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Disney Wish Stateroom 7689 Tour – Category 11B Standard Inside Stateroom • The Disney Cruise Line Blog

by Moon
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Disney wish interior

During the Maiden Voyage aboard the Disney Wish, I stayed in stateroom 7689, a Category 11B Standard Inside Stateroom. In general, the inside stateroom category offered on the Disney Wish is about 169 square feet featuring a queen bed, single convertible sofa and upper-berth pull-down bed if sleeping 4 which this room does.

Stateroom 7689 is located all the way aft on deck 7 and while it is centered, the doorway is technically located on the starboard side.

Unlike the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, the Disney Wish’s inside staterooms do not feature magical portholes, instead the Disney Wish staterooms have fairytale murals, which vary by deck and location, above the headboard.

Disney Wish Stateroom 7689
Disney Wish Stateroom 7689
Wish Stateroom Blanket Octopus

The upper berth was not needed during the cruise, but I can say that above the bunk bed there is a celestial scene featuring original artwork and an enchanting message from the Fairy Godmother.

The stateroom offers plenty of storage space – just like the staterooms across the fleet, the queen size bed is elevated creating additional storage space to store suitcases for the duration of the sailing after unpacking.

Disney Wish Stateroom Bed Storage

Pro tip, normally move the life jackets from the closet and place those under the foot of the bed to free up additional storage space in the closet. If you do, relocate your life preservers, make sure they are easily assessable in the unlikely event you need them, also make sure to put them back in the closet on the final night after you pack up.

There are USB and USB-C port near the desk and both sides of the bed. Well, only one side of the bed had USB-C. I found the outlets to charge just fine and eliminate the need for multiple USB chargers. I must say, it is nice to have working USB outlets to charge devices around the room and even the ship in general, and will become even more beneficial in the future.

Disney Wish Stateroom USB Outlet
Disney Wish Stateroom USB Outlet

The 43″ flat-screen TV was in an awkward location and since it is fixed to the wall there was not really a great place to watch TV.

I felt the placement of the TV in the verandah stateroom which I will review soon was also not in an ideal spot. The lack of a pivot arm has the potential to cause issues for families who may enjoy the amenity while in the room. It was almost like, they were not planning to have TVs in the staterooms then at the last minute decided to mount a tv wherever there is an open wall with a directive to make it inconvenient so guests will opt to leave the room and go elsewhere to watch sports or something where we can sell them something.

Another interesting feature of the stateroom onboard the Disney Wish is the mini-drawer refrigerator. It is a pull out drawer, not the typical “cooling box” reminiscent of a mini-fridge found on the other ships. This design makes it difficult to store larger bottles unless you remove the plastic dividers.

Disney Wish Stateroom Mini Drawer Refrigerator
Disney Wish Stateroom Mini Drawer Refrigerator

The hair dryer in the stateroom was a Bentley Europe Levante hair dryer.

One of the areas with the best improvements was the bathrooms. The shower is a glass door instead of a shower curtain, and hands down the best thing about the Disney Wish staterooms is the nightlight which was added to the bathrooms!

Disney Wish Stateroom 7689 Nightlight

There is a stateroom host utility closet adjacent to the stateroom door – I am not sure if this was just a convenient spot for nearby guests, or the current staging area to keep the hallways clear, but room service trays began to pile up outside my door. I love chicken wings, but chicken wing scraps can become aromatic and can fill a room with a borderline unpleasant odor.

I hope you enjoy the following video tour of stateroom 7689 aboard the Disney Wish.

Overall, the stateroom is one I’d book again, but keep in mind, I’ve never had a problem with an inside stateroom. I liked the location and most importantly, it was quiet. The location of the TV was a bit of an annoyance, but I really didn’t turn it on all that much other than to view the bridge report channel and see the current bridge view so ultimately, it was a non-issue for me. If you tend to spend most of your time outside of your stateroom, an inside stateroom is worth considering if you are just using it to sleep and get ready for the next activity out and about the ship or port of call.

Have you stayed in this type of room, what did you think about it? Do you have a stateroom review to share? You can submit your own stateroom review. Start by searching for your stateroom on this page, then look for the link titled Submit your own stateroom review.

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