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Caktus AI Review: Unlocking the Potential of AI in Education

by Assessor

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Caktus AI homepage

AI has transformed numerous industries, including education. With the emergence of AI writing tools like Caktus AI, students now have a powerful ally to help them tackle academic assignments efficiently. This comprehensive review delves into the key features of Caktus AI, its strengths, and shortcomings, as well as valuable insights on maximizing its potential.

Caktus AI Overview

Caktus AI serves as an AI writing assistant tailored specifically for students. Its wide range of features includes code writing, essay writing, paragraph writing, and math problem-solving. Offering a free trial and an affordable plan for unlimited use, Caktus AI has garnered attention as one of the pioneering educational AI writing tools on the market.

To provide a comprehensive overview, this rating table highlights the features and usability of Caktus AI from a student’s standpoint.

Rating Price Ease of use Features Output Quality Mobile App Best for

In summary, Caktus AI generates mostly original and unique content within seconds. It boasts user-friendly functionality, but occasional errors may arise, albeit in a convincingly natural tone.

Caktus AI proves to be an invaluable tool for students, functioning as an AI assistant to enhance productivity and assist with exercises. While it can complete tasks from start to finish, it should be noted that it may produce non-original text and occasional mistakes.

Key Features

  • Free trial of 5,000 characters.
  • A wide array of helpful features for students, including an essay generator and code generator.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface—simply input what you want to write, and Caktus takes care of the rest.
  • Semi-automatic AI assistant that completes most tasks with some intervention required.
  • Saves exercise history, allowing users to revisit and make edits or request new outputs.

Getting Started with Caktus AI

Getting started with Caktus AI is a breeze. Visit their website and begin creating your content. Once you select a feature, you will be prompted to create an account. It’s important to note that Caktus AI does not offer account creation via Google or Facebook, so you’ll need to register from scratch.

Caktus AI sign up

My Experience with Caktus AI

Caktus AI offers an impressive range of writing features. Although it’s impossible to cover them all in detail here, we will focus on the most important ones from a student’s perspective: essay writing, math problem-solving, and code writing.

It’s important to experiment with the tool yourself to determine if it aligns with your needs. Fortunately, Caktus AI provides a limited free trial of 5,000 characters to help you assess its capabilities.

1. Essay Writer

To generate an essay using Caktus AI, simply input the topic in the Essay Writer tool and wait 30-60 seconds for the essay to be generated. During my testing, I requested an essay on “Why is the sky blue and not white like the sun.”

The resulting output seemed promising at first glance, complete with citations to original research papers. However, upon further examination, significant issues became apparent. The second chapter of the essay was entirely unrelated to the topic at hand, delving into computer graphics research and visual experiences.

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Additionally, the later sections discussed why the sky appears red or orange during sunsets, citing the sun’s proximity as the cause. In reality, the color shift is due to the longer path light rays travel in the Earth’s atmosphere during sunrise or sunset. Unfortunately, these inaccuracies were presented convincingly, underscoring the need for thorough fact-checking.

Caktus AI can sometimes introduce hard-to-detect errors. To ensure accuracy, it’s essential to fact-check and verify the information within the essay, which may require more time than writing from scratch. Furthermore, the tool’s performance may be compromised by limited information on the topic, leading to more frequent mistakes.

2. Paragraph Generator

The Paragraph Generator is another noteworthy feature of Caktus AI. Similar to the essay generator, it prompts you to provide a brief input for the paragraph you wish to write. After a short wait of 15-30 seconds, you receive a completely unique and original AI-generated output paragraph.

For example, when I requested information on “What is Artificial Intelligence,” the generated output appeared concise and well-structured. However, it’s worth noting that when I checked the paragraph using the online plagiarism-checking tool DupliChecker, it indicated a 9% plagiarism rate. The first sentence was flagged as copied from a specific resource. This underscores the importance of caution when relying on tools that claim to ensure originality.

Paragraph generator feature

3. Math Solver

Caktus AI also offers a useful math solver feature, enabling users to solve equations and math problems effortlessly. For instance, I tested the tool by asking it to find the zeros of a quadratic equation. Within a mere 5 seconds, Caktus AI provided a 100% accurate solution. However, it’s worth noting that this feature employs the existing free tool called Wolfram Alpha to calculate results. While Caktus AI simplifies the process, users can achieve the same results for free using Wolfram Alpha directly.

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It’s important to highlight that the math solver feature requires users to input equations rather than describing the problem in words. Consequently, this feature serves as more of a graphical calculator than an AI-based math solver.

4. Code Writer

Lastly, let’s explore the code writer feature. With various programming languages available, let’s focus on Python as it is widely used. Requesting a script to retrieve HTML from URLs stored in a text file, Caktus AI generated the code within 1 second.

Writing Python with Caktus

Impressively, the generated code functioned flawlessly when tested. This feature proves immensely useful for simpler code tasks like opening a file or reading data from a URL. However, it should be noted that for more complex and demanding code, limitations are expected. AI cannot generate perfect code that encompasses all possibilities. Nonetheless, the code writer feature showcases remarkable speed and accuracy for basic use cases.


Caktus AI offers a free trial allowing users to generate 5,000 characters, equivalent to approximately 500-1,000 words. The Caktus Premium plan, priced at $9.99 per month, provides unlimited word generation.

Pros and Cons

Who Is Caktus AI Best For?

Caktus AI is an ideal tool for students of all levels. Whether you require assistance with essay writing, math problem-solving, or even code writing, this versatile tool delivers reliable results. Compared to similar AI writing tools like Jasper, Content at Scale, and CopyAI, Caktus AI stands out with its accessibility and affordability.

Final Verdict

Caktus AI emerges as an impressive AI-powered writing assistant, revolutionizing the future of academic support. However, it’s crucial to approach Caktus AI as an assistant rather than a solution to all homework challenges. The tool may occasionally make mistakes or produce plagiarized content.

It’s important to exercise caution when relying on AI. Remember, AI lacks the ability to understand context and relies solely on statistical patterns. As demonstrated in previous examples, both incorrect and plagiarized content can be challenging to detect. Utilize Caktus AI’s capabilities with care, and keep in mind that thorough fact-checking is essential.

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