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35 Creative Birdhouse Ideas For Your Garden

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35 Creative Birdhouse Ideas For Your Garden

Want creative and unique birdhouse ideas? This photo gallery features all sorts of decorative bird home with lots of rustic, homemade touches including different paint colors and stone finishes.

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Decorative birdhouses in the garden.

What’s Your Favorite Birdhouse Style?

You can tell a lot about a gardener’s style by their choice of birdhouse. This gallery has everything from stone to wood, rustic to modern, traditional to eclectic. See which ones are your favorites.

The most important thing to know about birdhouses is that most are not actually suitable for birds to nest inside. This explains what a nesting box is and why decorative birdhouses can be dangerous for birds. To keep things safe, if it’s garden decor, block off any entry holes.

If you love bold colors, also see 12 Colorful Garden Ideas. I’ve got some freshly-painted birdhouses in my garden too!


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Creative Birdhouse Ideas

1Red Birdhouse

Pick a beautiful, strong paint color and work it!

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2Rustic Wood Birdhouses

Old weathered wood is perfect for creating rustic birdhouses.

Duplex birdhouse with one white side and one red side.

3Cowboy Boots

These nesting boxes were made by Empress of Dirt Facebook friend Gaye.

While we hope they’re safe, homemade arty birdhouses tend to be dangerous. Predators can get in or chicks get trapped inside. For this reason, if you like this idea, just use them as garden art and block off any entry holes.

Want to paint leather or vinyl? Rough up the surface with sandpaper and use patio craft paints.

4Stone Birdhouse With Funnel Roof

The first birdhouse I ever made for my garden was a stone birdhouse.

I had seen a rather magnificent one for sale on a garden tour and, after seeing the sticker price ($275), I thought it might be a good idea to try making my own instead.


Several of the photos in this series come from the same garden. The artist, Mike, uses all sorts of random bits and bobs to create birdhouses and other garden art.

6Front Porch

You know how I said decorative birdhouses can be dangerous for wild birds?

This one has a good solution: paint the entry hole rather than making a real one. Problem solved!

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7Turquoise Birdhouse

I’m a big fan of using color as a recurring theme throughout a garden.

This shows more ways to use color to spruce up a backyard space.

Best Outdoor Glue?

I use GE II Silicone Sealant for all of my garden art projects. It forms a permanent bond that lasts forever.

8Birdhouse Tree

We saw this on the front of a store on the shore of Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada.

9St. Toad’s Cathedral

This toad house is next level! I’m not sure if His Majesty was at home when I took the photo.

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10Birdhouse Chair

This idea became popular years ago when country style furnishings were ruling the crafting world.

Just create picket tops, add faux roof pieces and drill holes.

11Martin House

This one is in my garden. I bought the martin house at a yard sale. I blocked off all of the doors except one. The wrens use it each spring.

This next one is not a birdhouse but a bird feeder made from a repurposed toy dollhouse:

11Tree Stump Birdhouses

This multi-branch tree stump makes an excellent birdhouse apartment complex.

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12Black Birdhouse

Black can be a bold color choice in a garden. This design could be used as a bird feeder too.

You can see more examples of black paint in the garden shown here with black fence and arbor.


Not quite a birdhouse but more of an entertaining area for birds!

14Clay Nesting Box

This one is used as a nesting box. Again, always be sure you can open and clean anything that birds may nest in.

15Rustic Blue

A lovely, scrappy piece made from old barnboard and sheet metal scraps.

16Red and Yellow Birdhouse

This one has a modern art vibe. I quite like the addition of the tree branch on the porch.

17Chicken Coop Birdhouses

You’ll notice in several of these photos where the gardener has grouped a bunch of birdhouses together.

Creating collections is a great tip for displaying garden art.

18Bedazzled Birdhouse

Go glitzy or go home! This birdhouse is bedazzling.

19Flower Power

I love old wood patina paired with masses of flowering plants.

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20Green Tin Roof

Check out the junk boxes at thrift shops and Habitat for Humanity stores to find odd pieces for your birdhouse.

Locks, keys, gears, doorknobs, and more all work.

21Quirky Topsy Turvy Birdhouse

There was a crooked man… What a fun and quirky project. Love the bell tower!

22Rustic Stone Birdhouse

This one seems to be made from a basic wood birdhouse covered in grout with stones pressed in.

23Log Cabin Birdhouse

I love this one. Wish it was mine!

24Miniature Birdhouse

This is a simple idea for a fairy or miniature garden.

Take a small piece of wood, drill a few holes, add a perch, and top it with a tiny piece of scrap metal.

25Rustic Quirky Birdhouse

If you have old wood scraps, they work nicely for a house like this one.

Don’t worry about creating patina: a year or so of exposure to the elements starts aging wood nicely.

26Tree Stump Birdhouse

Years ago, it was considered a faux pas to leave tree stumps in place when a tree must be removed.

While some may resprout, the stumps provide valuable food and habitat for all the insects and microbes that keep a garden alive.

27Seashell Birdhouse

Here’s another option: use seashells instead of stones to decorate a birdhouse.

28Tool Perch

This is a sweet idea: use an old hand tool to mimic a perch.

29Hand-Painted Birdhouse

If your birdhouse needs dressing up, consider hand-painting some designs on it. A picket fence with flowers works too.

See How to Hand Paint Flower Pots for recommended craft supplies.

30Lock Birdhouse

Raid that thrift store and find items like this old lock to use as birdhouse decor.

31Old Man Tree Stump

He’s alive! This old tree stump holds the laundry line and lots of garden art including the birdhouse on top.

Sometimes these tree stump faces are available on Amazon.

There is an entire gallery of tree stump art ideas here.

32Rustic Simple Birdhouse

33Tall Blue Birdhouse

There are a few creative details here: the faucet handle and drawer pull as accessories, the teardrop entry hole, and the addition of a vintage water fountain.

34Birdhouse Collection

This one was shared by Empress of Dirt Facebook friend Lee who created a lovely birdhouse village on her garden fence.

35Stone and Wood

Pretty fancy! The turned wood and detailing looks gorgeous with the embedded stones.

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Examples of decorative birdhouses in the garden.

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