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“El Rey”: The Authorized Biographical Series of Vicente Fernández

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The highly anticipated Netflix series, “El Rey,” made its debut on September 14th. This authorized biographical series delves into the life of renowned Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, recounting his extraordinary anecdotes. Starring Jaime Camil and Marcela Guirado, the cast also includes other notable celebrities such as Raúl Sandoval and Natalia Jiménez, all selected by Vicente Fernández and his family.

A Journey Through Four Stages

“El Rey” takes viewers on a captivating journey through four significant stages in Vicente Fernández’s life. From his early childhood to adulthood, the series boasts an extensive cast of approximately 40 actors, seamlessly transitioning between the different eras of “Chente.”

The main actors portraying Vicente Fernández include Jaime Camil as the adult version, Sebastián Dante as the young Vicente, Sebastián García as the teenage Vicente, and Kaled Acab as the child Vicente.

According to the four actors who spoke to Infobae México, bringing Vicente Fernández to life on screen was a tremendous responsibility. However, they supported and collaborated with each other, relying on the assistance of their acting coach to successfully embody their characters.

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The Iconic Women in Fernández’s Life

The role of Vicente Fernández’s beloved wife, Doña Cuquita, also known as Refugio Abarca, is played by three different actresses: Ishkra Zavala portrays Cuquita in her childhood, Regina Pavón takes on the role during her youth, and Marcela Guirado portrays the adult Cuquita.

Both Pavón and Marcela shared their challenges in adapting to their characters. Cuquita is a unique woman who has endured many hardships due to her husband’s career. Nevertheless, her unwavering commitment to supporting her family shines through.

Apart from these main actors, the series also features crucial individuals who played significant roles in the life of the renowned singer. Starting from his childhood, the early episodes introduce Enoc Leaño as Vicente’s father, Marisa Savedra as his mother, Rodrigo Magaña as his uncle David, Casandra Iturralde as his sister Refugios, and Camila Muñoz as his sister Teresa.

As the years progress, slight modifications occur within the cast. Valentina Buzzurro takes over the role of Teresa, while Seidy Bercht steps into the character of Refugios.

A Supporting Cast that Shaped Vicente’s Journey

During the period spanning from 1960 to 1966, new actors join the cast as additional characters enter Vicente’s life. This part of the series introduces Rubén Zamora as Enrique, Vicente’s representative and mentor, and Camila Rojas as Janeth, his image consultant.

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Felipe Arriaga, one of Chente’s closest friends, is portrayed by Raúl Sandoval, and his wife Matilde is played by Sara Montalvo. Additionally, Tico Gómez, another significant figure in Vicente’s life, is brought to life by Erick Chapa, while his wife Rosa is portrayed by Alexa Martín.

Verónica Landín plays the eternal rival of the charro, and Gaby Espino brings the character to life. Nini Pavón appears as Doña Zuy, and Esteban Soberanes takes on the role of Alberto Ríos.

Within the family dynamic, Florencia Ríos becomes Refugios, and Ana Paula Capetillo portrays Teresa.

During the final stage of the series, minimal changes occur in the cast. However, new actors join as Vicente’s representative Renato, played by Pepe Navarrete, and his children: Gregorio Urkijo as Vicente Fernández Jr., Lukas Urkijo as Gerardo, and Ricardo Galina as Alejandro.

In addition to these remarkable performances, other notable actors make appearances in special roles. Natalia Jiménez portrays Cornelia Vélez, representing Chavela Vargas, Sara Manni appears as Lola, Vicente’s stepmother, and Odiseo Bichir takes on the character of Pastor Miguel.

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