30 Follow the Prophet Singing Time Ideas
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30 Engaging Ideas for Follow the Prophet Singing Time

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You’ll have no trouble teaching the Primary song “Follow the Prophet” with these exciting singing time ideas! Below, you’ll find flip charts and 30 unique ideas that will help you engage the children and make learning enjoyable for them.

Follow the Prophet Flip Charts

Head over to Ratingperson to access a variety of Follow the Prophet flip chart styles, including a colorful version, a black and white option for a lyrics book, and even a slideshow. These resources will be invaluable for music leaders as they prepare for the Primary program. The new verse for President Nelson is also included, as well as the complete song lyrics for all the verses.

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8 Follow the Prophet Singing Time Ideas

Let’s start with some direct links to singing time ideas on Ratingperson. You’ll find an abundance of activities that are easy to implement and customize for your Primary. Additionally, I have curated some fun ideas below.

1. Follow the Prophet – Personalized License Plates

Engage the children by using personalized Follow the Prophet license plates. You can get creative and color in plates with a scene for each prophet or have the children roll and match with the corresponding prophet verse. This activity is perfect for General Conference or as a sharing time lesson about each prophet.

2. Follow the Prophet – Guest Prophet

Invite guests to the front of the room to portray different prophets and share their stories. This Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet singing time idea allows each guest to focus on one whole verse before transitioning to the next guest and verse.

3. Follow the Prophet – Riddles

Challenge the older children in Primary with Follow the Prophet riddles. See if they can guess which prophet you’re referring to based on the unique riddles, and then have the Primary sing their corresponding verse. This activity serves as a great review and a fun challenge.

4. Follow the Prophet – Matching Activity

Use the printable Follow the Prophet Matching Activity to help the Primary children associate each prophet’s picture with their respective verse. Test their knowledge of the verses or introduce new ones gradually. Consider incorporating sign language signs or key gospel principles to aid in memorization.

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5. Follow the Prophet – Treasure Hunt

Make learning about the Old Testament prophets exciting with the Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt. This activity can be done outdoors on a beautiful day or indoors within the Primary room. The children will love going on a treasure hunt while discovering interesting facts about the prophets.

6. Follow the Prophet – Listen & Sing

Incorporate echo singing in a unique and engaging way with the Follow the Prophet Listen & Sing activity. Take turns singing and listening, using adorable song visuals to aid in the learning process. This no-prep activity is a fantastic way to make singing time interactive.

7. Follow the Prophet – Word Swap

Add a twist to a classic eraser pass game with the Follow the Prophet Word Swap activity. Cross off the silly word in each phrase and find the correct one in the word bank. You can display the phrases on a poster board or use PowerPoint presentations to engage the entire Primary. This game is sure to be a hit.

8. Follow the Prophet – Drum Pattern

Let the children have some rambunctious fun by following along with the Follow the Prophet Drum Patterns. You can use actual drums, popsicle sticks, or even hymn books and pencils. The different colored words in the pattern will help the children follow along, even the younger ones.

22 MORE Different Ways to Teach Follow the Prophet

In addition to the suggestions above, here are more creative and engaging ideas to teach “Follow the Prophet” contributed by other Primary Music Leaders. Feel free to adapt these ideas to suit your needs and share your own adaptations with us!

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For more engaging ways to teach your Primary songs, head over to see these fun Redeemer of Israel Singing Time ideas.

Now that you have an array of ideas, get ready to have a blast teaching “Follow the Prophet” in your Primary Singing Time!

  • What other fun ways and ideas do you have for teaching Follow the Prophet in Singing Time?

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