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Ford Explorer: Discover the Versatile Cargo Space

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Ford Explorer Cargo Space and Trunk Dimensions


The Ford Explorer is renowned for its abundant cargo space, making it a perfect vehicle for carrying your family and hauling any cargo you may need. In this article, we’ll explore the dimensions and passenger options of the Ford Explorer Cargo, and delve into its towing capabilities. Whether you’re embarking on a family trip or need extra space for your belongings, the Ford Explorer has you covered.

Ford Explorer Trunk Dimensions

The Ford Explorer Cargo Dimensions

When all the rear passenger seats are folded flat into the floor, the Ford Explorer provides a magnificent maximum cargo space of 87.2 cubic feet, with a length of 83.9 inches. This ample space offers you endless options for hauling cargo. However, if you’re traveling with passengers, the Explorer still impresses with its ability to comfortably carry 7 passengers while retaining 18.2 cubic feet of cargo space.

Passenger Options

The Ford Explorer Cargo offers various seating configurations to accommodate up to seven people. The first row seats two, the second row seats three, and the third row seats an additional two individuals. Despite being classified as a mid-size SUV, the Ford Explorer provides a spacious interior that meets all your needs.

How Is the Space Calculated?

Cargo space is determined by calculating the volume of the vehicle. By multiplying the length, width, and height, we can gauge the cubic feet available. With all the passenger seats laid flat, the Ford Explorer boasts an interior dimension of 87.2 cubic feet. Even if you choose to keep the first and second row of seats intact and only fold the third row, you still have 47.9 cubic feet to utilize.

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Ford Explorer Cargo Space and Trunk Dimensions

Towing Capabilities

Not only does the Ford Explorer excel in cargo space, but it also offers impressive towing capacity. Depending on the engine you choose, you can tow boats, ATVs, trailers, and more. Here are the towing weight capacities for different engine options:

  • Base-level 2.3L 4-cylinder engine: Generates 300 horsepower with a maximum tow weight of 5,300 pounds.
  • 3.0L V6 engine: Produces 365 horsepower and can tow up to 5,600 pounds.
  • 3.3L Hybrid option: Generates 318 horsepower and has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

Please note that the standard models do not come with a towing hitch, which can be purchased as an additional add-on when selecting your vehicle.

Is the Ford Explorer Worth Buying?

Ford has designed the Explorer as a midsize SUV that caters to large families, campers, and adventure enthusiasts. With its spacious yet sleek design, it’s the perfect vehicle for the modern-day family. The interior can be customized to ensure comfort for everyone, and the six trim versions offer a range of features and tech options. From a power liftgate to heated and ventilated seats, the Ford Explorer provides a luxurious and practical driving experience.

Ford Explorer Cargo Space and Trunk Dimensions


What is the Cargo Management System in a 2021 Ford Explorer?

The Cargo Management System is an optional package for the Ford Explorer. It includes a rubberized protective mat, a cargo net, a reversible load floor fitting, and movable dividers. These features help keep your cargo organized and utilize the available space efficiently.


With its spacious seating and configurable interior, the Ford Explorer is a versatile machine that can cater to all your needs. Whether you need to transport passengers or carry a substantial amount of cargo, the Ford Explorer delivers. Say goodbye to the stress of packing and enjoy the ease and convenience of the abundant cargo space in the Ford Explorer.

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