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Cape Coral Festivals

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Cape Coral Festivals – a delightful array of events including art exhibitions, lively jazz performances, vibrant mango and coconut celebrations, thrilling boat races and parades, captivating burrowing owl encounters, breathtaking fireworks displays, and mouthwatering feasts await you in Cape Coral, Florida!

Embrace the Festivities, Cape Coral Style

Cape Coral is renowned for hosting some of the most incredible festivals in Florida. Each month, there is a festival or two for you to indulge in, especially during the peak season from November to April. These festivals are a celebration of our unique city and the boundless spirit of Florida. To help you plan your adventures, I’ve curated a month-by-month festivals calendar that highlights our favorites. So, gather your family and friends, step out into the sunshine, and let’s have some fun!

January: Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

Join us at the captivating Cape Coral Festival of the Arts, one of the largest art shows in Southwest Florida and ranked among the top 75 art fests nationwide. Immerse yourself in the world of creativity, surrounded by over 300 esteemed artists showcasing their exceptional talent in painting, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, photography, metal works, mixed media, and fine crafts. The festival offers not only marvelous exhibits but also exciting activities, sidewalk sales, and delectable cuisine. Make your way to Cape Coral Pkwy near Vincennes, and enjoy this sensational event for free!

February: Cape Coral Burrowing Owl Festival

Experience the enchantment of Cape Coral’s iconic burrowing owls. Did you know that our city is home to over 2500 burrows? At the Cape Coral Burrowing Owl Festival, you can marvel at these fascinating creatures through captivating exhibitions, informative speaker sessions, and guided tours to their burrows. This festival, held at Rotary Park, also features an enthralling art contest exclusively for Cape Coral students. A small donation is suggested, and children under 12 can enter for free. Rotary Park also offers delightful walking trails, a butterfly house, a playground, and a dog park, perfect for a day of family fun!

March: Cape Coral Irish Festival and More

Indulge in the vibrant spirit of the Cape Coral Irish Festival, a celebration filled with fantastic Irish music, captivating step dancing demonstrations, engaging crafts, thrilling games and rides, and mouthwatering traditional Irish cuisine. This lively festival takes place at the German American Club, a popular venue for many Cape Coral events. Additionally, during March, don’t miss the Kiwanis Kids Fishing Derby at Yacht Club Beach, an event brimming with family-friendly entertainment.

March: Sounds of Jazz and Blues Festival

For an unforgettable experience, be sure to attend the Sounds of Jazz and Blues Festival, presented by Cape Coral Parks & Rec. Located at the picturesque Cape Coral Westin, nestled right on the river, this festival boasts an incredible ambiance. Bring along your chairs or a cozy blanket and savor the delectable food offered by vendors or treat yourself to a delightful buffet with VIP tickets. You can even enjoy the performances from the comfort of your boat, docked nearby in the scenic waters. I once had the pleasure of seeing my favorite jazz musician, Boney James, perform at this festival a few years ago. The festival typically takes place over a weekend in the middle of March and promises an extraordinary experience.

March: Taste of the Cape

Sometime between January and March, make sure to mark your calendar for the Taste of the Cape food festival at Four Freedoms Park. This tantalizing event brings together over 20 renowned Cape Coral restaurants, offering you the opportunity to sample their mouthwatering dishes. As you savor the delightful flavors, your family can enjoy engaging activities and revel in the captivating sunset concert performed by the Gulf Coast Symphony.

April: Cardboard Boat Regatta

Prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind experience at the Cardboard Boat Regatta in April. This event is open to everyone who wishes to participate by building and racing their very own cardboard boat. Some of the races are simply hilarious, with boats struggling to make it to the finish line. Get ready for laughter and excitement!

Enjoy Fun Events Throughout the Year

While there aren’t any specific Cape Coral festivals during May, there are still plenty of fun events to attend. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Iguana Mia with drink specials, mouthwatering ethnic dishes, and a chance to immerse yourself in Mexican culture. Don’t forget, moms can swim for free with a paying child on Mother’s Day weekend at Sunsplash Family Waterpark, while dads can enjoy the same offer on Father’s Day weekend.

July: Red White and Boom

Join us for Cape Coral’s sensational 4th of July Festival, Red White and Boom. The Cape Coral Bridge is closed off to traffic, allowing people to walk along Cape Coral Pkwy and explore an array of crafts, engaging activities, free giveaways, and dazzling tributes, all culminating in a breathtaking fireworks extravaganza. While VIP tickets are available for an enhanced fireworks viewing experience, the festival itself is free for all. Whether you choose to watch the entertainment by land or by sea, you’ll be treated to a truly spectacular display.

July: Great American Picnic and Mango Mania

Make sure to visit Cape Harbour for the Great American Picnic, a delightful event featuring a patriotic dog contest, an apple pie baking contest, a banana split eating contest for kids, and a range of delectable culinary delights. The festivities also include live music, exciting activities, and an abundance of fun!

During July, don’t miss the Mango Mania festival, organized by the Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce. Here, you can savor an incredible variety of mango-infused treats, including mango ice cream, smoothies, bread, salsa, and chutney. The festival offers an opportunity to purchase mangoes and mango trees, along with enjoying thrilling kids’ activities, mesmerizing music, and captivating entertainment.

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August: Fun for Everyone

While August is not home to any specific Cape Coral festivals, you can still enjoy the “Just for Fun” local dog show at Rotary Park. This delightful event allows dogs of all sizes to participate in exciting categories and compete for awards and prizes. As you and your furry friend frolic in the festivities, indulge in delicious food and explore a variety of dog-related merchandise.

September: Peace Day in the Park

Celebrate International Peace Day at Peace Day in the Park, a captivating festival dedicated to promoting non-violence and global cease-fires. This event, located at Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers, offers a day of blissful harmony, featuring uplifting music, engaging activities for kids, a vibrant vendor market, and collaborative art events. Join us for a beautiful celebration of peace!

October: Cape Coral Oktoberfest and More

Join us at the Cape Coral Oktoberfest, the largest Oktoberfest celebration in Southwest Florida. Held over the last two weekends of October, this festive extravaganza immerses you in German culture with delicious food, lively music, captivating dances, and a delightful selection of crafts. The festival features seven bands, including a band from Germany, and offers a wide range of games and activities for children, including a whimsical kiddie-train. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes such as schnitzel, sauerbraten, sausages, and potato pancakes with applesauce as you relish the nostalgia of your time in Austria. The festivities take place under inviting tents, with food served outside or within the hall.

Don’t forget to visit Faith Presbyterian Church on Coronado Pkwy, where you can participate in the Pumpkin Festival and explore their enchanting pumpkin patch. This event, held during the middle of October, promises delightful entertainment, delicious food, engaging crafts, and an abundance of family activities. For the entire month of October, you can also enjoy Haunted Hikes at Mike Greenwells, a thrilling celebration of Halloween.

November: Coconut Festival and Veterans Day Parade

Prepare yourself for the extraordinary Coconut Festival, one of the most anticipated festivals in Cape Coral. Indulge in a delightful fusion of flavors, thrilling rides, incredible live bands featuring local and national acts, captivating contests, enchanting games, and of course, an abundance of coconuts. The festival takes place at Sunsplash Waterpark on Santa Barbara Blvd, ensuring fun for the whole family. Enjoy country, rock, and fire and hula dancers on different nights of the festival.

Also, in November, let us honor and express our gratitude to the brave veterans who have fought and sacrificed for our country. Attend the Veterans Day Parade on SE 47th Terrace, where you can join the community in paying tribute to these remarkable heroes. The parade route begins at SE 8th Court and concludes at SE 15th Avenue.

December: Sparkling Festivities for the Holiday Season

December brings a wave of sparkling festivities to Cape Coral. Begin the month with the magical Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, transforming Downtown Cape Coral Pkwy into a vibrant celebration. Delight in craft booths, delectable food stalls, thrilling “moonbounce” games, dance performances by local dance companies, and even a sled run made of snow. Witness the breathtaking moment when the Christmas tree is illuminated, accompanied by a dazzling fireworks display and enchanting bubble snowflakes. Santa himself will make a grand entrance to listen to children’s Christmas wishes, immersing us in the holiday spirit, even in the warm Florida weather.

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The second December festival is the Boat a Long Christmas Boat Parade, a unique Christmas celebration with boats adorned in festive lights and decorations. Be on the lookout for Santa and his elves, as they make their way through the parade, creating a truly Floridian Christmas experience. Join us at Four Freedoms Park, located at Bimini Basin, where you can gather to marvel at the parade of boats before they embark on their journeys across various canals. The park itself offers delightful Christmas music, enchanting decorated trees, captivating crafts, delicious food, and refreshing beverages.

As the year comes to a close, celebrate New Year’s Eve in Cape Coral style! Join the grand party at Cape Coral Parkway and SE 47th Terrace for an evening filled with music, festival fun, and a grand ball drop. Alternatively, head to Cape Harbour or the Westin at Marina Village Resort for live music, dancing, and thrilling firework displays. If you’re in the mood for a magical experience, venture to the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Ft Myers for the enchanting Holiday Nights or explore the Holiday Village on Captiva Island.

Other Cape Coral Festivals

In addition to the multitude of monthly festivals, Cape Coral offers a variety of other exciting events. Every first Wednesday of the month, join the Cape Coral Sunset Celebration at Yacht Club Beach, where you can enjoy live music from talented performers and browse through the diverse crafts offered by around 40 vendors. Pack a picnic dinner, grab a beach blanket or chairs, and take in the breathtaking sunset views. Don’t forget to capture beautiful memories with your camera or simply enjoy a relaxing walk on the pier while soaking in the lively atmosphere.

Matlacha, a nearby town, used to host Creative Coast Weekends from November to April. Although the event has been discontinued due to traffic concerns, the shops and galleries are still worth exploring during regular business hours. Take a leisurely stroll, indulge in delicious ice cream, and find inspiration to create your own artwork, perhaps even dreaming of displaying your masterpieces in these galleries one day.

Lastly, join the vibrant Cape Coral Bike Night, held on the second Saturday of October, December, February, and April. Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle, you’ll find immense joy in savoring the delectable food, participating in thrilling biker games, and reveling in the enchanting live rock music. The event showcases an impressive display of motorcycles and promises an electrifying atmosphere.

Fort Myers also hosts the Art and Music Walks in downtown Fort Myers. Explore the multitude of shops, restaurants, and galleries while being serenaded by captivating music and surrounded by stunning art pieces. Don’t miss the Backyard Bluesfests at the Buckingham Blues Bar, featuring delectable food, refreshing beer, and extraordinary live music.

To stay updated on upcoming Cape Coral festivals, new restaurants, and everything happening in the Cape, consider subscribing to my monthly newsletter, Gator Bites. It’s an excellent way to join me on our festival adventures and discover the best of Cape Coral. Alternatively, you can check my Cape Coral Blog for the latest events and activities taking place in the upcoming month.

As you can see, Cape Coral is a haven for captivating and entertaining festivals. From art shows to cultural celebrations and exhilarating contests, there is a festival for every taste and interest. Embrace the joyous spirit of Cape Coral and immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities that await you! Remember, for more information about Cape Coral and its festivals, visit Ratingperson.

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