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The Best Websites to Watch Movies for Free in Legal Streaming

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In a world filled with paid streaming platforms, it’s easy to overlook the fact that there are more options available for watching content. Specifically, there are several legal and free websites where you can stream movies, some of which don’t even require registration and offer a treasure trove of cinematic gems.


The on-demand television service provided by RTVE is perfect for rediscovering movies that have been aired on their channels. Although registration is not necessary (although it allows for offline content downloads), their catalog boasts movies that aren’t available on other platforms, such as ‘Psiconautas: los niños olvidados,’ ‘Sentimental,’ and ‘Otra ronda.’ They also have a great selection of European cinema, including ‘Retrato de una mujer en llamas’ and ‘La vida de Adèle,’ as well as Spanish films like ‘Las niñas,’ ‘O que arde,’ and ‘Verano 1993.’

Youtube and Legalmente Gratis

Youtube offers many free and legal movies due to expired copyrights. Meanwhile, Legalmente Gratis is a website that curates all that free movie content from Youtube, saving you the trouble of searching individually, and organizes them by genre. Here, you can find classics like ‘El nacimiento de una nación,’ ‘Metrópolis,’ ‘Rashomon,’ ‘Viaje a la luna,’ and ‘Amanecer’ by Murnau.

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Pluto TV

One of the most convenient options, Pluto TV allows you to watch movies live from channels that broadcast them or stream them on demand. There’s no need to register, and they offer a wide range of titles, including ‘La caza,’ ‘Charada,’ ‘Nader y Simin, una separación,’ ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ and ‘La decisión de Sophie.’

Rakuten TV

Primarily a rental platform, Rakuten TV also offers some free movies with ads once you’ve registered. While many are from the back catalog, if you take a closer look, you’ll find more than a few interesting ones like ‘Rec,’ ‘El perfume,’ the Korean film ‘La mujer del infierno,’ and ‘Truman.’


EFilm is another platform with an extensive catalog that includes everything from great classics to animated movies. Whether it’s well-known films, independent ones, or lesser-known gems, you’ll find titles like ’12 hombres sin piedad,’ ‘8½,’ ‘Toro salvaje,’ ‘El niño y la bestia,’ ‘La canción del mar,’ ‘La gran evasión,’ ‘¡Qué bello es vivir!,’ and ‘El apartamento.’


Tivify offers various paid plans, but it also has a free option that allows you to watch movies that aired in the past week on different channels, both free-to-air channels like La 1, Antena 3, and Telecinco, as well as paid channels like TNT, AXN, and SyFy.

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PLEX TV is another platform that offers streaming TV and a wide selection of movies on demand. However, it does include ads and English subtitles. Some of the titles you can find on Plex TV include ‘M: el vampiro de Düsseldorf,’ ‘Repulsión,’ ‘La diligencia,’ ‘Nosferatu,’ ‘Primavera Tardía,’ and ‘La mujer del cuadro.’


Lastly, anime fans are surely familiar with Crunchyroll, a platform that has both a paid version without ads and a free version. While the majority of their catalog consists of series, they also have a couple of hidden movies (in fact, there isn’t even a specific movie category), such as ‘Book Girl’ (‘Bungaku Shojo’), ‘For whom the alchemist exists,’ ‘Peace Maker Kurogane,’ ‘Yes, No or Maybe?,’ ‘Hakubo,’ and ‘Strait Jacket.’

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