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30 Happy Diwali Quotes & Wishes

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Diwali wish quotation

For more than 2,500 years, Diwali, initially only a Hindu festival, has been a celebratory five-day festival. Hindus and other Indian religions celebrate it between October and November. So we have prepared the Diwali quotes below to reflect the light it brings to millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and many others worldwide.

Diwali came from the Sanskrit word Deepavali which means row of light. During the festival of lights, people decorate their homes with oil lamps called diyas and colorful rangolis, wear bright clothes, swap gifts, and serve an array of delicacies.

If you want to discover more about this ancient festivities or have an idea of how to celebrate it today, read our curated Diwali quotes below.

Happy Diwali!

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Best Diwali Quotes

As expected from a polytheist religion, different Indian regions and faiths have varying stories and gods associated with the Diwali Festival. But all of those represent the victory of light over darkness, good over evil.

India and Pakistan have been in multiple conflicts for decades, but they set aside their differences every Diwali. To embody the festival’s spirit, each country’s soldiers exchange greetings and traditional sweets at the border.

Let the light of this joyous occasion fill your hearts when you read our chosen best Diwali quotes below.

diwali quotes doubt is like darkness tr 5050
diwali quotes with gleam of auspicious 9052
diwali quotes shine like sparkles glow 3889

Quotes About Celebrating Diwali

You know it’s already Diwali when homes are full of decorations and sweets. Families first clean their houses before embellishing them with bells, garlands, and lights. Then, they will make rangolis, a multicolored floor decoration at the entrance. Indian mothers will make pakoras, karanji, samosa, and other delicious meals for a feast with the whole family. Kids will drool while waiting for their favorite sweets like the syrupy gulab jamun. And at night, fireworks will explode in the sky.

Are you excited to celebrate Diwali? Then, prepare your eyes and mouth as you read the following Diwali quotes.

diwali quotes as the festival of lights 2921
diwali quotes for this is a particular 2162
diwali quotes diwali also marks the beg 110
diwali quotes candles to enjoy life dec 3057
diwali quotes open your main entrance d 4550
diwali quotes since this is a special o 2532
diwali quotes a festival full of sweet 2350

Sparkling Diwali Quotes About The Diya Lights

Observing Diwali is very vibrant, but the epitome of the festival’s preparation is the lighting of Diyas, which are clay lamps with a cotton wick dipped in ghee. Based on Vastu shastra, which in simple terms is an Indian version of China’s Feng Shui, the ghee symbolizes the mind’s negativities while the wick signifies the soul. Hence, the lighting of the diyas represents our transformation from darkness to light.

Light diyas to welcome prosperity as you read the Diwali quotes below.

diwali quotes every diya that lights up 4037
diwali quotes with shine of diyas and t 1828
diwali quotes may these fireworks burn 5377
diwali quotes may the lights of diwali 8883
diwali quotes light a lamp of love blas 2374

Joyful Diwali Greetings & Wishes

The five days of Diwali illustrate five different philosophies with the end goal of enriching one’s life. And so, we have prepared some Diwali quotes below, which you can use on each festival day. But first, let’s answer the question: How do Indians celebrate the five-day Diwali festival?

According to Hindustan Times, this is how the week-long celebration transpires.

  • On the first day, Dhanteras, people light a Diya near a sacred tree.
  • The next day, Naraka Chaturdasi, people wake up early, bathe in natural oils, and change into clean clothes.
  • The third day, Lakshmi Puja, is the festival’s highlight, wherein the people will worship the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Light, food, gifts, and laughter fill each home on this night.
  • On the fourth day, Govardhan Puja, people offer 56 kinds of vegetarian food and drinks to the god of love and protection, Lord Krishna.
  • Finally, Bhai Dooj, people observe this day by reconnecting and giving gifts to their siblings.

What a celebration! Learn more about this intricate festival after checking out the following Diwali quotes.

"Hope this year
diwali quotes red blue green yellow not 8822
diwali quotes may the bright colors of 3305
diwali quotes your sparkling presence a 6847
diwali quotes may in this diwali you be 9290
diwali quotes may lord ganesha take awa 6786
diwali quotes the festival of lights is 6857

Other Diwali Wishes

Much like the shopping craze during the Christmas season, the Diwali festival is also a time when Indians take advantage of sales and discounts. In fact, after two years of the pandemic, the suppressed demand of consumers has doubled the figures of the pre-pandemic year despite the inflation.

This article from The Indian Express perfectly summarizes how the revived shopping craze is about material things as well as the social connection among consumers and businesses.

Make your Diwali wishes to everyone when you shop after reading the rest of our Diwali quotes.

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diwali quotes wishing that this diwali 188
diwali quotes wishing you a colorful ch 6151
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diwali quotes wishing you a beautiful d 9011
diwali quotes may the mirth and merrime 4503
diwali quotes may this diwali fulfill a 2796

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