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Hogan’s Heroes: Season 1 Episode 10, “Top Hat, White Tie, And Bomb Sights”

by Assessor

LOGLINE: Using the microphone that Klink has installed in the barracks, Hogan tricks Klink into contacting an underground member.

The Heroes receive a transmission from London telling them that they need to contact an Underground agent named Willie, a waiter at the Hausnerhof, and get him the message to cancel the sabortage planned for the 17th, because they suspect it’s a trap. Hogan says that he’ll take care of it that evening.

Problem is, Klink has decided to electrify the fence and double the guard outside the fence, making it impossible to use the tunnel to get out. They find this out at a particulary lengthy roll call.

Hogan and his men return to the barracks after roll call in time to see one of the guards leaving. They go in and search the barracks and find that Hogan’s quarters have been bugged, but the large common room has not. Realizing that Klink is probably back in his office eavesdropping, thinking that they use his room to plan their escapes, Hogan tells his men “Stalag 13 Theater of the Air is about to have its world premiere.”

They prepare a script to make it sound like Hogan is against any escapes and might even be conceding that the Germans might win the war. And, as suspected, Klink is in his office taping the conversation. (In the midst of this, Schultz walks in to return LeBeau’s strudel pan and starts badmouthing Klink for canceling his leave because he was eating strudel while on duty. Hogan shuts him up, points at the bug, and Schultz makes an effort to sound nonchalant while he backtracks, then leaves.) Hogan tells the Heroes that he’ll think about their escape plan.

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Klink gets on the phone to General Burkhalter and tells him that Hogan is showing signs of being willing to cooperate. Burkhalter tells Klink to try and cultivate a good relationship with him, and maybe they’ll be able to get information from him.

The next day, Schultz and some of the guards have made Hogan’s room over, with a more comfortable mattress, curtains, pillows, a bottle of wine, and other various tchotchkes around the room, as well as a picture of der Führer, which Hogan asks Schultz to get autographed. Hogan is also invited to a coffee Klatsch with Klink, and tells the kommandant that originally his name was Hoganmüller. Klink asks him if there’s anything he’d like, and Hogan says that he’d like to get out one night for dinner at the Hausnerhof. Klink says it’s impossible, and Hogan is nonchalant about it.

Back in the barracks, they’ve prepared another script in which the Heroes, during a “Glee Club” practice, confront Hogan about his having breakfast with Klink and generally displaying a pro-German attitude. Hogan goes into a routine about having top secret clearance and how he was one of the first people to test the Norden bomb sight. As he’s describing it, the Heroes are singing “Beer Barrel Polka” too loud for Klink to hear any of the details about it.

Klink calls Burkhalter and tells him that Hogan might be ready to talk about the Norden bomb sight and invites the general to Stalag 13. When the general arrives, Klink tries to demonstrate the new electrified gates he had installed. Kinch has already bypassed the actual control box and spends several minutes working the gates so that they knock Klink into Burkhalter.

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When Burkhalter hears that Hogan wants to go to the Hausnerhof for dinner, he tells Klink to arrange it, including food, wine, and some feminine accompaniment and to have Hogan wear a German officer’s uniform.

At the Hausnerhof, between drinking champagne and dancing with Klink’s girlfriend Gretchen (played by Sigrid Valdis, who becomes Klink’s secretary Fraulein Hilda the following season and later Bob Crane’s wife), he asks members of the waitstaff if they know Lili Marlene (the recognition code for the Underground contact). Finally he finds Willie and gives him the message, hidden in a pack of cigarettes.

Back at Stalag 13, Burkhalter, Klink, and a Major Klopfer watch as Hogan describes the Norden…

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