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Nuts are nutrient dense, edible seed kernels encased in a tough shell; and embrace almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios, in addition to cashews, pine nuts, pecans, macadamias and Brazil nuts. Though chestnuts (Castanea sativa) are tree nuts, they differ from the opposite widespread varieties as a result of they’re starchier and decrease in fats. Usually considered a ‘nut,’ peanuts are technically legumes, identical to peas and beans.

Uncover our full vary of well being profit guides or, try a few of our greatest nut recipes, from our darkish chocolate and pistachio porridge to our fragrant prawn and cashew curry.

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Prime 10 healthiest nuts

1. Almonds

Candy tasting almonds have various well being advantages.

A 30g serving of almonds supplies:

184 kcals/760 kJ6.3g protein6.7g fat1.3g faturated fat11.5g mono-unsaturated fat3.1g poly-unsaturated fat2.1g carbohydrates2.2g fibre72mg calcium81mg magnesium7.19mg vitamin E

Filled with heart-friendly monounsaturated fats, fibre and vitamin E, almonds have the best calcium content material of a nut – we’d like this mineral for strong bones, in addition to for the right perform of our nerves and muscle mass. The useful fats and excessive fibre content material of almonds means they assist to handle levels of cholesterol for coronary heart well being.

Consuming skin-on almonds might present even larger advantages; supporting intestine well being by selling the expansion of useful strains of micro organism, together with Lactobacillus and Bifido-bacteria. The pores and skin can be filled with protecting compounds known as flavonoids which have antioxidant advantages.

Recipe optionsAlmond butterSpiced almondsMoroccan lamb with apricots, almonds and mintStrawberry and almond cheesecake sponge

2. Brazil nuts

Originating from a tree within the Amazon, Brazil nuts are one of many richest meals sources of the mineral, selenium.

A 30g serving of Brazil nuts supplies:

205 kcals/845 KJ4.3g protein20.5g fat5.2g saturated fat6.7g mono-unsaturated fat7.6g poly-unsaturated fat0.9g carbohydrates1.7g fibre51mg calcium123mg magnesium76.2mcg selenium

Selenium is a mineral that acts as a protecting antioxidant, it helps immunity and helps wounds heal. You solely want one to 3 Brazil nuts a day to get all of the selenium you require, as a result of we solely want this mineral in very small quantities. Additionally containing vitamin E and the polyphenols ellagic and gallic acid, Brazil nuts improve our defence mechanisms and assist regulate blood lipids.

Recipe optionsBrazil nut burritosChicken with pomegranate and Brazil nuts

3. Cashews

Research recommend that together with cashews in your weight-reduction plan might assist enhance blood lipid ranges and cut back blood stress, each of which assist coronary heart well being.

A 30g serving of cashew nuts supplies:

172kcals/712 KJ5.3g protein14.5g fat2.9g saturated fat8.3g mono-unsaturated fat2.6g poly-unsaturated fat5.4g carbohydrate1.3g fibre81mg magnesium1.86mg iron1.77mg zinc

As a result of they contribute a great degree of protein and are a helpful supply of minerals like iron and zinc, cashews make a superb alternative should you comply with a vegetarian weight-reduction plan. They’re additionally wealthy within the mineral magnesium, which is assumed to enhance recall and delay age-related reminiscence loss. Cashews are a supply of heart-friendly mono-unsaturated fat and provide plant sterols, which can assist handle levels of cholesterol.

Recipe optionsCoriander & cashew salsaVegan cashew parmesanCurried cashew dip

4. Chestnuts

A preferred and versatile ingredient, chestnuts are low in fats and energy, and a great supply of protecting antioxidants.

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A 30g serving of uncooked chestnuts supplies:

59 kcals/246KJ0.5g protein3.1g fat0.1g saturated fat0.1g mono-unsaturated fat0.1g poly-unsaturated fat13.9g carbohydrates1.5g fibre145mg potassium9mg magnesium17mcg folate12mg vitamin C

By far the nut with the bottom fats and energy, chestnuts are wealthy in starchy carbohydrates and fibre, and of their uncooked kind are a great supply of vitamin C. They’re decrease in protein than different nuts, however when floor can be utilized as a gluten-free flour for desserts and bakes.

Recipe optionsChestnut hummusRoasted squash, pancetta & chestnut risottoMushroom & chestnut pearl barley risottoSquash steaks with chestnut & cavolo nero pilaf

5. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are wealthy in various vitamins, together with vitamin E.

A 30g serving of hazelnuts supplies:

195kcals/806KJ4.2g protein19.1g fat1.4g saturated fat14.8g mono-unsaturated fat2.0g poly-unsaturated fat1.8g carbohydrates2.1g fibre219mg potassium22mcg folate

Hazelnuts are the second richest nut supply of heart-friendly mono-unsaturated fats, additionally they have anti-inflammatory properties and will be useful in managing blood lipids. Wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals, they’re efficient at bettering vitamin E standing, particularly within the aged.

Recipe optionsCeleriac, hazelnut & truffle soupRoasted cauliflower & hazelnut carbonaraHazelnut & mustard carrots

6. Macadamia nuts

With one of many highest fats contents, macadamias are sometimes used so as to add flavour and texture to a dish, and work nicely in savoury and candy recipes.

A 30g serving of macadamia supplies:

215 kcals/901KJ2.4g protein22.7g fat3.6g saturated fat17.7g mono-unsaturated fat0.5g poly-unsaturated fat1.6g carbohydrates2.6g fibre110mg potassium26mg calcium39mg magnesium

Though well-known for his or her excessive fats content material, macadamia nuts shouldn’t be feared. They’re the richest nut supply of heart-friendly mono-unsaturated fat and, as such, they assist handle ldl cholesterol and modulate the chance components of coronary heart illness. They’re a great supply of fibre and make a helpful contribution in direction of mineral consumption, together with magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Recipe optionsPear, nut & blackberry BircherChipotle corn saladCauliflower mac and cheese

7. Pecans

Candy and creamy, pecans are widespread in desserts and candy bakes.

A 30g serving of pecans supplies:

207 kcals/853KJ2.8g protein21.0g fat1.7g saturated fat12.8g mono-unsaturated fat5.6g poly-unsaturated fat1.7g carbohydrates1.9g fibre156mg potassium1.59mg zinc

Coronary heart-friendly pecans are full of plant sterols, that are efficient at decreasing levels of cholesterol. Pecans are additionally antioxidant-rich, which helps forestall the plaque formation which causes hardening of the arteries. They’re additionally wealthy in oleic acid, the mono-unsaturated fats which is famed for the heart-healthy advantages of olives and avocado.

Recipe optionsSquash & spinach fusilli with pecansRoasted beets, plum & pecan saladFino & butter poached peaches with ginger pecan crunch

8. Pine nuts

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These little nuts are a key elements in pesto, and make a nutritious addition to salads, pasta or dips. Botanically, pine nuts are literally a seed reasonably than a nut and are derived from completely different species of pine cone.

A 30g serving of pine nuts supplies:

206 kcals/852KJ4.2g protein20.6g fat1.4g saturated fat6g mono-unsaturated fat12.3g poly-unsaturated fat1.2g carbohydrates0.8g fibre234mg potassium81mg magnesium4.16mg vitamin E1.14mg vitamin B3

Being particularly wealthy in vitamin E means together with these little nuts within the weight-reduction plan might assist assist wholesome pores and skin and shield towards ageing.

Animal research recommend that pine nuts assist decrease fasting blood glucose ranges, and their wealthy polyphenol content material might assist forestall among the well being issues related to diabetes. Nevertheless, extra scientific trials are wanted to grasp the results of polyphenol-rich meals and the way a lot we have to embrace in our diets to attain these outcomes.

Recipe optionsSpinach with pine nuts & garlicSupergreen soup with yogurt & pine nutsGriddled aubergine salad with sultanas & pine nuts

9. Pistachios

A preferred ingredient in desserts and puddings, pistachios add an intriguing color to dishes, because of pigments which have antioxidant properties.

A 30g serving of pistachio supplies:

169 kcals/706KJ6.1g protein13.6g fat1.7g saturated fat7.1g mono-unsaturated fat4.1g poly-unsaturated fat5.4g carbohydrates3.1g fibre308mg potassium1.18mg iron1.37mg vitamin E

In comparison with most different nuts, pistachios have a decrease fats and calorie content material and include the best quantity of potassium. They’re particularly wealthy in phytosterols, which helps cardiovascular well being. They’re additionally the one nut to supply affordable ranges of lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants which play an essential function in defending the eyes.

Recipe optionsRooster and pistachio saladHummus with pistachio lamb meatballsPistachio lamb koftas with apricot relish

10. Walnuts

Like all nuts, walnuts present ‘good-for-you’ fat, and on this case, they’re predominantly polyunsaturated fat (PUFAs). The truth is, walnuts have the best content material of the brief chain omega-3 important fatty acid, alpha lipoic acid (ALA), of all edible crops, making them an extremely precious inclusion for these following a plant-focused weight-reduction plan.

A 30g serving of walnuts present:206 kcals/851KJ4.4g protein20.6g fat2.2g saturated fat3.2g mono-unsaturated fat14.0g poly-unsaturated fat1.0g carbohydrates1.4g fibre135mg potassium1.16mg vitamin E20mcg folate

Animal research recommend that the antioxidant content material of walnuts, which is richer than some other nut, could also be helpful within the combat towards most cancers, together with colon and breast most cancers.

Consuming walnuts seems to not solely profit us however our intestine micro organism too, this was seen in an eight week research which adopted 194 wholesome adults who consumed 43g of walnuts every day. The findings confirmed a rise within the variety of useful intestine micro organism and particularly in people who produce the brief chain fatty acid butyrate, which amongst different advantages has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Recipe optionsWalnut and almond muesli with grated appleApple & penne slaw with walnutsAubergine, lentil & walnut ragu

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