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Have you ever watched a movie that leaves you exhilarated yet puzzled at the same time? That’s exactly the experience you’ll have with “The Call” (or as I like to call it, “A Gripping Puzzle with Missing Pieces”). This mind-bending film encompasses several genres, all revolving around suspense and intrigue. From thriller and terror to science fiction and twisted puzzles, it defies easy categorization. Directed and written by Lee Chung-hyun, and starring Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo, “The Call” is a South Korean production that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Crítica de El teléfono (The Call)

Ficha Técnica

  • Título: El teléfono (The Call)
  • Reparto: Park Shin-hye (Seo-yeon), Jun Jong-seo (Young-sook), Kim Sung-ryung (Madre de Seo-yeon), Lee El (Madre de Young-sook), Oh Jung-Se (Sung-Ho), Lee Dong-hwi (Baek Mi-hyun)
  • Año: 2020
  • Duración: 112 min.
  • País: Corea del Sur
  • Director: Lee Choong Hyun
  • Guion: Lee Choong Hyun
  • Fotografía:
  • Música:
  • Género: Thriller, Fantástico
  • Distribuidor: Netflix

Tráiler de ‘El teléfono (The Call)’


“The Call” revolves around two young women, Seo-yeon (Park Shin-hye) and Young-sook (Jeon Jong-seo). Although living in different time periods, they are connected through an old wireless telephone and share the same house. Brace yourself for an incredible journey.

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Dónde se puede ver la película

Prólogo a El teléfono (The Call)

Throughout my extensive experience as an avid movie enthusiast, I have included numerous spoilers in my reviews, providing ample warning to my readers. Only once before, with the movie “I Am Mother” (2019), did the disparity of opinions warrant an additional section. Today, I find myself faced with an entirely different situation as I tackle “The Call.” Rather than an appendix or spoilers, I have decided to dedicate an entire section to possible explanations, with prior warning, of course, so that the movie can be understood holistically and not merely skimmed over. This way, it won’t be relegated to a small orange box that can be opened or closed, at the risk of being misconstrued. However, I must stress that this section is for those who have already watched “The Call.” For those who haven’t, it would make no sense at all.

Contactos en la primera fase

Seo-yeon loses her phone on the train after visiting her mother at the hospital and heading back to her old family house. She comes across an old working wireless phone. Soon after, she receives a mysterious wrong call from someone asking for another person, claiming that her mother is insane. The calls persist, and Seo-yeon assumes the caller needs help from her mother. She discovers a hollow wall and stumbles upon an old diary belonging to a woman named Young-sook. The diary contains notes about words Young-sook has heard on the other end of the phone line. An unexpected connection forms between the two women after Seo-yeon conducts a series of tests, revealing that the person she is speaking to, Young-sook, actually exists in the same house twenty years in the past.

La visita

Seo-yeon’s family is preparing to move and decides to visit Young-sook’s house, which existed twenty years ago in real-time. They are greeted by Young-sook’s stepmother. Seo-yeon is overjoyed to hear her father’s voice on the other end of the phone, as he would soon pass away in a tragic family accident, possibly caused by his wife. Together, they hatch a plan, and Young-sook manages to save Seo-yeon’s father’s life.

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El cambio

Everything changes for Seo-yeon. Her house becomes modern and comfortable, she introduces color into her wardrobe, her father is alive, and her mother is no longer ill in the hospital. However, Seo-yeon discovers online that Young-sook will be murdered that night by her stepmother. Seo-yeon warns Young-sook to stay on guard, and the entire fabric of the universe’s events is forever altered.

El teléfono (The Call): Las dos jóvenes

Park Shin-hye, a well-known Korean actress, delivers a strong performance as Seo-yeon. She is a versatile talent, known for her roles in various fields, including modeling, acting, singing, and dancing. This year, she gained international acclaim for her outstanding performance in the Netflix film “Vivo” (2020). Jeon Jong-seo, another talented Korean actress, gained worldwide recognition for her role in the exceptional suspense film “Burning” (2018).

En el tajo

While Park Shin-hye’s performance is excellent, Jeon Jong-seo is truly outstanding. Although I typically refrain from reviewing multiple actors or actresses simultaneously, the connection between their performances in this film is undeniable, even without the telephone. Park Shin-hye embodies vulnerability and suffering, adding dramatic intensity to the movie, while Jeon Jong-seo perfectly portrays a tough and resilient character, enduring her stepmother’s abuse. I won’t say another word, as I don’t want to ruin the experience for you. Both deliver remarkable performances that help maintain the difficult cohesion of a plot that, despite its seemingly basic premise, is an intricate, Machiavellian blend of genres. Park is charming, and Jeon will captivate you. Taking sides won’t be difficult. They are actresses to be followed closely.

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El que cuelga el teléfono

“El teléfono” (The Call) is director Lee Chung-hyun’s debut feature film. A South Korean director and writer, he previously directed a short film, “Bargain” (2015), which I haven’t had the chance to see. Let me skip the fact that he based this film on a previous one, directed by someone I’ve never heard of, and focus on his script, which is original, creative, and even sarcastic if it catches you off guard. However, to truly appreciate it, viewers will have to suspend their disbelief and accept everything they’re presented with. Digging deeper into the film reveals a meditation or a warning about the logic of time travel, albeit one that deviates from conventional norms. You may end up going slightly mad, just like me, but I assure you that you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen, not even during the closing credits, which hold a surprising revelation.

Está comunicando

The director’s exceptional guidance of the actors and actresses is evident throughout the movie, extending beyond just the main cast. The film maintains a consistent pace, and there are shots that foreshadow Lee Chung-hyun’s potential as a master filmmaker. Whether it’s the tunnel scenes, the close-ups of Young-sook, the impending kitchen explosion, or the greenhouse explosion, every shot will leave you breathless. The changes in the house, reflecting the butterfly effect, accompanied by decent visual effects, deserve special mention. This director is one to watch closely.

Conclusión de El teléfono (The Call)

I wholeheartedly recommend “The Call.” However, I must issue a fundamental premise: you must be willing to believe or, at the very least, accept everything thrown at you. If you question one aspect, you’ll have to question the entire film, and the magic will dissipate. While it may seem to deviate from the usual logic of typical time-travel movies (which it does), there is an underlying contemplation or warning about the subject. You might end up going a little crazy, just like me, but I guarantee that you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen until the last second of the end credits, where a surprising and significant revelation awaits.

Posibles explicaciones

Attention, Netflix enthusiasts and cinephiles, alea jacta est. Congratulations and welcome to the show.


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