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Woo Jin Yong: A Crossfit Athlete Emerges as the Strongest in the Netflix Reality Show

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The winner of “Habilidad física: 100” has been revealed. On February 21, the final episode of the Korean Netflix show, which challenged a hundred participants to push the limits of their bodies, aired. The goal of the reality show was to find the strongest, most agile, and resilient contestant among athletes, soldiers, bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts, and more. The ultimate challenge pitted contestants Woo Jin Yong and Park Hae Min against each other, with Woo Jin Yong emerging victorious.

Woo Jin Yong: A Closer Look

Despite not receiving much screen time throughout the show, Woo Jin Yong’s victory has sparked curiosity among the audience. According to Namu Wiki, Woo Jin Yong was born in 1986 and is currently 37 years old. Standing at 1.74 meters tall, he completed his mandatory military service in the marines.

His passion for sports shaped his professional future. He studied Physical Education in Chung Ang University and also pursued a master’s degree in the same field. Woo Jin Yong specializes in crossfit, a high-intensity training regimen that combines various exercises like push-ups and weightlifting to increase power and physical endurance. He is currently affiliated with CrossFit Namsan and JD Fitness gym.

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Additionally, snowboarding was his primary sport for many years, and his social media posts often feature him enjoying the snow. He even competed in the “cross” category and became the first national athlete for that particular sport. In the final episode, Woo Jin Yong expressed his motivation for winning the prize: to bring attention to lesser-known winter sports. He hoped that young snowboarding athletes would receive more support and interest from the public.

Follow Woo Jin Yong on Instagram

If you want to keep up with the winner of “Habilidad física: 100,” you can find him on Instagram under the username @Jdsbx. With over 16,000 followers, he shares his sporting journey and proudly displays the plaster cast that commemorates his victory over 99 other athletic contestants. In one of the images, you can see other participants celebrating his win, including Seol Ki Kwan, who eliminated Agent H in the first mission and ranked among the top 20, as well as Hwang Bit Yeoul, Jeong Han Saem, and the popular Jang Eun Sil.

The Prize of “Habilidad física: 100” in Peruvian Soles

Similar to “Squid Game,” the sole survivor of the program won a substantial sum of money. The prize amounted to around one million Peruvian Soles.

The Top 5 of “Habilidad física: 100”

The final challenge of “Physical: 100” consisted of a series of elimination punishments, similar to the fourth mission. Here is the top 5 ranking of the show:

  1. Woo Jin Yong
  2. Jung Hae Min
  3. Park Jin Yong
  4. Jo Jin Hyeong
  5. Kim Min Cheol
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Will There Be a Season 2 of “Habilidad física: 100”?

As of now, there hasn’t been confirmation of a second season of “Habilidad física: 100.” However, given its global success, fans are confident that Netflix will renew the competition program. A hint of this possibility can be found at the end of the series, where it is mentioned that the search for the best physique will continue.

The Episode Count of “Physical: 100”

This Korean reality program consists of 9 episodes. Since its premiere, two episodes were released every Tuesday. The season finale aired on February 21.

A Female Version of “Habilidad física: 100”?

While not officially confirmed as the female counterpart, “Siren: survive the island” will share similarities with “Habilidad física: 100.” In this upcoming Korean competition reality show, exclusively available on Netflix, women will test their strength to survive and become winners. The streaming premiere is set for 2023.

Female Participants of “Habilidad física: 100”

Female presence was limited in “Habilidad física: 100,” with less than 30 women participating in the reality show. Here is a list of the female contestants:

  • Shim Eu Ddeum
  • Song Ah Reum
  • Choi Hyun Min
  • Shin Bo Mi Rae
  • Elaine
  • Lee Ye Ji
  • An Da Jeong
  • Yoyo
  • Yoo Ga Ram
  • Go Da Young
  • Mi Ho
  • Kkang Mi
  • Jang Eun Sil
  • Park Min Ji
  • Jang Seong Min
  • Lee So Young
  • Jo Yeon Joo
  • Hwang Bit Yeoul
  • Kim Da Young
  • Lee Da Hyeon
  • Jeong Bo Kyeong
  • Seo Ha Yan
  • Kim Chun Ri

Women in the Top 20 of “Habilidad física: 100”

Out of the 23 women who entered the competition, three secured a place in the top 20. In no particular order, they are boxer Shin Bo Mi Rae, Kim Da Young, who works as a stunt double, and bodybuilder and fitness model Song A Reum.

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“Habilidad física: 100” in Magazines

Due to the show’s popularity, the contestants of “Physical 100” were interviewed and featured in W Korea magazine.

Florian’s Journey in “Habilidad física: 100”

Florian stood out in the early episodes of the program thanks to his charisma. However, this German model, who claims to be Korean at heart, was eliminated early on. He suffered defeat in the first mission against Lee Jun Myeong.

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