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27 Get Well Soon Card Messages | Paperless Post

by Moon
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Get well wishes for covid

Life is all about peaks and valleys, but these days it feels like there’s been more of the latter. Many of our loved ones are getting sick, experiencing tough times, or coming down with bad luck. Whether they have tested positive for Covid-19, sprained their ankle, or are recovering from surgery, all it takes to make someone’s day is to send a thoughtful get well soon card.

But when someone in our life is hurting, physically or emotionally, it can often be hard to find the right words to say. Sending a virtual get well card is easy, but what about the message inside? We’ve got you covered. To help you wish friends, family, and loved ones a quick recovery, ahead are our best ideas for get well soon messages.

When to send get well soon cards?

There are so many opportunities in our lives to send our positive thoughts and prayers to loved ones. Here are just some of the reasons you might send a get well card:

— For a recent surgery: Unfortunately because of Covid-19 many hospitals aren’t allowing visitors right now. In lieu of a visit, FaceTime your friend post-surgery and follow up with a sweet get well ecard sending loving thoughts and wishing them good health.

— For those impacted by Covid-19: So many people have been affected by the pandemic and associated illness. It’s important to take the time and send your healing thoughts to those who have tested positive, or have lost a loved one, or have a beloved person in the hospital. Our Covid greeting cards are meant to reflect the messages of this time.

— For broken or sprained bones: If someone you love is out of commission for a while, sending them hopes of a quick recovery is an easy way to cheer them up while they’re stuck on the couch or sick bed.

— When someone is diagnosed with a disease: If someone you love recently told you bad health news, remind them you’re there for them with a thoughtful card of warm wishes. If you are someone who prays, let them know you will keep them in your thoughtful prayers.

— For someone struggling with depression: Some illnesses are harder to see than others. If you know someone close to you is having an especially hard time, it’s appropriate to let them know you are thinking of them, and you’re there if they need anything.

How do you wish someone a speedy recovery?

The best way to cheer someone up when they’re feeling down is with a message straight from the heart. You can wish them a speedy recovery with puns or a humorous card, or go the more sentimental route to pull on their heart strings. You can send them virtual hugs and kisses, or send a card in addition to giving them a call or text. If you are someone who prays, you can let them know you are lifting them up in the greatest healing therapy: prayer.

Whatever message you pick, ultimately they’ll be thrilled to hear from you and touched that you reached out with good wishes for a quick recovery. So go on, put a great big smile on their face with these simple get well soon messages.

Get Well Soon Card Messages

1. “I’m sorry you’re feeling under the weather.” – Rain, rain, go away.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 07

2. “Get whale soon.” – Who doesn’t love puns? Get Whale Soon

3. “Laughter is the best medicine.” – Bad TV cures all.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 03

4. “The sun will come out tomorrow.” – It’s not all gray skies. Screen Shot 2021 02 26 at 10.30.41 PM

5. “Take good care of yourself.” – Warm them up with a childhood throwback to chicken soup.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 04

6. “Sending you love” – Fill their inbox with flowers and make your message extra cheery with a colorful design.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 05

7. “I know you’ll get through it.” – I believe in you.

Blog QuarBirthdayGreetings 08 1

8. “I can make house calls, with a mask of course…” – Let them know you’re here if they need you.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 06

9. “Wishing you strength and healing.” – Even the strongest people in our lives need to hear “stay strong” sometimes.

Screen Shot 2021 02 26 at 10.38.45 PM

10. “There are better days on the horizon.” – Thinking of you. You’ll be feeling better before you know it.

Blog QuarBirthdayGreetings 20 1

11. “You’re my favorite person.” – If you don’t want to mention their condition or illness, just remind them that they are loved.Blog QuarBirthdayGreetings 09 1 1

12. “I hope this makes you smile.” – Because that’s the goal, right? Screen Shot 2021 02 26 at 10.44.40 PM

What to say instead of “I hope you feel better”?

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 08

A greeting card is really worth a thousand kind words. The act of sending a card shows you care, even before the person reads your get well soon message. They’ll be over the moon to see your well wishes of good health, so don’t stress too much about how you’ll sound. Even just a little customization can go a long way to make sure your get well soon message sounds heartful and not generic.

Here are some other ways to say “I hope you feel better” without actually saying it.

13. “It’s only a matter of time before you’re back on your feet.” – Help them stay positive.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 09

14. “Colds and injuries come and go, but our friendship is forever.” – You’ll always be there

15. “Get plenty of rest and relaxation.” – Healing takes time. Let them know it’s okay to take this time to recover.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 10

16. “Everything is going to be okay. I love you.” – It will all work out.

17. “I’m here for you.” – Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 11

18. “Sending good vibes.” – Mail them a little sunshine and hope.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 12

19. “Wishing you comfort.” – Good health all starts with a big mug of hot tea.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 13

20. “I hope your recovery goes smoothly.” – It will all be okay.

21. “The bigger the storm, the bigger the rainbow.” – Remind them life’s filled with peaks and valleys. A new day will dawn.

The bigger the storm, the bigger the rainbow

22. “Sending lots of hugs and kisses.” – The perfect complement to virtual flowers: hope.Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 15

23 “You can always lean on me.” – All they have to do is pick up the phone.

24. “It breaks my heart that you’re not feeling well.” – Show them love straight from the heart.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 16

25. “Sometimes even unicorns feel down. I believe in you.” – Help them find their sparkle.

Blog GetWellSoonCardMessages 17

26. “I love you.” – Three little words that mean so much: I love you. If you’re sending a greeting card to family, friends, or someone very close to you, don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel. Screen Shot 2021 02 26 at 11.01.41 PM

27. “You’re in my thoughts, friend.” – Let them know you’re thinking of them and sending healing thoughts.

How to send get well soon messages

Once you’ve picked the perfect get well soon message to wish someone you love a quick recovery and renewed strength, you can start with any of our virtual get well cards. Pick your favorite card and edit the message with your own thoughtful note. Add the recipient’s email address and send instantly. You can even keep track of when your card is opened and read any message sent back to you to keep the conversation and good cheer going.

Have a friend with an upcoming surgery? Or a coworker, or your dad? Or know when your nephew will be getting their tonsils removed? If you’re able to plan ahead you can always schedule cards in advance so they’ll arrive on time, and you’ll never forget to wish them well.virtual get well cards

Ready to send your own get well soon card messages? Browse our full collection of online cards wishing them good health and a speedy recovery.

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