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“Ejército de los Ladrones 2”: Release Date, Premiere, and Cast of the Netflix Movie

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Ejército de los Ladrones is a delightfully light and entertaining romantic heist comedy. It serves as a prequel to Zack Snyder’s zombie action film, Ejército de los Muertos. Set during the early days of the zombie pandemic, the movie follows Ludwig Dieter, known as Sebastian at the time, as he becomes a member of a team of thieves whose target is the legendary safes created by master locksmith Hans Wagner.

After its release, the film received mixed to positive reviews. Both critics and audiences praised its stylish look, lighthearted storytelling, and enjoyable plot. If you’ve seen Ejército de los Ladrones and want to know if there will be a sequel, we’ve got all the details.

“Ejército de los Ladrones 2”: Release Date

Ejército de los Ladrones premiered on October 29, 2021, on Netflix. As mentioned earlier, it is a sequel to Ejército de los Muertos, which was released in May 2021. Although the two films have little thematic similarities, they share characters like Dieter and certain elements of the plot. As for the sequel to Ejército de los Ladrones, here’s what we know.

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Ejército de los Muertos is a sequel to Ejército de los Ladrones in all but name. However, the story can be situated between the timelines of the two movies and can serve as a thematic sequel to the more recent film. It might also take place after Ejército de los Muertos, once again utilizing a global setting.

An anime prequel titled “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas” is set to be released in the spring of 2022. It will delve into Scott Ward’s past and that of the other characters. Additionally, a sequel to Ejército de los Muertos, titled “Planet of The Dead,” is in development. So, while Netflix executives and filmmakers have not officially announced plans for a sequel to Ejército de los Ladrones, it may happen in the future.

Actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who portrays Gwendoline in the movie, compared her involvement in this franchise to something similar to ‘F9,’ where she is a prominent cast member in several films. According to her, although it is an independent project, there could be an opportunity to make more movies depending on how the audience perceives it. So, if the response is positive, another Ejército de los Ladrones film could be given the green light. And if that happens in the coming months, audiences can expect the sequel to premiere in early 2023.

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“Ejército de los Ladrones 2”: Cast

In addition to Emmanuel and Matthias Schweighöfer, who directs the film and reprises his role as Ludwig Dieter or Sebastian, the cast includes Stuart Martin (Brad Cage or Alexis), Ruby O. Fee (Korina), Rolph (Guz Khan), Jonathan Cohen (Delacroix), and Noémie Nakai (Beatrix). The movie’s ending also includes scenes from Ejército de los Muertos with additional footage, featuring Dave Bautista (Scott Ward) and Ana de la Reguera (María Cruz) making cameo appearances.

The cast of the potential sequel ultimately depends on its placement in the overall timeline. If it is set before “Ejército de los Muertos,” Schweighöfer is likely to appear in it. However, his character’s fate in the first movie is ambiguous. If the sequel is set after “Ejército de los Muertos,” he may not appear in it, except in flashback scenes, confirming his character’s demise. Bautista and Reguera will not appear if the sequel is set after the first movie, as their characters are definitively deceased. The rest of the cast will likely reprise their roles.

“Ejército de los Ladrones 2”: Storyline

In Ejército de los Ladrones, Sebastian successfully opens the three safes, but Korina, Rolph, and Brad get arrested. Gwendoline turns herself in to Delacroix after he agrees to let Sebastian go. Sebastian moves to the United States, starts using the name Ludwig Dieter, and opens the store “Gwendoline’s SAFE & LOCK CO.” The movie ends with Ward and Cruz approaching Dieter with their proposal.

The potential sequel will likely also be a heist movie. If Dieter appears in it, his romance with Gwendoline will be reignited. The team could come together once again for another job. This time, the story will move away from Wagner and focus on another locksmith. As the criminals become active again, Delacroix will go after them.

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Stay tuned for more updates on the potential sequel to Ejército de los Ladrones, and remember to always check out Ratingperson for the latest information and reviews.


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