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Chihuahua Dog – Chiwawa Dog Information

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Cute Chiwawa puppy yawning

Chiwawa canines are a part of the toy canine breed, bringing quite a lot of power in a tiny package deal.

You probably have ever had a Chihuahua then you already know that they don’t seem to be laborious to like in any respect. These canines are naturally small, slightly than being bred down from a bigger breed. There are two kinds of Chihuahuas; the lengthy haired and the brief haired Chihuahua.

Dimension and look

The Chihuahua is between 3 and seven kilos when full grown and stands between six to eight inches. The A.Okay.C. requirements of a Chihuahua require that it not exceed 6 kilos. This breed has a effectively rounded, apple like formed head with a muzzle that’s tiny in distinction to the top. The muzzle can be barely pointed, and both may have a stage or scissors chew.


There are occasions when puppies have a mushy spot or a “molera” on the highest of the cranium. The bone often closes because the canine turns into an grownup. The trademark ears of the Chihuahua ought to be held erect more often than not, however could flare to the edges at a forty five diploma angle when relaxed or calm.

Their eyes are full and spherical, and really expressive. It has been mentioned that you may inform so much a couple of Chihuahua simply by wanting into their eyes, that are set effectively aside and really luminous both in a black or ruby shade. There are some Chihuahua’s which have gentle eyes within the case of a blond or white coloured coat. The nostril of a Chihuahua is often blonde or self coloured when there’s a blonde or gentle coloured Chihuahua; in any other case they’ve a black nostril which is brief and pointed.

Beautiful chiwawa


The physique of a Chihuahua will be described as stout, sturdy, compact and even brief with effectively sprung ribs. It’s longer than it’s tall, due to the off-square formed of the canine. In males, it’s most probably that they may have shorter our bodies as in comparison with the females. The neck is barely arched, sloping into lean shoulders after which persevering with down right into a stage high line.

The entrance legs of the Chihuahua ought to be straight, brief, and sq. formed with the again legs significantly extra muscular and skinny. The toes are very tiny and even thought of dainty. The Chihuahua’s tail is a sickle formed tail which is curled over the again or to the facet simply barely touching the again of the canine.

Chiwawa Colours

The colours of the Chiwawa differ relying on whether or not it’s brief haired or lengthy haired. The brief haired selection is the commonest. The colours embrace sand or blonde, fawn coloured, chestnut, silver, metal blue, Black and Tan, part-color or combined with many colours noticed or bloched simply to call the commonest colours. There are some Chihuahuas in different extra uncommon colours as effectively.

Chihuahua’s can generally be described as a “teacup chihuahua,” or “pocket sized,” “tiny toy,” or “miniature” These phrases are fairly deceptive as a result of they don’t seem to be bred to be a sure dimension; they’re simply born a sure dimension. They’re naturally small canines and it doesn’t matter what dimension you’ve, they’re all thought of to be the usual dimension of the canine.

Chiwawa Persona

The conduct of the chiwawa will be described as enjoyable loving and energetic, very loyal and really protecting of it’s proprietor. Typically being mentioned that the chihuahua is a big canine in a small canines physique by how brave they’re. All the time the primary to defend the home and bark at anybody or something that involves the door.

Many individuals additionally use the spelling chiwawa to seek advice from this canine breed, and we use chiwawa for our web site deal with! So how do you spell chihuahua?


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