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What to Do When Your Convertible Top is Ripping

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What Can You Do If Your Convertible Top Is Ripping?

Convertibles require special care to maintain their sleek and attractive appearance. One area that is particularly susceptible to damage is the convertible top. Made from thin yet durable material, it is prone to rips, tears, and scratches. So, what should you do when you notice your convertible top is ripping? This blog post will guide you on how and where to seek professional convertible top repair.

The Composition of Convertible Tops

Convertible tops are typically constructed from one or two layers of canvas or vinyl. These materials are designed to be both strong and flexible. They can withstand the elements while protecting the car’s interior from water damage. To enhance their water repellency, many tops are treated with a special product called “Scotchgard.”

Signs of a Ripping Convertible Top

If you don’t regularly inspect your car, you may not notice small tears and rips on your convertible top. However, as these defects grow larger and longer, they become more noticeable and can lead to problems like water leakage. Here are some telltale signs that your top is ripping:

  • Visible tears or rips, especially near the folding areas
  • Fabric detaching from its support underneath, potentially due to age or water damage to the glue
  • Water spots inside your car near the top-window connection
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Fixing a Ripped Convertible Top

Once you’ve noticed any of these signs on your cloth or vinyl convertible top, it’s essential to address the issue promptly. While you may be tempted to attempt the repairs yourself, it’s best to seek professional help. DIY repairs can potentially cause more damage, leading to higher expenses down the line. However, if you decide to proceed on your own, you’ll need the following repair kit:

  • Upholstery thread
  • Gorilla Glue or fabric adhesive
  • Marine canvas
  • Scotch guard
  • Curved upholstery needle
  • Thimble
  • Duct tape or masking tape

With the repair kit in hand, follow these steps for convertible top repairs:

  1. Remove the headrests and rear deck cover.
  2. Carefully unscrew and set aside all the screws holding down the convertible top, as there are no replacements if any are lost. Be sure to remove the armrest as well.
  3. Unzip and separate the two parts of the convertible top.
  4. Remove the zipper from one side of the top.
  5. Cut out a small piece of fabric, slightly bigger than the repair area, ensuring it is symmetrical. If necessary, use duct tape to adjust the length.
  6. Apply glue or adhesive to the damaged area and attach the new fabric on both sides. Allow it to dry overnight. Take safety precautions when using these products.
  7. Alternatively, use marine canvas, which has a more textured and attractive appearance.
  8. Sew the new fabric onto both sides using the upholstery thread and a curved needle, which is more suitable for thicker materials like marine canvas.
  9. After sewing, apply Scotch guard to protect the top from further damage. This water repellent product will help keep the elements at bay and prevent future ripping. You can also consider using ripstop tape or duct tape as temporary fixes for rips in your vinyl top.
  10. Reassemble the convertible top, replacing the screws using a screwdriver. Your restored convertible is now ready to hit the road again!
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Can You Fix a Ripped Convertible Top Yourself?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly repair option, you can attempt to fix your soft top yourself. Local upholstery shops offer all the necessary tools and materials in a repair kit. However, if you’re uncertain about your skills, it’s best to leave this delicate task to the professionals.

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What is the best material for a soft-top?

A soft-top should be made from a fabric that enables easy installation and removal. Sunbrella is widely regarded as the best material for soft-tops, as it is specifically designed for vinyl tops and offers the necessary flexibility.

How can I fix a ripped convertible top?

To repair a ripped convertible top, you’ll need to replace the damaged fabric using glue or adhesive, upholstery thread, and Scotch guard. Using marine canvas is recommended, as it provides an attractive textured surface compared to standard smooth fabric.

How much does a new convertible top cost?

The cost of a replacement convertible top varies depending on the material chosen. Sunbrella is more expensive than regular fabric, while marine canvas falls in between in terms of price.

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