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Destiny 2 last wish raid carry

Destiny 2 Last Wish raid carry

Destiny 2 Last Wish raid carry is now available on SkyCoach. Our team of experienced players will choose the best way to complete the Last Wish raid carry, and we will try to show you how we do it, so you can learn from professionals. We offer multiple ways to join: Skill, location, or communication group, so you can pick what is best for you.

The Last Wish raid carry includes several encounters that must be completed sequentially. Each encounter consists of an introductory cutscene and a subsequent boss fight ending with the death of a named Taken champion. The first six encounters each have a fixed ordinal number, while the last three encounters have no number and are randomized on each run through the raid. In addition, each encounter has two different difficulties: Normal and Hard mode. The Light Level is increased to match your entry level, granting bonus rewards, buffing bosses, and increasing certain mechanics’ difficulty.


In Destiny 2, Last Wish is one of the most difficult raids to perform. Being one of the hardest challenges in the game, it offers great rewards. Participating in the Last Wish raid can be of great benefit to you if your main goal is to collect some of the best loot available in the game. Below you can see a table with the weapons you can get from participating in this raid with SkyCoach.

Destiny 2 Last Wish raid carry: weapon loot

Chattering Bone

Pulse Rifle

Tyranny of Heaven


Nation of Beasts

Hand Cannon

Techeun Force

Fusion Rifle

Age-Old Bond

Auto Rifle


Scout Rifle

Apex Predator

Rocket Launcher

The Supremacy

Sniper Rifle

One Thousand Voices

Fusion Rifle

Aside from weapons, you can get armor drops. Taking part in Last Wish raid carries will provide you the opportunity to gain some of the following:

Time for armor loot





Class Items

Mask of the Great Hunt

Grips of the Great Hunt

Vest of the Great Hunt

Strides of the Great Hunt

Cloak of the Great Hunt

Helm of the Great Hunt

Gauntlets of the Great Hunt

Plate of the Great Hunt

Greaves of the Great Hunt

Mark of the Great Hunt

Hood of the Great Hunt

Gloves of the Great Hunt

Robes of the Great Hunt

Boots of the Great Hunt

Bond of the Great Hunt

The Destiny Last Wish raid carries also can include cosmetic loot like:

Destiny 2 Last Wish cosmetic loot

Ermine TAC-717


Wish-Maker Shell

Ghost Shell

Dreaming Spectrum


Cleansing Knife


Wish No More


Challenge Mode

You most likely know about the challenge mode in Last Wish Destiny 2. If you do not , then read onwards. Aside from standard Destiny 2 Last Wish carry procedures, you must complete a few additional tasks in challenge mode.

This is done to earn bounties, better known as clan bounties. You can take them from Hawthrone, but only if your clan level is at least four.

Below you can find information about the challenges. It is critical to note you must do this with clan members. Although you can attempt to do them solo, the point of clan bounties is to bring a good amount of clan experience.

Which Witch Challenge

We will start with the “Which Witch Challenge” – Shuro Chi encounter. This one is quite simple. To complete it, you simply have to fight Shuro Chi. Defeat her without being hit by her long-range precision attack. That is important, because if you or any of your teammates are hitt, you will not meet the challenge’s criteria.

Some tips are to listen carefully to the noise she makes right before the attack. If necessary, keep yourself and the teammates covered and, if possible, stay out of her sight. If you can defeat her without getting hit by these attacks, then you can complete the challenge.

Keep the Knight Out Challenge

Next is the “Keep the Knight Out” challenge. This one is a little bit trickier. To start this challenge, you must go to The Vault and finish the Might of the Riven Knights, albeit harder. The point is that you have to keep the knights out of the center chamber, as once they do it, you will not be able to complete the challenge.

To complete it, you must know the area well, so exploring with your teammates before you attempt the challenge is a good idea. On top of that, it is a good idea to pay attention to the details. Make sure you kill the knight and prevent him from entering the center.

Forever Fight challenge

It is time to talk about the “Forever Fight” challenge. For this one, you have to reach Morgeth, who is the third boss in this raid. To complete this challenge, you need to ignore the ogres and Morgeth until the time is right to attack them. The only thing you should be killing is the adds, which will be spawning amidst the other enemies. Wait until the sack on Morgeth’s back grows and turns blue to strike as this will allow you to kill him. Only in this way can you complete the challenge.

Strength of memory

“Strength of memory” is yet another challenge in the Last Wish raid carry. Another tricky challenge to complete occurs in the fight against Riven of the Thousand Voices. To put it simply, when fighting, you must avoid hitting the same target. Yes, that is the tricky part. You and your teammates should not aim at the same eye while shooting, or you will not meet the requirements to clear this challenge.


Can you farm the Last Wish raid?

The answer is yes. Given it drops great loot, it is understandable you may want to do so. On the other hand, it is time-consuming, cannot be completed alone, and requires preparation for each raid. That is why there is a “Last Wish” raid carry. With it, you can be sure you will get all the loot you want, and get it easily by participating in Destiny 2: Last Wish carries.

Is the Last Wish a good raid?

Last Wish is one of the best raids in the game. It gives you great opportunities, as you can get precious gear from it. Participating in it will give you a great gaming experience. The game itself has a very good flow, and fighting Riven can be one of the best moments due to the smooth gameplay and beautiful graphics.

Why choose SkyCoach?

As one of the best on the market who offers carries in Destiny 2: Last Wish, we guarantee you will get the equipment you want. SkyCoach services are on the spot, affordable and professional. You will be assisted by veteran players, or you can leave them to do everything for you. In the end, the Last Wish Destiny 2 raid services provided by SkyCoach are some of the best.

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