or they’ll persist with the wall and MACHINE GO BOOM.

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