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‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ on Netflix: A Surprisingly Refreshing Fantasy Series

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Are you tired of the same old young adult fantasy series on Netflix? Well, get ready because ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ is here to challenge your expectations. This show is more than just another teenage fantasy—it’s a bold and daring journey that pushes boundaries and offers a fresh take on the genre. So, don’t let the provocative description fool you; ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ is not your average fantasy series.

Breaking Away from the Norm

Based on Sally Green’s ‘Half Bad’ trilogy, Joe Barton’s adaptation of ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ takes a fearless approach. It subverts the clichés and generic tropes often seen in fantasy series, offering something much more intense and grounded in reality. Imagine if ‘Skins,’ ‘Misfits,’ and ‘Sex Education’ had a baby raised on fantasy literature—that’s what you’ll find here.

A Tortured Protagonist Caught in a War

Meet Nathan Byrn, the star of the show. Unjustly hated by all due to his unfortunate circumstances at birth, Nathan finds himself trapped in the midst of a war between two warring witch clans. They believe he is the key to a prophecy that could change everything. But this is no ordinary hero’s journey—it’s a deeply personal and gritty exploration of Nathan’s struggles.

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Dark Magic and True Grit

In this world, magic is not all sparkles and rainbows. ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ delves into the darker side of magic, flipping generic expectations on their head. Say goodbye to magical owls and tedious love triangles. Instead, prepare yourself for eerie potion tricks, the possession of a steam kettle, and a truly vile “gift” that might make your stomach turn. It’s refreshing to see a fantasy series that dares to be different.

Empathy, Wit, and a Stellar Cast

What sets ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ apart is its warm and surprisingly witty script. It captures the essence of quality teen series, leaning more towards the likes of Skins than typical fantasy fare. The cast rises to the challenge, with Nadia Parkes delivering a solid performance as Annalise, Nathan’s companion and potential love interest. However, it’s Jay Lycurgo who steals the show as Nathan, balancing bravery and tortured soul with remarkable depth.

And let’s not forget Emilien Vekemans, stealing the spotlight with his debut as Gabriel—a mischievous and troubled Parisian. Emilien’s portrayal injects excitement and a touch of sexiness into the series, expanding the world beyond the rural confines of England.

Lust, Attraction, and Authenticity

From this point on, ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ dives into lust, attraction, and the complexities of human relationships. It intertwines physical desires into the narrative, often exploring queer themes. These scenes are not included for the sake of being provocative; they are integral to the story, adding depth and authenticity to each character’s journey.

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A Visually Stunning World

Not only does ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ captivate with its characters and narrative, but it also offers a visually stunning experience. The locations feel grounded in reality, a refreshing departure from overused CGI backdrops. When special effects are used, they are done sparingly, maximizing their impact. This approach not only saves on budget but also forces the directors to be more creative in their storytelling.

Characters First, Fighting Second

At its core, ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ focuses on its characters. It’s a testament to the series’ strength that we are willing to follow our heroes through the darkest of times and unexpected twists. Unlike many young adult fantasy series, ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ understands the importance of well-rounded characters over intricate world-building. It’s a journey worth embarking on.

An Unexpected Gem

So, yes, ‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ is indeed “a truly messed-up journey” filled with sex and blood, but it’s so much more than that. Don’t let the description deter you; this series exceeds expectations with its fresh take on the genre. Get ready to dive into a world that challenges conventions and leaves you craving more.

‘El hijo bastardo y el mismísimo diablo’ is now available on Ratingperson. Give it a watch; you won’t be disappointed.

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