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Go Native: Exploring the World of Native Plants

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Go Native: the Business of Native Plants

Introduction to our Podcast

Welcome to Go Native, the groundbreaking podcast that delves into the inner workings of the native plant industry. Hosted by the brilliant Mitzy Sosa, this podcast offers invaluable insights into running a native plant business and embarking on a rewarding career surrounded by nature’s gems.

Go Native Nursery

Embrace the Native Plant Industry

At Go Native, we celebrate and explore the multiple pathways to success in the native plant industry. Whether you’re interested in growing and planting natives for a living or incorporating them into your life, this podcast is for you.

Our engaging host, Mitzy Sosa, is an accomplished graduate from Florida Atlantic University (Go Owls!). She skillfully interviews industry experts, successful retailers, and environmental restoration and landscape professionals, gaining valuable insights into building a thriving business or pursuing a career in the native plant industry.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the talented musician Clive Romney for creating the captivating music used in our podcast, “Success that works both ways.”

Accessible Content

You can find our monthly episodes on your favorite podcast platforms or listen to them right here on our blog. Join us at Ratingperson for the latest episodes.

Discover the captivating world of native plants. Tune in to our trailer or read the transcript below to learn more. Let’s go native together!

Episode 0/Trailer

Go Native: The Business of Native Plants Trailer | RSS.com Podcasting

Transcript of Episode 0/Trailer

HOST: Mitzy Sosa

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Speakers heard in this episode:

  • Carl Bates – Carl Bates Indigenous Plants
  • Mallory Babjak – Wise Hands Native Nursery
  • Jane Thompson – Indian Trails Native Nursery

Mitzy Sosa 00:02

Hello and welcome to Go Native: The Business of Native Plants, a podcast presented by the Native Plant Horticulture Foundation. Join us as we visit native nurseries and delve into the world of native plant experts, retailers, and professionals who specialize in environmental restoration and landscaping. Our aim is to gain valuable insights into building a successful business or forging a fulfilling career with native plants. I’m Mitzy Sosa, your host. As a recent graduate in environmental biology, I have countless questions. Not only about life itself but also about the intricacies of owning a native nursery. How did these entrepreneurs get started? What challenges did they face? And what surprises did they encounter along the way?

Carl Bates 00:43

Welcome to the nursery business! Be prepared for hard work because it takes dedication and passion. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to love what they do and conduct thorough research on the plants they wish to grow. It’s crucial to assess the market demand and ensure sales feasibility.

Mitzy Sosa 00:57

Let’s hear about the rewards too…

Mallory Babjak 00:58

It has been an incredible journey for me. I’ve gained practical knowledge and experience, not only in working with native plants and propagating them but also in igniting people’s interest and enthusiasm for these invaluable botanical treasures.

Mitzy Sosa 01:15

We will explore their successes and failures, but most importantly, we will seek their advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this industry.

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Jane Thompson 01:25

Firstly, we refer to it as soil, not dirt. If you accidentally call it dirt in front of our local soil provider, they’ll gently correct you. It’s essential to acknowledge that it’s soil, not dirt.

Mitzy Sosa 01:35

Clearly, there is so much to learn from their experiences. Join me on this exciting educational journey. Subscribe now to Go Native: The Business of Native Plants. New episodes are released every month. Don’t forget to visit our website nativeplanthort.org to learn more and support us. Thank you, and see you soon!

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