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62 Easter Wishes for Family & Loved Ones | Greetings Island

by Moon
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Happy easter wishes to family

From religious celebrations to chocolate bunnies and egg hunts, Easter is a joyful holiday! It has a short window, though, so don’t procrastinate. A late greeting will definitely be past its freshness date. Like sad bunny cupcakes the day after. But don’t worry, it only takes a minute to find cards they’ll love and follow through.

Whether you opt for a traditional folded card or a flat design, you’ll find you’ve invested very little time for a very big bang. Celebrations are best when shared, and your greeting is a ray of happy just for them from you. Every time they see it.

Spring Sprigs - Easter Card folliage leaves illustrated message
Spring Sprigs – Easter Card

Happy Easter Messages

Go traditional or trendy, thoughtful or humorous, but go. Go to our gallery of Easter cards. There’s one for each person on your list, or send one great card to your whole address book. Use your powers for good, and add some happy to their Easter!

  • Thinking of you and hopping by with a Happy Easter HI! Love, Charlotte
  • Happy Easter …from everybunny here! Have a wonderful day! Warmly, The Allens
  • Blessings to you in the season of new life! Love, Rob and Emma
  • Hippity-hippity-hop to a Happy Easter! Wishing you a joy-filled day! Jim & Deb
  • Easter is hatching! Have an egg-cellent Easter! Vince and Abbie
Cross easter card message ideas floral religious
Floral Cross – Easter Card
  • New life emerges – life resurrected in celebration of a Life Resurrected.
  • A joyful Easter to you! Love, The Carmonys
  • May the celebration of renewed life bring hope and joy to your heart and home! The Garza Family
  • May your Easter be filled with joy, peace and happiness! Josh and Skye
  • Wishing you hour after hour of happy till your Easter is Happy all day long! With love, Barb
  • Happy Easter! Wishing you Easter blessings and joy! Love, Uncle Nate and Aunt Amy
  • Happy Easter! May this special day of gathered celebration bring you joy after joy! Jon and Sarah
  • Hoping our smiles bring you smiles across the in-between-us miles!Happy Easter! The Knox Family
  • Only a “personal appearance” would do to bring Happy Easter greetings to you! Have a beautiful day! Love, Greg, Lora, Mike, and Alissa
  • May your Easter basket be filled to overflowing with happiness! Happy Easter! Love always, Tim and Rachel
Bounding bunnies happy Easter card
Bounding Bunnies – Easter Card
  • Happy Easter! Wishing you a happy day doing happy things with people who bring you happiness!Love, Steve & Paula
  • Here’s to the happiness of Easter spilling over into your hearts and home! The Turners
  • May the Hope of Resurrection shine into your heart with joy and peace.Blessings, Dave, Julie, Matt, Zac, & Tim
  • Food and fun mark our holidays, and we wish you plenty of both as you celebrate Easter! Warmly, The Riveras
  • Colored eggs, smiling faces, sharing a meal with those we love. Happiness! Happy Easter!Love, The Cook Family
Easter Spring - Easter Card
Easter Spring – Easter Card
  • Wishing you a Happy Easter! Wishing you a happy day of joyful celebration! Wishing you a happy heart that keeps your smile in place! Love, Samantha
  • Easter time brings a new season to bloom where we are planted. Happy Blooming! Love, Elaine
  • All that was still and cold is suddenly motion and color! Life from death woven into the world.Have a joyful day! Love, Paul & Nicole
  • Thinking of you with loving thoughts and remembering Easter celebrations around your table. Your sweet kindness is still precious to our family! Love, Bob, Janet, Kyle, Amy, & Ben
  • Happy Easter! Celebrating life and hope and redemption realized! Love, The Scotts
  • Happy gathering of colored eggs and all the relatives! Happy Easter! Love, Rachel
  • May your Easter celebration fill your hearts with happiness and your home with love and laughter!Love always, Patrick & Carrie
Happy Easter wishes! 62 Easter greetings and messages for family and friends photo portrait
Classical Ribbon – Easter Card
  • Happy Easter! Have a wonderful day of celebration! Johnson Family
  • Everybunny here wishes you a very happy Easter! Have fun! Love, Uncle Ray & Aunt Janet
  • Colorful eggs dot the yard in all the very best secret places,waiting…waiting…for sudden discovery, delighted squeals, and happy faces!Happy Easter! The Morrisons
  • Just hopping in to wish you a Happy Easter! So glad to have such wonderful friends! Warmly, The Baxters
  • Easter Greetings! This day of joy turns our eyes towards renewal and fresh hope.Wishing you a bumper crop of happiness! Love always, The Lee Family
62 easter messages chick card floral cute message ideas
Easter Basket – Easter Card
  • Wishing you an Easter filled with the joy of faith and family and fun! Love, Sam & Kayla
  • All of us wish all of you a very Happy Easter! The Caballeros
  • Happy Easter from our family! Enjoy the freshening signs of spring that decorate the day! Warmly, The Murphys
  • Enjoy this day of celebration – the smiles and hugs, the joyful sounds of children!Enjoy new memories stored to last forever. Happy Easter! Love, The McManns
  • Easter greetings! May all the happiness of the holiday surround you and those you love, Dan & Mindy!
  • Hippity-hop. Munch. Hippity-hop. Crunch. I see the Easter Bunny found you! Happy Day, Carter & Leo!
  • An Easter wish for you: May you be spared the disappointment of hollow chocolate. Love, Peyton
  • Wishing you basketfulls of happiness! Enjoy your Easter celebration! Love, The Grays
  • Hope is the sun rising every day, the Son rising once to take away what we should pay. Joyful Easter Greetings, Tom, Jen, David, Jo, & Luke!
Bunny Ears - Easter Card
Bunny Ears – Easter Card
  • Long ears. Fluffy behind. Grab a basket! There are eggs to find! Happy Easter, Hannah!
  • Tulips and daffodils nod their heads to the beat of a brand new season. Spring is here! Easter has come! Happy Celebrating, Connor & Katie!
  • Gathered family breaking bread, sharing smiles and news and hugs. A recipe for happiness! Wishing you a wonderful Easter together, Ramone Family!
  • Celebration rises as from one voice. He is risen indeed! Rejoice! With love, The Logans
  • Snugged in, peeking out. Colored eggs are waiting. Children run and laugh and shout – the sounds of celebrating!Happy Easter! Love, Shawna
  • Sending happy wishes for you and yours to have a warm and wonderful Easter! Love, Jeff and Chloe
  • Ears? Tail? Where do you start? May your chocolate bunny be sweet and tasty from head to toe!Love, Jess
colorful flowers floral easter card square nice message ideas note inspiration
Spring Delight – Easter Card
  • Easter! What a colorful, exciting day! Enjoy! Love, The Patels
  • What I miss most, living miles away, is being with you on a special day.Happy Easter! Hugs from me to you! Love, Michele
  • Suddenly, grass greens, spring flowers spring,south-wintering birds make every tree sing! Life overcoming the power of death. Resurrection!Easter Blessings! Love, John, Cindy, Neal, and Kayla
  • What could be better than gathered joy and heart-warmed love? Not much. Happy Easter! The Russo Family
  • May your Easter basket overflow with love and laughter and family fun! Love, Caleb and Alora
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 – Find some eggs, then find some more!5, 6, 7, 8 – You ate them already?Happy Easter, Alex!
  • What a welcome day of celebrating! Happy Easter, Jack and Kylie!
  • Joy comes in cellophane grass and plastic eggs,in Grandma’s best dish, and Grandpa’s new joke.Smile by smile, hug by hug, it weaves its wayinto the basket of gathered family.Wishing you a joyful Easter!Love, Tom, Sherry, Marlee, and Ben
Future Tweeters card cute eggs easter
Future Tweeters – Easter Card
  • Happy Easter! To a really good egg. Love you, Jeremy!
  • Whether you walk, skip, or hippity-hop, we wish you a day of fun that won’t stop! Love, Pawpaw and Nana
  • Empty toilet paper roll? Empty gas tank? Ugh.Empty tomb? Celebrate!Easter blessings, Demarco Family!
  • Clinking china, scooching chairs, kitchen frenzy as it rises and falls.The background music to our gatherings, the symphony of family.
  • May this Easter give you new memories to treasure! Love, The Taylors
  • Hope your Easter celebration is full of fun, and you find it all! Love, The Paxtons

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