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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Kayak On Ebay

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Buying a kayak on Ebay could be considered a high-risk activity. It was once common to find plenty of used and brand-new kayaks for sale on Ebay. Though it’s a less common platform for purchasing paddlesports gear today, kayaks still show up regularly from private and retail sellers.

The most important caveat when shopping for a kayak on Ebay is that, unlike most other places to buy a kayak, Ebay purchases usually lack the option to try before you buy. By shopping here, you’re essentially forgoing the best advice for any kayak shopper, which is to take a test paddle.

But where there’s risk, there’s also reward. Ebay used kayaks can be a great option if you don’t want to break the bank to get into paddling. Purchasing an Ebay kayak for a steal of a deal could be the perfect way to get started with paddling, especially if you want a low-cost trial period to make sure you like kayaking before making a larger investment in a new boat.

For more experienced paddlers looking for a second boat, searching used kayaks for sale on Ebay is also a good way to try out a new style of paddling for cheap, or to grab a great deal on a familiar model.

However, for as many great deals that you’ll find on Ebay, you’ll encounter as many rip-offs. It’s important to be a smart buyer when you’re considering kayaks for sale on Ebay. Doing your homework will help you avoid the kayaks that aren’t worth buying—because of poor fit, performance criteria that doesn’t match your needs, and safety issues that make some Ebay kayaks hazardous.

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Even though you aren’t paying big money for a new kayak, you should still start your search for a used one armed with the proper knowledge needed to take a critical look at what’s for sale. We’ve outlined the common mistakes to avoid when buying a used kayak on Ebay.

7 mistakes to avoid when buying a kayak on Ebay

1 Buying the wrong kayak for the job

Kayaks fall into a variety of styles depending on their primary application. Each category has its own performance characteristics. Buying the wrong style of kayak for your desired paddling experience is certain to spoil your time on the water. The best Ebay kayak shopper is an informed one.

Our comprehensive Paddling Buyer’s Guide is a great place to start your research. Here you’ll find out more about how each style of kayak is most easily defined by its specifications.

Recreational kayaks

Recreational kayaks are short (less than 12 feet long), wide, stable and great for beginners, casual paddlers, children and those nervous about being on the water. While many have a sit-inside cockpit with a seat, backrest and foot supports, some recreational kayaks (known as sit-on-tops) have more basic open cockpits, which are great in hot weather.

Sit-on-tops are also the norm for fishing kayaks, a sub-genre of recreational kayaks that are distinguished by standard angler-oriented accessories like rod holders and tackle storage areas.

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