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Caroline Cory


Caroline Cory is not your typical futurist and visionary author. While she did complete graduate studies in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, Caroline’s profound knowledge and deeper awareness were mostly shaped through direct experience. In her books and courses, she delves into her personal encounters with Consciousness, Energy Medicine, and Spirituality.

Caroline’s journey into the realms of subtle energy began at a tender age of 5. She had a spontaneous ability to perceive various forms of subtle energy, which eventually led her to understand the true nature of Source Energy. With precision and clarity, she unraveled the cosmic roadmap and the structure of consciousness, as well as the multi-dimensional configuration of the human body and mind.

The OMnium Method™ of Learning and Healing, founded by Caroline, also stems from her unique experiential approach. This method elevates the cells’ vibration through resonance, enabling organic cellular DNA reprogramming and healing. For more details on the healing process, visit the HEALING CENTER at the OMnium Universe website.

The OMnium Method™ of Learning introduces the groundbreaking NEW PARADIGM EDUCATION SYSTEM. This revolutionary approach to education centers around the principle that learning can occur through resonance and “entrainment.” By utilizing this method, the brain switches from operating at a mere 10% capacity to a full 100%, absorbing information directly. As a result, the traditional rote system of learning, characterized by reading, repeating, and memorizing, is bypassed. Knowledge is acquired through direct consciousness and experience.

Caroline’s vision extends beyond personal transformation. In 2012, she established OMnium Media, home to “Experiential Cinema.” Through this medium, Caroline aims to uplift the human spirit using highly creative and artistic means. She believes that transformative entertainment should go beyond creating awareness and instead immerse individuals in multidimensional and interdimensional experiences. OMnium Media encompasses various transformative platforms, including a short animated film titled ‘I AM THE UNIVERSE, I AM LOVE,’ healing videos, transformative music, and iOS apps. Currently, OMnium Media is developing television series, a documentary, and a feature film project.

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Another innovative creation by Caroline is ICOCREATE, a website that fosters altruistic awareness of unconditional gifting and fair trade. This platform provides individuals with a free space to exchange goods and services, operating outside the complexities of the current monetary system. It serves as an opportunity to function in a New Paradigm structure based on free and voluntary exchange. To explore ICOCREATE further, visit www.icocreate.net.

In Caroline’s own words, “IF WE ARE TO CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH, THEN THE STARTING POINT MUST BE HEAVEN, NOT EARTH.” She emphasizes that all knowledge is inherently present within the fabric of the universe and expressed through all systems and intelligent life. While our earthly perception is limited to finite information, the universe’s infinite consciousness provides infinite answers and potentiality. Caroline’s mission is to assist others in expanding to their own Universal Consciousness, allowing this universal vibration to filter through their being. Through teaching, coaching, healing, as well as creative and artistic means, she endeavors to uplift the human spirit as a collective, enhancing its inherent divine qualities: Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Caroline believes this is the key to the emergence of a truly evolved civilization based on altruism, oneness, and unconditional love.

Apart from Caroline’s multimedia events, she currently teaches the OMnium Method™ of Learning and Healing through tele-classes and online webinars. Her experiential curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including Mind Mastery, Consciousness Expansion, Spiritual Awareness, DNA reconfiguration, and Zero Point healing techniques.

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