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Estamos Muertos: A Complete Guide to Characters and Actors in the Netflix Zombie Series

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If you’ve joined the frenzy surrounding “All of us are dead,” the new hit Korean original series on Netflix that’s already topping charts worldwide, then this guide is for you. Here, we delve into the details of the show’s characters and the actors who bring them to life.

Students of Class 2-5 Trapped in the Classroom

  • Park Ji Hoo (18) as Nam On Jo, a lifelong friend and neighbor of Cheong San.
  • Yoon Chan Young (20) as Lee Cheong San, the male lead and eternal admirer of On Jo.
  • Cho Yi Hyun (22) as Choi Nam Ra, the class president.
  • Park Solomon (22) as Lee Su Hyuk, the athletic classmate and On Jo’s crush.
  • Im Jae Hyuk (27) as Yang Dae Su, the charismatic boy who loves to sing.
  • Ahn Seung Kyun (28) as Oh Joon Young, the second-place student in the class.
  • Ham Sung Min (23) as Han Gyeong Soo, Cheong San’s best friend.
  • Lee Yoo Mi (27) as Lee Na Yeon, the villain who earns the audience’s hatred for her actions against Gyeong Soo.
  • Kim Jin Young (18) as Kim Ji Min, the classmate with a ponytail who loses her parents while they’re out looking for her in their van.
  • Son Sang Yeon (19) as Jang Woo Jin, the younger brother of Archer Ha Ri.
  • Kim Bo Yoon (21) as Seo Hyo Ryung, the girl with a bob cut who surprises everyone at the end of the series.
  • Kim Ju A (18) as Yoon I Sak, On Jo’s best friend.
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Students Trapped in the Bathroom

  • Ha Seung Ri (27) as Jang Ha Ri, a sunbae (senior) who plays on the archery team at Hyosan Institute.
  • Lee Eun Saem (22) as Park Mi Jin, the badass sunbae who smokes and curses.
  • Yang Han Yeol (18) as Yoo Joon Sung, a fearful student who allies with Mi Jin.
  • Jin Ho Eun (21) as Jung Min Jae, Ha Ri’s hoobae (junior) on the archery team.

The Bullies of Hyosan Institute

  • Yoo In Soo (23) as Yoon Gwi Nam, the half-zombie enemy of Cheong San.
  • Oh Hee Joon (33) as Son Myeong Hwan, the leader of the bullies.
  • Shin Jae Hwi (27) as Chang Hoon, the bully.
  • Jung Yi Seo (28) as Kim Hyun Joo, the student bitten by a rat, which triggers the Jonas virus outbreak.

Students Bullied and Trapped on the Roof

  • Oh Hye Soo (26) as Min Eun Ji, the first half-zombie in “All of us are dead.”
  • Ahn Ji Ho (18) as Kim Chul Soo, the only student rescued by the military.

Teachers, Staff, and Administrators of the Institute

  • Kim Byung Chul (48) as Lee Byung Chan, a teacher and the creator of the Jonas virus.
  • Lee Sang Hee (38) as Teacher Park Sun Hwa.
  • Uhm Hyo Sup (55) as the director.
  • Yoon Byung Hee (40) as Kang Jin Gu, the teacher who bites I Sak after entering the 2-5 classroom.
  • Yoon Kyung Ho (41) as Jung Yong Nam, the dean who denies help to Eun Ji and ends up being devoured by the half-zombies.
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Hyosan Police and Emergency Rescue Team

  • Lee Kyu Hyung (38) as Song Jae Il, the detective who rescues a newborn baby and the girl Se Bin.
  • Park Jae Chul (36) as Jun Ho Chul, a hoobae (junior) from Seoul University.
  • Jun Bae Su (51) as Nam So Ju, On Jo’s father.
  • Woo Ji Hyun (35) as firefighter Kim U Sin.

Politicians and Military Personnel in “All of us are dead”

  • Bae Hae Sun (47) as Assemblywoman Park Eun Hee.
  • Jo Dal Hwan (41) as Assemblywoman Park’s secretary.
  • Kim Jong Tae (46) as Colonel Jin Seon Mu, who orders the bombing in Hyosan.
  • Ryoo Sung Hyun (50) as Captain Choi Sung Won, the military leader of the rescue mission.
  • Park Ji Yeol (34) as Sergeant Lee Jae Joon, who gets bitten and is subsequently studied. He was scheduled to be discharged in seven days but volunteered for the rescue mission.

More Characters in “All of us are dead”

  • Lee Min Goo (29) as Lee Jin Soo, Professor Lee Byung Chan’s son and the first zombie in the entire “All of us are dead” universe.
  • Lee Chae Eun (17) as Park Hee Soo, the pregnant student.
  • Lee Ji Hyun (49) as Cheong San’s mother.
  • Lee Yo Sung (49) as Cheong San’s father.
  • Ahn Se Bin (8) as Se Bin, the girl rescued by Detective Jae Il.
  • Lee Si Hoon (37) as the YouTuber.

What is “All of us are dead” about?

The Korean series “All of us are dead” follows the story of students at Hyosan Institute who must survive a zombie outbreak caused by their science teacher. Starring Park Solomon, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Ji Hoo, and Yoon Chan Young, this show has become the most-watched series worldwide.

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How many episodes does “All of us are dead” have?

The story of the zombie epidemic in Hyosan unfolds over 12 episodes, each lasting between 53 to 72 minutes. This information is useful for those who want to binge-watch “All of us are dead.”

Park Solomon and Cho Yi Hyun: The Secret Behind Their Kiss

According to a recent Netflix interview, the kissing scene between Su Hyeok and Nam Ra took 17 takes. Actress Cho Yi Hyun explained the reason for the repetitions, while her co-star admitted that this moment was his favorite in the entire series. You can relive this emotional moment in episode 7 of “All of us are dead” by watching the video linked below.

Interview with the Cast of “All of us are dead” by Ratingperson

The four main actors of the series, “All of us are dead,” exclusively revealed to Ratingperson how they prepared to portray their beloved characters. Park Solomon shared, “For three months prior to filming, some of us in the cast attended an academy to receive training in action scenes and get in shape. We also had a personal trainer. We didn’t want to portray a ‘cool’ aspect in the action, but rather convey that it was all about survival. For example, Yoon Chan Young (Cheong San) also trained at Lake Park (laughs), and in my case, I went to the Han River in South Korea to practice my kicks and movements.” Watch the full interview with the cast here.

Park Solomon Speaks in Spanish

Park Solomon, the actor who plays Soo Hyuk in “All of us are dead,” took the opportunity to greet his Latin American fans while speaking with Ratingperson. Through a video call, the celebrity shared a few words in Spanish.

“All of us are dead” Trailer by Netflix


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