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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How To Get The Wish-Ender Bow | Exotic Quest Guide – Gameranx

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Destiny2 Wish Ender
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The Wish-Ender Exotic is one of three Exotic Bows available in Destiny 2: New Light, and it’s one of the best. Getting it is a challenge, but it isn’t going to take multiple weeks of grinding — all you need to do is play through the Shattered Throne dungeon. Okay, it isn’t quite that simple. I’ll explain everything yo need to know in the full guide below.

Destiny 2: New Light introduces a bunch of new Exotic weapons, and not all of them are locked behind the Shadowkeep paywall. This is one of those Exotics; it’s mostly tied to the Forsaken expansion instead — which is also a separate $25 DLC if you don’t have it already. It’s a worthwhile expansion, so if you’re all about Destiny, I’d recommend grabbing it to play through the Shattered Throne dungeon.

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How To Get The Wish-Ender Bow | Exotic Quest Guide

The Wish-Ender is a powerful Exotic Bow that’s tied to the Shattered Throne dungeon in the Forsaken DLC. Before you can begin the Exotic Quest, you need to complete the Forsaken Campaign and unlock the path to the Dreaming City. The Awoken Talisman is required. Once that’s done, you can begin.

Step #1: Interact With The Bow Statue

Enter the Shattered Throne dungeon and defeat the first major boss encounter — it’s an Ogre. Once the boss is down, doors will open and you’ll find a statue holding a bow with three bowls around it.

Present your Awoken Talisman, acquired from Petra, to start a new quest. You now need to complete the Shattered Throne dungeon.

Step #2: Complete The ‘???’ Mission

Go to the Tangled Shore, Four-Horned Gulch. Look for a bouncing ball — it leads you to a mission called ‘???’. Accept the quest, and go into the caves to fight Taken. Defeat all the bosses to acquire three Tokens.

Remember the three bowls? You need to cleanse each Token by defeating a boss in the Shattered Throne, then place all the cleansed Tokens into the bowl around the bow statue.

Step #3: Kill The Three Bosses

Return to the Shattered Throne dungeon, and look for strange statues that are missing orbs in their hands. Most statues have orbs, so look for the ones missing orbs.

How To Use The Orbs: You need to find an orb, then throw it into the statue’s hands — each orb you return will spawn a boss. You need to spawn (and kill) three bosses to cleanse all three Tokens. You can also pass the orb around to different teammates.

Statue #1: The first statue is located on the roof of the tallest building in the dungeon. You can jump up along the exterior. The first boss will spawn here.

  • Orb #1: The orb you need is located in the Dragon Symbol Temple.
  • Boss #1: Spawns after placing the first orb into the first statue. Nothing special. Just a normal boss fight.

Statue #2: Collect the Orb before finding the statue. The statue is found in the platforming section with the narrow beams. Near the end, there’s a series of statues — find the one without an orb. This orb just unlocks a special additional door. It does not spawn a boss.

  • Orb #2: The orb is found in the platforming section with the narrow beams. Look to the left of the starting area where the Ogres spawn.

Statue #3: Again, you’ll be able to collect the orb before finding the statue. After getting the orb in the long hallway, you’ll drop down and see a wall of statues to the left. There’s one that’s missing an orb. Place the orb to open the door to the second boss.

  • Orb #3: After completing the platforming section, you’ll enter a long hall where lots of Thrall will spawn. Just as you enter, look right and go up the stairs to find the orb.
  • Boss #2: Appears through doors that open after placing Orb #2 and Orb #3. From Statue #3, go upstairs from the huge pit. There’s a bridge across with a circle platform in the center. Step on the platform to summon the boss. NOTE: This boss requires the Ogre boss mechanics!

Statue #4: The final statue is located in the final boss encounter arena with the Wizard.

  • Orb #4: After depositing the four orbs to make the Wizard vulnerable to damage, a cloaked Minotaur will spawn in the arena. Find it and kill it to get the final Orb.
  • Boss #4: The final boss will spawn after placing the last orb into the last statue. Defeat the Ogre that appears to cleanse the final Token.

Step #4: Collecting The Wish-Ender Exotic

Cleanse all three tokens, then return to the bow statue after the Ogre Boss in the Shattered Dungeon. All the bowls will be lit up. Talk to the statue, and you’ll earn the Wish-Ender.

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