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Which Sit On Top Kayak is right for me?

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Solo or Tandem?

The first question in selecting the right sit on top kayak should really be “Am I going to be paddling on my own, or will I have company?”

Most of us want a sit on top kayak that we can paddle on our own. The problem with buying a tandem sit on top to use solo in this instance is that most of the time the primary use will be solo paddling. This means that for the majority of your trips you are going to have to be loading and unloading a big, heavy sit on top on and off the car roofrack on your own. Add to that trying to control a bigger kayak on the water where the seating position and performance is geared for the weight of 2 people, and you end up really not getting the maximum enjoyment out of your time. Consider that when a nice day does come along, while the idea of paddling is attractive, your first thought is a negative one of having to get the thing to the water on your tod you’ll often put off going altogether. It’s most likely going to be a much better option to go for a dedicated solo boat and then if someone wants to come with you, persuade them to invest in one themselves or get a tandem as well further down the line if it looks like something you’re going to be doing a lot and it’s worth the investment.

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After that the next question is really ‘What do I want to do with my sit on top kayak?’. Depending upon where you want to go, there are many sit on tops that might not be right for you and only a few that will be best. Recreational Sit on Top Kayaks are normally short and stableand are great for getting to grips with the sport of you are new to it. These little boats are also great fun for kids and adults alike and can take on a variety of waters from calm fresh water rivers and lakes to having some fun in the surf at the beach.It for these reasons that recreational sit on top kayaks are so popular for family holidays. Any sunny weekend at our local Blakeney harbour will see the car park filled and water teeming with little sit on tops.

See Feelfree Roamer 1, Feelfree Nomad Sport, Wave Sport Scooter Touring Sit on Top Kayaks are longer, narrower and much easier to paddle over distances. Many of these kayaks have more storage areas on them and usually internal storage accessed through big hatches normally at the front.

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Fishing Sit on Top Kayaks have really grown in popularity in recent years. The ability to take your passion for fishing and combine it with exploring new and previously untapped areas of water where who known what fish lurk just waiting to be tempted.

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Pedal Drive Sit on Top Kayaks give you the ability to go where you want but without the need to use a paddle. These can be powered by either a propeller or fin system and make using these kayaks so very easy. Controlled by a simple rudder, theyare becoming more and more popular.

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