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The Tragic Death of Vicente Fernández’s Best Friend

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Throughout his life, Vicente Fernández has faced the loss of several loved ones, including two of his closest friends. The first of these was Felipe Arriaga, who was also a singer.

A Lifelong Bond

When Vicente Fernández decided to pursue a career in singing, one of the first people to support his dream of becoming a superstar was José Luis Aguilar Oseguera, known in the artistic world as Felipe Arriaga or “El Cotija”. Arriaga recognized Vicente’s undeniable talent and not only provided him with financial support to settle in Mexico City but also invited him to be the lead vocalist of his mariachi band.

Their relationship grew so close that “El Charro de Huentitán” asked Arriaga to be the godfather of his first son, Vicente Fernández Jr. He wanted to offer his full support, especially when he realized that his son was born prematurely and faced various health challenges.

Unbreakable Bond

Rumors circulated that Cuquita Abarca, Vicente’s wife, may not have been fond of Arriaga due to the strong connection he shared with Chente. Together, they could keep secrets hidden from her. However, their friendship remained intact.

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As Vicente’s talent reached new heights, he no longer needed his friend’s financial assistance. He wanted to repay the favor and help Felipe’s career soar just like his own.

Mutual Support

Vicente Fernández invited Arriaga to his shows, palenques, and other performances, ensuring that his compadre received the same attention and, possibly, his fame would also grow. Thanks to these gestures from Chente, “El Cotija” became more popular. He received more opportunities to act in movies and was invited to perform at important events. Unfortunately, his career came to a tragic halt just as it was taking off.

A Fateful Night

On the night of November 3, 1988, Arriaga was outside his home with one of his sons, his wife, and a friend, admiring their newly purchased car. While they were engaged in casual conversation, an unmarked blue van pulled up. Two individuals stepped out and opened fire with a submachine gun.

Felipe was struck by five bullets, which took his life at the age of 51, just minutes after the attack. Unfortunately, the people accompanying the singer were threatened by the criminals, preventing them from offering any immediate assistance. As a result, the police arrived at the scene long after Arriaga had bled to death and his killers had made their escape.

Unsolved Mysteries

The circumstances surrounding Felipe’s death were never fully clarified. Rumors spread that it might have been a targeted attack related to some organized crime group. Artists close to Vicente revealed that the loss of “El Cotija” deeply traumatized him. As a tribute to his dear friend, he dedicated the song “El adiós al soldado” to him, a piece they used to sing together.

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A Legacy Remembered

Some of José Luis’s greatest hits include “Campanadas del reloj,” “El Fuereño,” “Pelea de perros,” and “Juan Colorado.” He also starred alongside the “Charro de Huentitán” in popular films such as “La ley del monte,” “El coyote y la bronca,” and “Entre mojas anda el diablo,” among others.

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