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The Secret of the Greco Family: Cast, Real Story, and Episodes

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Have you ever heard the phrase “family secrets should stay at home”? Well, for the Greco family, this was more than just a saying—it was a reality. The Secret of the Greco Family takes us into the lives of a seemingly “perfect” family. At first glance, they appear to be ordinary people, doing their shopping, meeting friends, and greeting their neighbors with kindness. But what the world doesn’t know is that they maintain their socioeconomic status in a peculiar way… by kidnapping wealthy individuals.

If you’re wondering why this series has been making waves in recent weeks, here are all the details about Netflix’s latest release.

Who makes up the cast of The Secret of the Greco Family?

Directed by Alejandro Ciancio, this production takes us back to the 80s. Filmed in Mexico and Argentina and inspired by true events, it features a predominantly Mexican cast that brings these dark characters to life.

The patriarch, Aquiles Greco, is portrayed by an actor who rose to fame through telenovelas such as Maria la del Barrio, Soy tu dueña, and La usurpadora. Returning to the screen, he brings depth to the role of a man hiding significant secrets, willing to do whatever it takes to maintain his family’s status.


Another member of the cast is an actor known for his roles in series like Narcos: Mexico and La Guzmán. Here, he takes on the role of Andrés Greco, one of the sons of the family.

For the award-winning actress who has previously played Doña Alba in El Señor de los Cielos, the world of crime is not unfamiliar. In this series, she portrays Marta, Aquiles’ wife and accomplice. Often, she chooses to carry on with her daily life, ignoring what truly happens within their home.

An Argentine actor, born in Buenos Aires, has been nominated for awards such as the Premio Sur for Best Supporting Actor and the Premio Martín Fierro for Best Lead Actor. In this production, he plays Lozano, a character who connects the series with Argentina.

Joining the cast is an actor recognized for his roles in Club de Cuervos and El Señor de los Cielos. He takes on the role of Hugo Carreño, a character linked to the police force in Jalisco.

Having previously appeared in projects such as Obediencia perfecta and Monarca, this actor is familiar with stories full of secrets. In this series, he plays Darío Greco, a young man who is forced to return to Mexico by his father and discovers the true meaning of having dirty hands.

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For the Mexican actress, this project represents a move to a new genre. Previously, she had appeared in productions aimed at a very different audience, such as her role as Victoria Franco in the Nickelodeon series Vikki RPM. In this chilling story, Siqueiros portrays Sabrina Greco, the daughter of the Greco family. Unlike the rest, her family’s unofficial activities are uncharted territory for her.

What is the real story behind The Secret of the Greco Family?

While The Secret of the Greco Family is fictional, it draws inspiration from true events. The series delves into the twisted world of a family who resorts to kidnapping to maintain their affluent lifestyle. The gripping storyline keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as it reveals the dark secrets that the Greco family hides behind their seemingly perfect facade.

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