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5 Innovations Enhancing Food Safety

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Food safety is a major concern for all companies. Neglecting proper handwashing, incorrect meat storage, or disregarding line checks can lead to foodborne illnesses that harm your brand. With one out of every six Americans falling ill each year due to foodborne illnesses, and two-thirds of outbreaks originating in restaurants, it is crucial for the well-being of your customers and the success of your business to prioritize food safety.

In this article, we will explore some of the cutting-edge technologies that are helping foodservice employees ensure safe food storage, preparation, and service.

Automated Monitoring: Ensuring Safe Storage

The implementation of sensors in coolers, freezers, and other food storage areas is becoming increasingly common. This technology provides continuous monitoring and alerts you whenever temperatures rise above safe holding levels. By promptly addressing temperature fluctuations, you can prevent the need to discard a freezer full of food. Automated monitoring surpasses manual checks, guaranteeing that food is stored safely.

Image: Automated Monitoring

Elearning: Bite-sized Knowledge

While we often associate food safety technologies with devices or solutions that directly monitor food or sterilize surfaces, effective training in food safety techniques is equally important. Microlearning, a popular elearning technique, enables you to provide employees with concise reminders of the steps they should take to maintain safety. With quick and easily digestible content, employees can refresh their food safety knowledge in just a minute.

Inspection Apps: Simplifying Audits

Internal and external audits can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Transitioning from spreadsheets to dedicated platforms designed to support food safety practices can alleviate audit-related pressures. Food safety technologies, such as software or cloud-based apps, streamline processes by automating HACCP logs, preventing employee fraud, and suggesting corrective actions. These tools facilitate compliance while minimizing the burden of audits.

Consistent Labeling: A Necessity

Clear and consistent labeling for prepared foods is crucial for preventing foodborne illnesses. Restaurants that rely on commissaries or offer freshly prepared meals can benefit from automated labeling systems that ensure compliance with government standards. Embracing automated food labeling, particularly when integrated with comprehensive restaurant management solutions, significantly reduces the workload for kitchen staff.

Light-based Decontamination: Shining a Path Towards Safety

Light-based food safety technologies, such as UV processes, are advancing for commercial use. These innovative methods may find their way not only into restaurants but also into various stages of the supply chain. Light-based decontamination offers a cost-effective approach to eliminating harmful bacteria from food surfaces or clear liquids.

Image: Light-based Decontamination

Avoid the consequences of a foodborne illness outbreak. Such incidents can lead to negative reviews, loss of business, and potentially fines and legal fees. At Ratingperson, we understand the stress associated with food safety. Our food safety software allows you to easily record food temperatures, receive timely notifications for corrective actions, establish cleaning and maintenance schedules, and require manager sign-offs. Moreover, you can effortlessly monitor delivery temperatures, track suppliers, and receive alerts for equipment failures, all through our user-friendly app. Need reminders to check food temperatures? Our software has you covered. With our advanced technology, staying informed and identifying trends is a breeze.

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Food safety is critical, but it is not the sole aspect to consider when running a successful restaurant. At Ratingperson, we offer a complete suite of innovative restaurant operations software to assist you in every facet of your business. When in doubt, choose automation. It eliminates errors and simplifies operations. Let’s start today and transform your restaurant into exactly what you envision.


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