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“Experience the Magic of Free Hawaiian Karaoke Music”

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Dive into the Vibrant World of Hawaiian Karaoke Music


Welcome to the captivating realm of Hawaiian Karaoke music, where you can immerse yourself in the essence of the Aloha spirit. In this article, we will explore the rich collection of free Hawaiian Karaoke music available for your enjoyment. Get ready to uplift your spirits and be transported to the beautiful islands of Hawaii through the power of music.

Hawaii Karaoke Songs

Discover the Musical Gems

Are you looking for a truly enjoyable and legal way to download Karaoke music? Look no further! We present to you the astounding “Hawaii Karaoke Hits V.1 Music Video” album, featuring a compilation of enchanting songs performed by various talented Hawaiian artists. Each track is a masterpiece that showcases the unique essence of Hawaiian music.

Unleash the Magic

Take a moment to appreciate the visually stunning and dynamic music video excerpts from “Hawaii Karaoke Hits V.1 Music Video” album, displayed below. While these clips serve as a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Hawaiian music, remember that their length and quality are restricted in this promotional format. To experience the full, unedited beauty of these renditions, we highly recommend purchasing the DVD.

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Hawaii Karaoke Hits V.1 DVD Music Video

Embrace the Melodious Journey

Let’s embark on a melodic adventure through the mesmerizing tracks offered by “Hawaii Karaoke Hits V.1” DVD Music Video:

  • “Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World” – IZ
  • “Feel Good Island Music” – Ho’onu’a
  • “Ku’uipo Aloha Wau Ia Oe” – Lora Lim
  • “Da Kine” – Darrel Labrado
  • “Pretty Wahine” – O-Shen
  • “Opihi Man” – Ka’au Crater Boys
  • “Just One Night” – Ekolu
  • “Aloha Friday No Work Till Monday!”
  • “Put A Little Love” – Natural Vibrations
  • “Island Style” – John Cruz
  • “Come A’ama Crab” – Pomai & Loeka
  • “Old Fashion Touch” – The Opihi Pickers
  • “Couldn’t Take The Mana” – Mana Kaleilani

Immerse Yourself in the Hawaiian Spirit

Hawaiian music has garnered international recognition for its exceptional talent and the genuine spirit of Aloha it embodies. Listening to these soul-stirring melodies will instantly transport you to the paradisiacal landscapes of Hawaii and make you feel like a true “Hawaiian at Heart.”

Delve Deeper into the World of Hawaiian Music

If you’re hungry for more musical experiences by the artists featured in “Hawaii Karaoke Hits V.1” album, we recommend exploring other CDs such as:

  • Island Roots Music V1
  • Island Roots Music V2
  • Island Roots Music V3
  • Roots Music III
  • Facing Future by IZ
  • Pure Hawaiian

A Mesmerizing Musical Compilation

Let us now delve into an in-depth review of the magnificent “Hawaii Karaoke Hits V.1” DVD Music Video album. This masterpiece brings together the best talents of various Hawaiian recording artists. Get ready to be enthralled by the sheer brilliance of their performances and captivated by the magic of Hawaiian music.

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A Memorable Viewing and Listening Experience

The “Hawaii’s Karaoke Hits V-1” DVD Music Video offers a powerful two-disc set containing a DVD and a CD+G, thoughtfully packaged in a standard double-disc DVD case. The DVD is designed to be region-free, ensuring compatibility worldwide. It provides an incredible amalgamation of high-quality music, beautiful video visuals, and full graphics to enhance your viewing experience.

With a simple touch of a button, you can seamlessly alternate between the vocal tracks being on or off, tailoring the experience to your preference. The CD+G displays lyrics in a clear and crisp manner against a mesmerizing blue backdrop, making it a joy to sing along. Moreover, you can enjoy the instrumental tracks on any CD player, appreciating the music’s beauty even without vocals.

Whether you are a budding Karaoke enthusiast or a seasoned performer, “Hawaii’s Karaoke Hits V-1” guarantees a memorable and fun-filled experience that beautifully encapsulates the essence of the Hawaiian islands. The DVD boasts a delightful duration of 90 minutes, ensuring continuous enjoyment throughout.

Track List of Musical Delights

Prepare to be enchanted by the following soulful tracks featured on “Hawaii’s Karaoke Hits V-1” Music Video DVD:

  1. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – IZ
  2. “Feel Good Island Music” – Ho’onu’a
  3. “Ku’uipo Aloha Wau Ia Oe” – Lora Lim
  4. “Da Kine” – Darrel Labrado
  5. “Pretty Wahine” – O-Shen
  6. “Opihi Man” – The Ka’au Crater Boys
  7. “Just One Night” – Ekolu
  8. “Aloha Friday No Work Till Monday!”
  9. “Put A Little Love” – Natural Vibrations
  10. “Island Style” – John Cruz
  11. “Come A’ama Crab” – Pomai & Loeka
  12. “Old Fashion Touch” – The Opihi Pickers
  13. “Couldn’t Take The Mana” – Mana Kaleilani
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Explore More Musical Offerings

To further enhance your exploration of Hawaiian music, we invite you to visit the official “Ratingperson” website. Click here to dive into an enchanting world filled with remarkable Hawaiian music, captivating performances, and much more.

Remembering the Legend – Israel IZ Kamakawiwoole

Let’s take a moment to honor the legendary Hawaiian artist, Israel IZ Kamakawiwoole. Known for his incredible talent, this native Hawaiian singer, songwriter, and composer left an indelible mark on the music industry. IZ’s exquisite renditions of Contemporary Hawaiian Music in his native language, accompanied by his soulful ukulele, touched hearts worldwide.

IZ’s remarkable journey, achievements, and milestones are chronicled in his biographical clips. You can explore the captivating life story of Israel IZ Kamakawiwoole by visiting the “Israel Kamakawiwo’ole Biography Highlights” website. Additionally, we encourage you to pay a visit to the “IZ Memorial Tribute” website, where you can further delve into IZ’s legacy.

A World of Lyrics and More

For those who wish to delve deeper into IZ’s mesmerizing music, we offer a treasure trove of Hawaiian music lyrics and delightful local artist links. You can also find the beloved lyrics of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on our “Hawaiian Music Song Lyrics Directory” and the Hawaiian Music Lyric Links Directory.

Bid Aloha Oe’ to Hawaii’s Musical Splendor

As we conclude this musical journey, let us extend our warmest Aloha to all those who keep the Hawaiian spirit alive in their hearts. The delightful melodies of Hawaii will forever touch the souls of those who embrace its magic. So sit back, relax, and let the soothing sounds of Hawaiian Karaoke music transport you to a world of tranquility and bliss.

With heartfelt wishes of Aloha,
~Michael AngelOh~

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