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“Granny” Update 1.5: Exploring New Features and Escaping Granny

by Assessor

The latest update for the Granny horror game, version 1.5, brings exciting new additions such as a practice mode, extra items, and an alternative way to escape Granny’s clutches. In this article, we will guide you through using the book, repairing the car engine, finding Granny’s pet spider, and other thrilling features introduced in the update.

What’s New in Granny Update 1.5?

According to the developer notes, the Granny update 1.5 includes:

  • Practice mode
  • New areas to explore and items to discover
  • A new pet for Granny
  • An additional method of escaping Granny’s house
  • Granny remains unconscious for a longer duration after being hit with the shotgun

Practice Mode: How It Works

Practice mode allows players to familiarize themselves with the layout of Granny’s house and learn how various objects interact without the fear of being chased. Upon entering the mode, you will find a sticky note left by Granny on the barricaded front door, stating “I’ll be back soon.” Although the mode is generally safe, entering the room where Granny’s pet spider is kept will trigger an attack, advancing you to the next day. As long as you steer clear of the spider or learn to effectively handle it, you will be fine.

New Book Room: Unlocking the Angelene Easter Egg

Update 1.5 introduces a Book Room that unlocks a hidden Angelene (Slenderina’s mother) easter egg. To access it, you must locate three items in Granny’s house: a Book, a Bookshelf, and a Bookshelf Lever. Here’s where to find each of them:

  • Finding the Book: The book is often concealed on shelves or inside cupboards.
  • Locating the Bookshelf: The bookshelf is situated on a wall in the second bedroom, adjacent to the closet connecting the two bedrooms.
  • Discovering the Bookshelf Lever: This item hides behind a painting in the second bedroom upstairs.
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To unlock the Angelene Easter Egg:

  1. Find the Book first and proceed to the Second Bedroom.
  2. Knock down the painting in the Second Bedroom to reveal the Lever.
  3. Pull the Lever and head to the Bookshelf, which will open to reveal the hidden Book Room.
  4. Step into the Book Room and place the Book on the Book Stand found in the center of the room.
  5. Angelene, Slenderina’s mother, will then appear chained to the wall by her wrists at the back of the room.

New Special Pet Room: Finding Granny’s Spider

In addition to the Book Room, the update includes a new Pet Room hidden in the Attic. To access the Pet Room, you must find a special key located in various places throughout the house. This four-pronged tool can be found in the Kitchen cabinets, microwave, Meat room, or Hidden room.

Once you’ve obtained the Special Key, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Pet Room door located in the attic room with the clothing mannequin.
  2. Ascend a few stairs to find the Pet Room, which contains a table, a cabinet, some barrels, and an empty plate on the floor.
  3. On one of the walls, you’ll notice a red button adjacent to an open wooden crate. Granny’s new pet spider resides within this crate.
  4. If the spider spots you, it will attack, prompting the start of a new day. Sometimes, the cabinet in this room holds a required item, so you must learn how to deal with Granny’s spider to retrieve it. There are two methods for handling the spider:
    • Feed it: Locate the Meat and place it on the empty plate. The spider will emerge and consume the meat. Be quick, as it will attack once it finishes eating if you don’t escape in time. The meat can be found in various locations such as the upstairs toilet, shed in the yard, or kitchen cupboard.
    • Cage it: Use the shotgun or tranquilizer gun to shoot the red button near the spider crate, trapping the spider by lowering the wood plank above it. This method requires precise aim.
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New Way to Escape: Starting the Car

Introduced in update 1.4, the Car garage now serves as a secondary means of escape from Granny. The latest update, 1.5, allows players to utilize the vehicle to flee. Follow these steps:

  1. Find the Car key to unlock the trunk and start the car. Locate the gas tank inside the trunk.
  2. Source a can of Gasoline within Granny’s house to fuel up the car. Take the can to the trunk and fill the gas tank.
  3. Retrieve and install several Engine pieces under the car hood to get the engine running:
    • Place the Engine Body on top of the engine block.
    • Use a Wrench to tighten all eight screws and secure the engine body.
    • Find and install the Car Battery and Spark Plug under the hood.
  4. Locate the Padlock key to unlock the garage door. Once the door is unlocked, open it by gripping the handle. Behind it, you will find the brick wall without the unsettling message.
  5. Start the Car by following all the preceding steps. Once completed, enter the car and maneuver it in Reverse and Forward several times, crashing against the brick wall. Breaking it down will trigger a new ending where the player escapes in the car, while Granny watches on.

Remember, Granny Update 1.5 introduces a host of captivating features and possibilities for escaping Granny’s horrifying grip. Enjoy exploring the new areas, uncovering hidden secrets, and devising strategies to outsmart Granny!

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