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How It Really Happened with Hill Harper: Unveiling the Truth Behind Notorious Crimes

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How It Really Happened with Hill Harper
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How It Really Happened with Hill Harper

Season Five of HLN’s longest-running original series, “How It Really Happened with Hill Harper,” is set to captivate audiences once again. Premiering on Sunday, August 23, this investigation and true crime show will delve into some of the most baffling cases of our time, shedding light on the untold stories behind notorious crimes, mysteries, trials, and celebrity tragedies.

The Atlanta Serial Killer – A Dark Chapter in History

In its season premiere, “How It Really Happened” takes an in-depth look at “The Atlanta Serial Killer”, a chilling case that unfolded from 1979 to 1981. Over the course of two years, more than two dozen black children and young men went missing in Atlanta, only to be discovered dead later. This bone-chilling mystery gripped the city, leaving both residents and law enforcement desperate for answers. Uncover the shocking truth behind the case that sent shockwaves through Atlanta and the nation.

Siegfried & Roy, Yosemite Killer, Boston Marathon Bombing, Tom Petty, and James Jordan

Throughout the fifth season, “How It Really Happened with Hill Harper” will also explore other captivating stories that have left an indelible mark on history. Join us as we unravel the tale of the legendary master illusionists, Siegfried & Roy, whose illustrious careers came to a dramatic end when one of their prized tigers attacked Roy Horn on stage.

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In the episodes that follow, we will shed light on the Yosemite Mountain Murders, a chilling case from 1999 that left the nation bewildered. Discover how young women mysteriously disappeared from Yosemite National Park, ultimately leading to a shocking revelation that exposed the dark underbelly of the mountain community.

Relive the chaos and devastation of the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013, as we reconstruct the crime scene and uncover the riveting manhunt that ensued. Learn how investigators used state-of-the-art technology and the power of the public to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

In a special episode, we explore the mysterious ending of celebrated rock musician Tom Petty. Diving into his personal life and struggles, we delve into the physical and emotional afflictions that may have played a role in his untimely death at the age of 66.

Lastly, we unravel the perplexing case of James Jordan, the father of basketball legend Michael Jordan. When James vanished without a trace in 1993, leaving behind his stripped and abandoned luxury car, a tragic crime was suspected. Join us as we investigate the puzzling circumstances surrounding his disappearance and the quest for justice.

Unveiling the Truth with Hill Harper

“How It Really Happened with Hill Harper” goes beyond traditional crime documentaries, granting viewers unprecedented access to enlightening interviews and the vast CNN news library. Hosted by acclaimed actor Hill Harper, known for his roles in “The Good Doctor” and “CSI: NY,” this series provides a unique perspective on infamous cases, giving voice to those directly involved and shedding new light on these captivating stories.

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Don’t miss the fifth season of “How It Really Happened with Hill Harper”, beginning on Sunday, August 23, at 9pm-11pm ET/PT, only on HLN. Catch the marathon of every episode from past seasons leading up to the premiere, and join us as we uncover the truth behind some of the most gripping crimes and mysteries in history.

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